Yang Hee Eun & AKMU, touching collaborate song “Mother to Daughter” 《Fantastic Duo》판타스틱 듀오 EP13

Yang Hee Eun & AKMU, touching collaborate song “Mother to Daughter” 《Fantastic Duo》판타스틱 듀오 EP13

I thought I only closed my eyes for a moment but I am old already I thought you would be a little child forever but you have already grown up I still don’t know much about life so I don’t have much to tell you But I want you to be happier so I search my heart for things to tell you Study! No, that’s too basic Be sincere! Even I couldn’t do it myself Love! No, that’s too difficult Just go live your own life I thought I have lived life long enough but I’m still only eighteen I always wanted to be a good daughter but I already failed I don’t know much about life yet so I still have a lot of things I want to l know But you just keep repeating the same words to me And I can’t help but shut the door to my heart tighter Study! I know that’s important too! Be sincere! Can’t you see I’m trying? Love! I don’t want to get hurt anymore Let me live my own life I hammer your heart Every time I make mistakes, big or small But you still patch my clothes with your punctured heart and hands You would listen to me and say “It’s okay,” but do you know that my heart is still not at peace? You would hug me although I’m hateable And I would promise to be better Study! No, that’s too basic Be sincere! Even I couldn’t do it myself Love! No, that’s too difficult Just go live your own life Can you forgive me for not being a good mother to you? Can you promise me that you will be a better mother than me? Even if you don’t tell me I know you love me more than anyone So I can confidently say that my dream is to be a great mother like you Even if you don’t tell me I know you love me more than anyone So I can confidently say that my dream is to make you happy

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Yang Hee Eun & AKMU, touching collaborate song “Mother to Daughter” 《Fantastic Duo》판타스틱 듀오 EP13

  1. Suly G. says:

    Que hermoso!!!

  2. avinna rana says:

    One of my fav duet performance

  3. Nhị Võ says:

    Tôi chỉ đến đây vì muốn khóc thôi 9.10.2019

  4. Belle Michelle says:

    Me: wondering why everybody is crying
    Me also: fuck, why am I sobbing like a kid? 🥺😭

  5. Madeley Carrera says:

    My mother die eleven years ago , i just cry with this song 😓 it's very sad , i miss you mother

  6. MO SS says:

    Thankyou for subthai

  7. Clifford John Pasion says:

    Still I'm crying even I watch this already and listen this song Everytime

  8. Irma Ragentu says:

    It's make me melted 😞😢

  9. Paidi Paidi Pitoh says:


  10. M.Y.O.O. says:

    I need to cry.

  11. Tom Akeley says:

    I'm 55.. this just reduces me into a puddle of tears everytime.. So damn good.. Long live AKMU..

  12. Svetlana says:

    I love going through random videos of Korean singing shows. Something about their music touches my soul even if I don't understand the language. I don't need to read the translation to feel the magic. Because of this one, I discovered AKMU. I love their songs.

  13. la w says:

    i literally balled my eyes out no lie

  14. Michael Palcon says:

    This is so touching. First time hearing akmu songs and its kinda heart warming.

  15. Bren Cabellos says:

    wooow beautiful song

  16. uuree uuree says:

    i love this song i hear this song more than 50 but i always cry

  17. fishNchips4086 says:

    From 5:22 Suhyun made this song extra beautiful.. 😭😭

  18. yoi okuyama says:


  19. vangnou87 says:


  20. Delilah says:

    i just want to bash myself right now for finishing watching half of the video and just finding out there were subtitles (,:

  21. 폐하 says:

    i felt like i just watched a full 20 episode drama about family
    a real beautiful performance

  22. Hannah Noona says:

    I lost my mom about a week ago, , after hear this song make me miss my mom a lot 😢😢

  23. Ana.C.R says:

    Shut up- eye 🌊

  24. Billy Langmoir says:

    Omg I always watching this beautiful even I don’t know their language but I always stand for them love their voice even this song make cry went think about mom and me always argue but now this make realize that am not gonna argue with my parents and sister and bothers and thk for sharing the was amazing and wonderful

  25. Lhinzy Lachaona says:

    October and still watching this love you ma

  26. 宇宙宇宙 says:


  27. mabelpayao says:

    Thank You YT for the recommendation. Cried a river because of this.

  28. woozicat says:

    i began to play this to my mom and then she said, "if that's kpop i'll rip your head off." wELl tHatS fiNe

  29. Lajntxiag Xiong says:

    my eyes are k-kinda sweaty hbu?

  30. Ryan Webster says:

    Omg. I only just realised this is where i first heard Akmu. 😂

  31. Yunus Muhayar says:

    Sangat menyentuh. From Indoneaia love you 🥰. Okt 16, 2019

  32. dwi ayu azhari says:


  33. Audriana Harvey says:

    I'm here for AKMU and I see Yong Hee Eun in master in the house and my mind be like :eh, i think i once heard it before.
    And i give my attention to this vid and from sobbing to a real tears.

  34. Thura Aung says:

    Mom! I miss you so much.I want to see you,hug you,kiss you, and want to hear your voice. But you're no longer in this world. I really wanted you to listen to this song. I love you very much❤❤❤

  35. Ellen G White Br M says:

    i just can say thank you mom❤️

  36. Belen Robles says:

    Estoy llorando horrible

  37. Audriana Harvey says:

    I came here just too cry.
    2019 anyone?

  38. Alvianica Nanda says:

    I came here without knowing that it'd perfectly make me cry 😢😢

  39. Snowy Winter says:

    Always come back here whenever I feel completely down.

  40. Love ATEEZ says:


  41. Sella Aryani says:

    Bagus sekali,

    21 Oktober 2019

  42. Stephanie Liew says:


  43. Stephanie Liew says:

    dskfhsjkfd the lyrics

  44. Stephanie Liew says:

    omg the audience passing tissues to each other is a whole mood

  45. Jack Frost says:

    This song is like chopping an onion.

  46. LOVE JIMIN & BTS says:


  47. mochimochi says:

    ホント素敵な歌ですね~! it´s a really wonderful song!

  48. A lis says:

    Really heart_touching words…

  49. Arlyn Guilas says:

    I just want to cry

  50. Yoscelina Puspa says:

    I’m sorry mom, thank you mom 🥺❤️

  51. Luqmanulhakim Hisham says:

    Well, that was a heartbreakingly beautiful

  52. Gabriela Navickaite says:

    this song got to me real good. I might only be 13 right now but I cried a lot just by listening because that is really how I feel and I do feel bad for my mom.. but it is still the best song I will ever know

  53. Magana Property says:

    I didn't regret to click this, whose with me?✋

  54. Fzlyn 521 says:

    Watching this in 2020 ~

  55. Tyan Darsilbomin says:

    Youre lying to yourself if this song dont make you got teary eyes 🙁

  56. Tyan Darsilbomin says:

    Youre lying to yourself if this song dont make you got teary eyes 🙁

  57. Yosar Medio Pradana says:

    people who dislike either missclicked or dont know how likes button works

  58. Cordell Chan says:

    Somehow listening to this song more than 10 times doesnt stop tears from flowing 😭😭

  59. GEDVWH 2229 says:

    i cry everytime i hear this song…

  60. Efendi Maryanto says:

    21 Oktober 2019 are i am too old for this video song

  61. Mia Imee says:

    If you watched this without crying, I just wanna say your tough!

  62. Nicholas Chu says:

    look, i love this song and all, but this vers. is worse than orig me thinks. i was feeling it, then they just overlap and everything at the end and especially the sudden english just kicked me out of my feels

  63. Aya Kono says:

    I don't understand Korean language but just by reading the subtitles, it made me cry. ;'(

  64. Kim Hanbin is my life says:

    Omg This song is so amazing
    It touches my heart❤️

  65. Jane eondyu says:

    다른무대보다도 악동뮤지션이랑 한 이 무대가 언제봐도 눈물흘리게 하는것같네요

  66. Y'know says:

    Me failing at all that's mentioned, even at living my own life

  67. Zen Salasalan says:

    This song makes me teary as always 😭 10-29-2019

  68. Fishmul says:

    Oke im cry😭

  69. Kpop LOVER says:

    October 2019 still crying while listening to this song


  70. Suyanti suj says:

    2019.10.30 i came here just to cry. I miss u mom.

  71. lailin jiminieli says:

    who else is here everytime you wanna just cry

  72. H J says:

    정말 최고 인생곡. 언제들어도, 그 누가 들어도 공감가고 또 알수있다. 악뮤&양희은님❤️

  73. elirico jore says:

    One of the best song
    It makes me cry a lot I love my mom so much

  74. Quỳnh Như says:

    I'm crying

  75. Eun Soo says:

    Who the guy at 3:21

  76. ashiyaisaac isaac says:

    If I'm sad .. i listen this song.. my tears will come out and i feel better

  77. Silent Fan says:

    Before we become/became parents, we are sons and daughters first. So, this song is very relatable to us. It really touch the core relationships between parents and children. 😢😢😢

  78. Thúy Hà says:

    When I heard this song, I cried. I have been studying at a university in HCM city. From my hometown to HCM city about more than 1200km, once a year to go home.

    Nearly 3 months left, I really miss my parents

  79. ITS ME HARDY says:

    Yoo hweseung and his father brought me here 😢😿

  80. el sassin says:

    I just cried a sea. not a river, not a lake, a sea.

  81. Mohamed Attar says:

    Extremely gorgeous music and quite relatable especially when she said Study and then she replied it is too basic🙁

  82. Chutima Phanich says:

    why….. why I can't stop crying 😭😭😭
    they sing with emotion and the translation was squeeze my heart mama I miss you😭😭😭

  83. Chutima Phanich says:

    Why I just see in 2019? Thank you youtube to made me see this thank you😭😭😭

  84. Joyce Goes says:

    Lembro que a primeira vez que escutei essa música me emocionei muito, chorei de verdade!! Ela é muito forte

  85. Joyce Goes says:

    Estou chorando novamente kkkkkkk essa música é muito linda

  86. Marianne Nesty Baradi says:

    2019 ❤️🖐🏻 this always makes me cry

  87. Vân Lê says:

    lol every time i have something sad or blue im listening this song, only to crying and make me effort more

  88. cỏ bốn lá says:


  89. Young Z says:

    Dearest Mother,
    If I ever leave this world, I hope you found pieces of me in every song that I listen to. This song will always be for you. I love you very much. ❤️


  90. Jessica Cen says:

    I saw this video because I missed my mother who passed away a few months ago:)

  91. 김민아 says:

    mother and daugther stage always make me cry a lot i miss my mom so much wanted to give her everything but i cant afford it.. i didnt finish my study and im hard headed child and now im regretting it

  92. Monkey D. Natsu says:

    estas canciones hacen que me ponga muy sentimental pero me gustan mucho <3

  93. LIU VVYNNE says:

    没错 我没办法比我妈做的更好了

  94. Nel says:

    How many subtitles you want?

    AKMU: Yes

  95. Aulia Hanifa says:

    I feel like i'm not a good enough daughter for my mom. I feel more sorry that i dont spend much time with her and often make her dissapointed of my words. I just cant tell how much i love her

  96. Ian Bouton says:

    These lyrics are so creative and meaningful. I would like to hear more music in the US matching these attributes.

  97. [小千] says:


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