Yield to Total Elation: The Life and Art of A.G. Rizzoli – Anthropology – Arts

Yield to Total Elation: The Life and Art of A.G. Rizzoli – Anthropology – Arts

[sweet violin and piano waltz] -The middle of the year,
around June or something like that, he’d
have his Tectonic Exhibit. So I’d go to his home, and
I’d see all these wonderful renderings
tacked up on the wall. Well, it’s the shear
the volume is enough to overwhelm a person. [jaunty music] The room was cold,
somewhat damp, and there really was no lighting.
That’s another thing: there’s no lighting in the room,
and you really had to have a torch or something
go out or a flashlight or something to see
the things properly. And after all, when you go in to
see something, and it’s half in the dark, you’re [laughing]
half in the dark too! [dramatic, percussive music] -9 a.m. to 9 p.m.,
door open to the public. -1 p.m. to 2 p.m., arrival
of adjutants escorted in golden chariots leading floats. -Close of official programm
by the playing of America by a US Marine Band
followed by an escort…. -Half-hourly playing of
“No More Alone”…. -This program is
wholly idealistic as we should like it to be. A day scintillating and ringing
with altruism. [cheery music] -When you look at one
of these renderings by Rizzoli, which are described
as a particular person he knew, you immediately think
what was it that he was trying to convey about this
person, you know? And was it just meant to be
a dedication and a simple acknowledgement of
their importance in his life, or was it
really that he was trying to produce some sort of transliteration where this
person became this building? I think that these buildings
were meant to be these people. -He has a little
portrait of me, and I shudder to think
[chuckling] of what I must have looked like.
I was so young. And he has this
sort of like a tower. And I think he had
a few other little reminiscences about me.
This funny little language–Cadewir–Cadewir
that I had dug up, which is based really on
just Latin, and I substituted Latini zed letters and
so forth from English. -Rizzoli is a
very ordinary person. He’s interested in
being an architect. He wants to write novels. He’s not interested in
disordering his senses. He doesn’t want to
have visions, and yet these visions
come to him unbidden. He hears voices, but he
doesn’t want to hear them. And I think he
suffers very much from these visions.
And yet there they are, and they’re a
very important part of his work. -Art comes to
you really when you need it, when there’s
no other way to handle your feelings, your emotions,
some way to release that. -Looking at the Achilles
tendency: laughing out loud and feeling a kindred spirit. Art: escalator to
the stars, to heaven.

Dereck Turner

2 thoughts on “Yield to Total Elation: The Life and Art of A.G. Rizzoli – Anthropology – Arts

  1. ksol1460tv says:

    I'd love to buy this film, if only it wasn't so darn expensive! Can an affordable version be made?

  2. textcavation says:

    "He didn't want to hear these voices" … So many people attribute extensive production of a private world to madness, when in fact isolation is the culprit. Rizzoli engaged in creative and satisfying work (which the real world didn't supply). He was driven, just as any artist is–only without the outlet we expect of artists. How do we know that his declarations of what he saw and heard weren't references to his own imagination? He was strongly inclined to "symbolic" utterances. He many not have been mad at all. And how much did the death of his mother plunge him into an almost unbearable loneliness relieved by his work? Private worlds and private production is far more normal than assumed.

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