“You Will Never Look At Life The Same” WATCH THIS BEFORE 2020!

“You Will Never Look At Life The Same” WATCH THIS BEFORE 2020!

urdu The art of making our own choices before others choices make us Think about this for a moment When you dance your purpose is not to get on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way Just as you enjoy every step of a dance move so should you enjoy every step and progress you make in the journey of life and You do this by knowing your purpose by understanding the wine What pain do you want in your life what Are you willing to struggle for? Because that seems to be a greater determinant of how our lives turn out Everybody wants what feels good Everyone wants to live a carefree happy and easy life to fall in love and have amazing sex and relationships To look perfect and make money and be popular and well respected and admired Everyone would like that. It’s easy to like them Everybody wants to have an amazing job and financial independence But not everyone wants to suffer through 60 hour work weeks long commutes obnoxious paperwork to navigate arbitrary corporate hierarchies and be blase confines of an infinite cubicle hell People want to be rich without the risk without the sacrifice without the delayed gratification necessary to accumulate wealth Everybody wants to have great sex and an awesome relationship, but not everyone is willing to go through the tough conversations The awkward silences the hurt feelings and the emotional psychodrama to get there Why are you embarking on a journey Any journey? Why are you on the quest on what sets your soul on fire? Why? You see the beauty of human existence lies not in just staying alive but in finding something to live for So knowing the Y is of utmost importance and when you do write it on your heart Visit what you have written every day Ensure that your decisions and actions daily are aligned with these intentions You must be intentional in your doing Now in pursuing your intentions you would learn daily There’s nothing like a self-made mountain in your journey through life. You would learn and unlearn and To do this. You’ll need the help of those who have gone before you those who are living their lives with purpose find them and attach yourself to them because if you walk down the right path Eventually, you’ll make progress on this journey of life It’s not going to be all rosy and smooth sailing There are times when things will get a little bit confusing There are times when you will fail If and when that time comes I’m going to need you to remember Falling down is an accident but staying down is a choice be Intentional it was Abraham Lincoln who said I’m not concerned that you have fallen I am concerned that you arise if and when you fail get back up Failure is part of the growing process The really successful people fail their way to success What am I trying to say? Well, the thing you see is that many people have a negative relationship with failure when you fail ask yourself What is this trying to teach me don’t wallow in despair. That’s not going to help you Don’t quit either because that is when you have indeed failed What you should do is take the lessons and do it again Failure is not a death sentence. It is a growth process As a matter of fact the earlier you fail the better Now is the best time to fail so fail early fail? often fail forward you can achieve anything in your life so long as you set a goal and work towards it and Importantly, you must believe in yourself and never quit But I must warn you there will come a time when you make cry and feel like you’re failing at it Those days when you struggle want to give up and don’t want to face the world Remember this these are the days that define you Don’t quit life will throw stones at you. It will get hard sometimes because of the world we have created But if you stay strong and keep going then you get to a point where you find out that was worth it There’s a common saying that when life throws lemons at you, what do you do Hema glim innate from it If you feel you’ve failed at life you must develop the courage the strength and the wherewithal to rise above this failure and you can only do this when you’re Intentional in your actions to rise again What is it that you want out of life? Where is it? We all want something What’s yours? Visualize that thing that you deeply want and now ask yourself, how can I get it? When you visualize success Against your fears, your mind starts subconsciously building the will and the skills You’ll need to achieve the results. Your intentions will guide your actions When you know and can visualize what it is you want you have to prepare for it You have to think long term and then educate yourself, but most importantly you have to practice practice And prepare for the steps that are to come in achieving your goals Don’t just be docile and be comfortable watching from the sidelines saying to yourself. Oh Someday in the future. My time will come No, no, no, don’t do that to yourself get involved in every growing process I beg of you as Mark Twain said 20 years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do and by the things you did Never forget cowards never start the week never finish and winners. Never quit If you find yourself wanting something month after month year after year Yet nothing happens and never come any closer to it Then maybe what you actually want is a fantasy an idealization an image and a false promise Maybe what you want isn’t what you want. You just enjoy Wanting maybe you don’t actually want it at all Sometimes I ask people how do you choose to suffer these people tilt their heads and look at me like I have 12 noses But I ask because that tells me far more about you than your desires and fantasies Because you have to choose something. You can’t have a pain-free life it can’t all be roses and unicorns and Ultimately, that’s the hard question that matters pleasure is an easy question and Pretty much all of us have similar answers The more interesting question is the pain. What is the pain that you want to sustain? It’s the question that can change your life it’s what makes me mean and you you it’s what defines us and separates us and Ultimately brings us together Who you are is defined by the values you are willing to struggle for People who enjoy the struggles of a gym are the ones who get in good shape People who enjoy long work weeks and the politics of the corporate ladder are the ones who move up it people who enjoy the stresses and uncertainty of the starving artists lifestyle are ultimately the ones who live it and make it This is not a call for willpower or grit This is not another admonishment of no pain. No gain This is the most simple and basic component of life our struggles determine our successes So choose your struggles wisely Remind yourself again and again to set your intentions and be clear about them Write them on your heart and revisit them daily To do this. You must be clear about what you want and be detached from the outcome It would be concerned with how things are going to happen And you’re clear and what you want then behave and take action in ways that support your heart’s desire Your results may be even better than you could have imagined be deliberate and be afraid of nothing Embark on your life journey with intention and as you do so enlighten engage and empower those who need to learn just as you are being taught by those who have gone before you and I Promise you the world will be yours Your tomorrow is guaranteed when you put in the work today There is great power in being intentional You You

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  1. daily MOTIVATION says:

    "Our struggles determine our successes" What are you willing to struggle for in 2020?
    Thanks for watching and HAPPY HOLIDAYS dailyMOTIVATION family!

  2. SJ Custom Art says:

    I’m learning to enjoy the struggle because I’ve always been an “Underdog” you’ll see what I become.

  3. Benjamin Colondam says:

    seams is supposed to be spelled seems

  4. Cecilia D.H says:

    And with Gods help you will win, just believe, pray, be wise, follow God's word and fight, we need to wear the Armor of God every single day, WE need to do that, God teach us how to use the Weapon but we need to take the weapon to fight 🕊😊💗 a great message ! Thanks

  5. Romaine Jayne says:

    …be the change that you want to see….good start.

  6. Sweet Daemon says:

    “Falling down is an accident, staying there is a choice”
    “Maybe what you want, isn’t what you want”
    It really hit me like that😞 I feel guilty for what I’ve started, and didn’t finish it. Maybe that’s not the path I really wanted😔. I feel even more confused, but the video was fantastic tho

  7. G B says:

    Thanks God. I needed this


    thsnk you.

  9. Hermosa ## says:

    Through pain comes true wisdom everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die so everyone wants to succeed but doesn’t want to do hard work 2020 new decade time to push past the past and strive in the present you got this I hope blessing for everyone

  10. Khatera Mohammmady says:

    I wish to get free from my current restrictions in 2020 and wanna have the opportunity to make true my aims🙏

  11. I Am Fitness says:

    Love when truth is spoken 🗣💯 thank you love

  12. Strong Life says:

    100% truth

  13. Korak TheApe says:

    Falls in line with Jordan Peterson's idea that we need to make a sacrifice, at least we get to choose our sacrifice, but we don't get to not make one.

  14. WeedMan Ciabonger says:

    Motivate yourself prays yourself later you will bless yourself

  15. Seeing Through says:

    This guy never learned to drop the ego.

  16. Nyx _ BTS says:

    Damn, the narrator's voice is gold. I love the way he speaks

  17. Zili Anis says:

    Nice inspiring quotes, failed early and must beliving in yourself… keep going. What we want something… something. Educate yourself. Involved. What is your purpose? What is life really means?

  18. WhoIsSam113H says:

    Illuminati propaganda

  19. luis garcia says:


  20. L V says:

    God is what I want. The rest is irrelevant. Help people.

  21. Zachary McMillan says:

    An ancient proverb says:"The road to hell is paved w/ good intentions." Don Juan Matas;Yaqui sorcerer and immaculate warrior,put it best when he said,
    "The intent is the key to everything."

  22. Denise C says:


  23. Life Principle says:


  24. Snow Rider says:

    Carpe diem!!!!

  25. clocx says:

    Buy Bitcoin…its a start to changing the way you behave in every aspect of your life, while participating in the most profound technological invention the world has ever seen…

  26. April Rose Valdez says:

    I love this video. I love the voice and the message

  27. JB Sexy says:

    This video hit me hard 😭😭😭 I'm so sorry if I'm weak😭

  28. Gordon Hovan Arthur says:

    I learn many lessons in 2019 because this year probably one of the hardest for me…. It's full of struggles compared to past years

  29. Ayesha Parveen says:

    Sucker for pain fr smthing i want in my life.. ✌

  30. Diego Barros says:

    Trying to get back on track again! This big storm will eventually pass I know it will!

  31. Christos Antonopoulos says:

    Step into my awareness as we step towards divinity right god mr divine

  32. Modern Woodsman says:

    You mean "participation" awards for children was a bad thing?

    Who would have thought it.

  33. Sharyn Hornhardt says:

    Thank you. And I sheared this with my son. 😘

  34. D Rod says:

    You want happiness, open Gods word, scrutinize it. This will bring true happiness. You want to go back in sadness, stop reading His word and continue doing the things that are mentioned in His word we should not be doing.

  35. Fadil Wahid says:

    Coward never start
    Weak never finish
    Winner never quit

  36. Lissette Clarke says:

    I needed to hear this more than I thought. Great video. Thank you love and peace 💜💙

  37. Richard Roman says:

    Wait this is from the book "the subtle art of not giving a f**k" I read it like 2 times I mean I heard it audible.. It's awesome man. I figured it out by the voice and when he said "what kind of pain do you want in life" that's when I knew.

  38. MrWhitewater68 says:


  39. Brekken Pease says:

    Owen Wilson is that you?

  40. M&L BeautySpa says:

    I love it! Thank you so much 😊

  41. Brenda White says:

    What a GREAT question @7:18: "How do you choose to suffer?" That will determine what you REALLY want and are willing to go through the pain to achieve it.

  42. m w says:

    I'm happy with my life as it is now, got to my goal.
    I'm lucky, got my family and a wonderful other half.
    Don't what a high paid job or to look amazing just the happiness of the people around
    me, you can push for a better you but you might end up chasing your tail.

  43. Rasha Abdel Salam says:

    I decided to go to gym on 23/11 for weight loss.

  44. Nancy Chivers says:

    So how do you get rid of the PTSD that so often accompanies repeated failure? What do you do with that? I’m in IF theres a real answer.

  45. Nancy Chivers says:

    Mark Twain was a genius and could not have possibly been aware of how right his ideas would be after his passing.

  46. Jeff Mullen says:

    Nothing like some pack of click baiters preaching at you. Watching this video is a waste of time.
    Who are these assholes that anyone should take them seriously? I sure don't.

  47. Thomas Collins says:

    That "seams" to be?!

  48. Divine Dreams7 says:

    I needed this 💜

  49. Mayank sinha says:

    Each sentence in this video has something to teach……"choose your pain wisely"–what a line…

  50. SAM says:

    Want to have wisdom and to know the purpose of life? Read Noble Qur'an and authentic Hadith, in-sha ALLAH, you will succeed.

  51. julie robinson says:

    intention is everything

  52. bxrvt says:

    You can not try stuff.
    You either do it.
    Or you don’t do it.

  53. Victor Yanez says:


  54. TheShadowOfMadness says:

    What if you can't think of a goal worth struggling for? What if you're just trying to survive becasue you happen to exist so you're forced to deal with life, but you don't really want this life or any life at all? What if you don't have a dream becasue you can't even imagine anything that would be worth trying to achieve? What if the only thing you're really looking forward to is death?

  55. Jozo Magoc says:

    The jew- m3gabankster set you future!

  56. Wes Osborne says:

    I want to support my team , be there when times are tough and help them celebrate when they get where they want to be.

  57. Andrew Manche says:

    learn to love yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly!

    the good – what's not to love?
    the bad – shows you were to make improvements
    the ugly – are lifes' scars which built our character

    your mistakes show you where to make corrections
    your errors show you what not to do
    your failures are only failures if you fail to learn from them

    invest in YOU and never avoid lifes' negatives, use them to heal and grow! e.g. many people go to great lengths to avoid 'triggers', but your triggers are the only thing that can lead you to the underlying cause of being triggered, that you may rationalise, reconcile and heal yourself

  58. Water Ski Lake Austin says:

    There is no failure! Only feedback … There is no failure! Only feedback …onward!

  59. Hanh Nguyen says:

    When I step out of safety zone I know I must failed I not fear I proud of failed because that failure can teach me how to thinking and try harder harder when I get more energetic and strongly believe my mind always think to struggle and challenge myself that so excited for me thank you and Merry Christmas

  60. Mack 69 says:

    it all sounds good, BUT working day to day paying evert day bills an the ones that pop up with no notice, It reminds me of the old business man taking a business class in collage when the professor lay out the plans, the old man raises his hand an talks about the things that aren't in the books, like the pay off to the fire department- police-health dept.-city contractor and others, so you have to raise your rates to break even, i have seen payoff to the fire dept. i talked to the owner she said she pays him 500 a month under the table, its better than having him making trouble.

  61. Lisa McLaren says:

    I'm being patient and have not given up on my dreams! I'm 1/2 way there! God's in charge and I'm Blessed! Thank you for the🌠🎀🦋💝 encouragement! I'm grateful!

  62. Yazeed Pro says:

    I steel see life normal
    Only one thing is not normal I have 3 eyes now

  63. Sharon Bice says:

    Believe in yourself, the world is your oyster! No one can stop you, except yourself! 🙃

  64. Dougie Houston says:

    Thank u … 👀

  65. TheTengukami says:

    I want death and suffering i want to inflict death and suffering on all of mankind.

  66. Clare Butterfield says:

    We all needed this years ago!

  67. Daily Prayers says:

    Who is here agrees with me, Jesus is the best friend that you could ever ask for?

  68. liz PYM says:

    Wow, very profound! I love what you've said

  69. Joseph says:

    Very beautiful video!!!! Life is so amazing and beautiful!!!!!! ❤️

  70. Laura Jeanlouis says:

    Reminder to set intentions be clear set action towards it . Be not afraid Empowerment others work today for tomorrow

  71. SUBARNA DEY says:

    Very inspiring, soul stirring.

  72. Kara says:

    No one wants the blase confines of a cubicle hell.., I had to lol at this one. Great video though Falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice

  73. Cy Clonebinder says:

    Thank you god ❤️❤️🙏
    For the tips you give to uss..

  74. Achal Sakhru says:

    Do things which you like now but not later

  75. jagdish joshi says:

    Best motivational video so far

  76. Let It Be Brenda Gail says:

    I was never given a choice as to what I wanted to do. I think life should be easy fun and you should enjoy what you like to do 😉♥️

  77. Real Estate says:

    Forget about new years. What moves you? What do you desire? What do you feel you deserve?

  78. Kelleymarie Jones says:

    I want a decent government, I don’t expect them to be perfect just not so power hungry or greedy . I want people to be kinder to one another and the earth to heal. If your striving for the things that were mentioned on this video, selfishness and self centeredness is your biggest problem, it not the environment it’s YOU! If everyone wanted what I mentioned perhaps the world would be a great place to be, and perhaps the desires of your heart would manifest!

  79. Zelmira Cholevova says:

    Those gloomy lights, is it purpose?

  80. raihandi al falaqy says:

    We doesn't want success, we want happiness. Success doesn't always bring us to happiness and happiness doesn't always what society potrays as success. Know yourself, if you not, you will fail.

  81. naji salem says:

    Please translation in Arabic

  82. naji salem says:

    Please translation in Arabic

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    How do I find my purpose though?

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  85. JonSPORTS says:

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  86. Turt The redneck says:

    Winners never quit and quitters never win!!!!!!!!

  87. Joshua Joshua says:

    Intimation is power

  88. Jean Kuldieu says:

    – " Let us die young , or let us live forever , / We don' t have thee power , but we never say " Never " …

  89. Bridgatina Mays says:

    Failure is not a death sentence

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    For me failure is one step away from my success. I am very extremely, glamorously successful .

  91. Kenny cain says:

    All of you are blessed😇

  92. Steve Price says:

    That's it, let's get this shit together! Let's get it on baby. 👊🏻

  93. R Roulette says:

    You don't have to be rich to live your dreams. Trust Jesus, Ask God to make you into the person that he created you to be..Give your freewill back to God and he will give you contentment, joy, peace

  94. Alien On a Bike says:

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  95. Keky Daruwala says:

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  97. Mark Wiilliams says:

    Ask the question why the fuck did I watch this absolute twaddle? Because i had to see if it got better guess what it didn't

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    This is our fate! TO WATCH THIS!

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    2020 – prove , dropout after 10th was good Decision

  100. Thea Nathaly Timbang says:

    yes i will and i can

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