Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy With These 5 Tips!  (With Pictures)

Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy With These 5 Tips! (With Pictures)

hey guys it’s Amanda welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to be talking about five tips that you can start today to start growing your hair longer stronger and thicker so I’m going to start this video by showing you guys a picture this was me about a year and a half ago and as you guys could see I got an extremely horrible terrible miserable bleach job done to my hair I barely have any hair left at the bottom but I didn’t want to sacrifice my length okay bad idea so I had this going on for a pretty good amount of time as you can see the ends are totally stringy they were basically spaghetti at this point I was still straightening my hair and really I didn’t know how to take care of it so backwards this next picture this was me one year ago as you can see I still have those ends but they’re colored over my hair did grow a little bit but it was still super spin there was no body no movement my hair had no shape at all it was just kind of like ramen noodles on my head basically so a fast-forward again to a year later and this is my hair now and by following these five steps that I’m about to show you guys you can get your hair back you can get it longer thicker which my hair is obviously 100% thicker than you saw in those pictures so if you guys want to see my tips that I did to achieve this fullness and length then please keep watching so the first and the most important step for me in this journey was taking care growth vitamin right now I currently take biotin pills I get these from Walmart and I believe you can find these in the prenatal section there are a whole bunch of different kinds at Walmart but these particular ones that I take are by Oh ten ten thousand mcg plus Puritan says hair skin and nail health biotin is a B vitamin that help support healthy energy metabolism so these are about six dollars at Walmart there are some that are soft capsules but I prefer the hard capsules just because I think they absorb better into my body and I’ve had way better experiences with these pills so these are the hard capsules and I take them once a day step number two is to massage the scalp when I first started my journey I was just massaging my hair with my fingertips I was massaging my scalp a few times a week to get the blood flowing to my scalp and the hair follicles recently I have discovered this tool which is even easier to massage your scalp and it has a lot more benefits than just doing it with your fingertips this is the groove scalp massager from the NAD planet on the top it has an on button where it does vibrate and on the bottom it has these soft rubber teeth that actually massage your scalp so what you do is you just turn it on and massage your scalp so you can use this by itself with water in the shower or with some essential oils using a tool like this rather than your fingertips is going to have a lot more benefit because you’re able to massage the scalp better it lifts away dead skin cells and also build up on my scalp you’re increasing your blood flow which we all know helps stimulate the follicle for hair growth and since it does vibrate it really is stimulating all parts of your scalp I found this to be a lot more helpful than my fingertips just for the fact that my fingers get so tired so when I’m using this I can use it in the shower I can use it with a pre-poo I can use it with some oils and I just have to stand there and let it do its job for me vanity planet is having a promotion these are usually $40 but you can get it for $20 I have a special code it’s Amanda groove so if you guys want to check this really cool tool out I will leave this in the description box below so you guys can check it out and you guys will get it half price just for watching this video so my step number 3 is to remove all the build-up from your hair products that’s on your scalp so I usually wash my hair about once or twice a week and this is so I don’t want my hair and myself get too dirty when this happens the follicles start to fill up with all that growth dirt oil silicones and products build up and this actually inhibits your hair from growing it is definitely true when I say that if you start with a healthy scalp then your hair will be in better shape I totally totally agree with that statement so the first priority is always going to be taking care of your scalp to remove buildup I also use this head massager I use this long shampooing or Co washing or diffusing conditioner I’ll massage this the same way I would out of the shower and this really gets to the follicles and washes away the dead skin cells and also if there’s anything built up on your scalp it helps remove all of that it is so important to keep your scalp really healthy and clean and also moisturized so that your hair has a chance to grow tip number four is to use essential oils so if you guys have seen any of my previous videos you know that I love essential oils for my skin for relaxation and I also do use this on my hair the main oils that I use are lavender oil peppermint oil and lemongrass so what I do with my essential oil is I added to my products I massage my scalp limit so I’ll put a few drops on my groove scalp massager I always always always add essential oil to my deep conditioners I also use it in my refresher spray so if I have like second or third date curls I put it in my water bottle and just give it a little spritz so not only is this really really good on the scalp it’s also good for your overall hair all different kinds of oils have different benefits but I love lavender and peppermint oil the most but I’ve found these to be a huge help in my overall healthy hair journey and also for hair growth last but not least my tip number five would be to use a pre-poo so for those of you who don’t know what a pre-poo is it’s basically a mixture of oils that you put on your hair before you actually shampoo your hair I’ve currently been using this Africa’s best herbal oil and I’ll put this on my scalp before I start shampooing my hair I’ll either leave this in overnight or just for a few hours of why I decide to wash you can use anything that you have in your closet you can use coconut oil you can use olive oil almond oil oil epcot oil all of those I am using my hair for a pre su what I like to do is just take a color bottle like this and fill it up with oil you can use any oil of your choice I’ll put a few drops probably a good amount of drops like 10 drops of essential oils in here or as much as you think that your hair needs and you’ll take it and just squirt it onto your scalp and then you can use your scalp massager and massage it into your scalp just to get everything moving and to get the oil completely absorbed and all that goodness and nutrients into your scalp this is also a really really good step to take just so you’re not putting that harsh shampoo directly onto your scalp and washing away all your natural oils so that’s definitely why I do it especially in the wintertime I want to keep my hair and my scalp hydrated and healthy and ready to grow I hope you guys enjoyed this video these are my five steps that you can start today to grow your hair longer and healthier as you can see from my pictures these steps really did work for me they’re all natural they’re affordable and they’re a really really great step to incorporate into your everyday hair routine if you guys have any questions for me about any of these steps make sure to leave them in the comment box below so I can get back to you guys make sure to follow me on Instagram for some more hair tips and thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in my next video

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