Yome 11×14 Black Picture Frames, Collage Photo Frames Set Made of Solid Wood and Glass for Wall Disp

Yome 11×14 Black Picture Frames, Collage Photo Frames Set Made of Solid Wood and Glass for Wall Disp

Yome 11×14 Black Picture Frames, Collage Photo Frames Set Made of Solid Wood and Glass for Wall Disp This is the yom pictures plain picture frame it looks like there’s two in there. Yeah, so two picture frames There’s one big one, those might be the same size, I’m not sure should we open it up and find out okay It looks like they are identical size and an identical color so you two of the exact same picture frame There’s a protective film on the glass which is nice so you can make sure it doesn’t get scratched the collapse Clasps on the back you just twist. Yeah everything looks Pretty solid it seems look good. There’s nothing about the construction that stands out. They are black on the front and sides The back is unpainted. So to put a picture in here. I just want to Take a look pretty straightforward. There is the met is included, which is nice So if they they did include the met separately, sometimes the mat is on the picture itself when you get a picture frame So I like that So it seems like it’s in pretty good shape It’s solid construction, you know, nothing nothing negative about it that I can see So another big we do have some hardware. It looks like we have some small blue painters tape type stuff and then we have Some push pin type hardware. There’s some instruction booklet in here So this is a this shows you how to insert the photo So the wood frame then of PMMA Which is the glass I guess and the mat and the photo then the back plate. You’ve never used a picture frame That would probably be solid how to hang it up So this has seamless nails. So that’s what these little things are. They’re little little white Pushpins so the latest works is you have this this little white piece plastic piece that has three And a nail ends on there, you know, there are a little pokey but not too bad, but they will push in a drywall You take this little black clip and that hooks on the back plate And you slide it, right? In there, sir, I guess it’s right here. So that looks on the back plate There we go, that make more sense that UPS on the back plate then this slides right in there to hang It so this little plastic thing will be on the wall like that and then you’ll have this on the back you’ll just slide it in and it sets right there and Then you tape off on the top of the picture frame you put a little blue piece of tape. So This will be there they put a piece of tape there So, you know where it is and then this slides right up there and that’s how it works It just hangs right there like that. So we’re all impressions are these are nice frames. They seem built Well, I like they come with a hanging system. I like that. They’re not. Yeah, it’s not just screws or nails It’s not just a bracket on the back plate that you have to put in the nails and hang them up like most other thing It’s also nice that it comes with some tape This isn’t necessarily something I would need because I have painters tape in the other room, but that’s a nice inclusion Anyway, also the instructions on how to replace a picture. I don’t necessarily think that’s Necessary because I know how to use a picture frame, but if you didn’t know how to use a picture frame or maybe you pull this out of the package and you’re a little put off by the fact that there’s marks on the glass this tells you that a that is Just a protective film make sure you pull that off and it also tells you how to use the mat if you’re not the nineth Using a mat and then it gives you the instructions for how to hang it Nice simple easy-to-follow easy to use those kind of instructions are always positive This is the old picture frame. So I recommend it especially you’re getting Two great frames in a single package, which is nice. So you have two picture frames seamless nails is what they’re called You have six of those frames themselves. These are 15 inches by 12 and a half inches Eleven by fourteen pictures should in here. Well, I think it’s pretty good purchase It definitely comes with more than I expected comes with more than most frames Have so I look forward to getting these on the wall I’m gonna put these in here right now for safekeeping and make sure that we keep these all together Thank you for watching this review. Again. This is the yom picture frame package of two with included All the included easy no-show hanging as well as a couple things to guide you and how to hang

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