X-wing Drawing Tutorial | Let’s Draw Star Wars

X-wing Drawing Tutorial | Let’s Draw Star Wars

[MUSIC PLAYING] – Hello everyone,
and welcome to “Let’s Draw Star Wars,” the show
where we teach you how to drop everything Star Wars. I’m Art Trooper Eric,
and here to help me is our trusty art droid R3– R3– wait. It’s strange he’s not here. Well, the show must go
on, so let’s get started. R3! – [BEEPING] – What’s that? Somebody reset your
internal clock? – [BEEPING] – Me? You think I did it? I would never– yeah,
I totally did it. That’s one point for me. Now it’s 6 to 9. I’m catching up. I’m totally going to win
this Prank Master Challenge. – [BEEPING] – In my sleep cycle? In my dreams. Well, R3, we’re going to have to
put the pranks on hold for now because it’s time to
draw some Star Wars. You know, R3, this
episode is very special because we’re going
to take everything we learned in our first two
lessons and use it all at once. We already learned how to
take rectangular shapes and give them dimension, and
the same for circular shapes. Now, we’re going to combine
those techniques to draw one of the most famous
ships in the Star Wars universe, the X-Wing. The X-Wing is a
versatile Rebel Alliance star fighter the balances
speed with firepower. Armed with four
laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers, the
X-Wing can take on anything the Empire throws at it. The most important
thing to remember when you’re starting
to draw a picture is to have good reference. Now, here’s an image that
I created on the computer as a reference for my drawing. You can find reference
images all over the place. Now this image looks a little
bit complicated and realistic, but remember what Art
Trooper Adam said. Try to recognize the simple
shapes within the object. So once we remove
all of the detail, it starts to look a little
bit more doable, right? And then we can break
it down even more. The engines are just cylinders. You know how to draw that. The wings are like
squashed boxes. And the fuselage, which is the
main compartment of the ship, tapers at the
front, but it’s also basically a big, extruded,
rectagonal shape. And even from here we
can get very simple and look at the 2D
shapes that we’re going to use to extrude from. Today I’m going to use a
straight edge to help me drive X-Wing fighter, and I’m
using the straight edge to try to make sure that
I use parallel lines. I’m using parallel
lines because I’m drawing an
orthographic projection of the X-Wing fighter. In an orthographic drawing,
everything is parallel. Everything that’s pointing
forward goes in the same way. Everything that’s going to
the side goes in the same way. So I’m going to look
at my reference, and I think I’m going to start
with this cube in the back. So I’m just going
to draw a cube. The tip is a different shape. It’s a lot smaller
than the back. So what I’m going
to do is extend out. But then around here I’m going
to draw the tip of the X-Wing, but it’s not going to
be as fat as the back. Go up about that much. And then from here to here
I’m going to do a curve, and I’m going to
connect these two. And now we’ve got the
first section of the nose. We’re going to drop it down too
and arc back up to the front. This corner is going
to connect here, and it’s not going to
be parallel or straight. It’s going to go off book, and
that’s because the nose tapers. Now for the kids that don’t
know, if something tapers, it means the base is
wider than the tip. Man, this is already starting
to look like an X-Wing. It’s pretty exciting. Wait a minute? R3, have you ever
co-piloted X-Wing before? – [BEEPING] – Awesome. What’s that like? – [BEEPING] – Oh wow. That’s really great. You know, every time
I draw an X-Wing, I imagine that I’m flying one. “Psh-psh, psh, psh, psh, psh.” OK, now let’s draw the cockpit. So from the back
line, we’re just going to go up at
an arbitrary angle, and as long as we match the
angle on the other side, it’ll work. Now we’re going to bring
this down to the fuselage. And where it touches,
we’re going to go across. “Psh, psh, psh, psh.” I find doing “pews” while
you draw really helps. The droid sits
back here, and this is what we’re going to use to
extend up and create a dome to draw the trusty R2 unit. Sorry, R3. If I look at my
reference drawing, the engines start right
about or maybe just a little bit behind where
the astromech droid is. I’m going to draw
a little guideline, and the top of the engine
is about the same height as the droid, and I’ll do
the same for the other side. I’m going to extend this back,
and I want to make sure I’m keeping my lines parallel. Great. Now I’ll drop this
down, and I’ll do the bottom, just eyeballing. Now we’re going to extend
the engines back even more. There we go. I’m going to make
this a little fatter. And now I’ve drawn
the thrusters. So now let’s take a
look at the wings. So I look at my
reference, and it looks like the end of the
wing is a little bit higher than the engine. So I’m just going to go
up a little bit higher than the engine, and
keeping my lines parallel, I’m going to do a guide. Keep it parallel. Now, these are the
corners of my X-Wing. And what am I going to do? I’m going to draw an X from
one corner to the other corner, and this is going to be
the basis of our wing. The wings go back, so I
need lines that go back parallel to the main lines. This is where it gets tricky. So the front of the
wings are straight, but the back of the
wings are not straight. So the back of the wing is
not going to go straight down at the same parallel line. It’s just going
to go at an angle. Now, these wings need thickness. What I’ve done is I’ve drawn
the inside of both wings. So on the bottom, I’m
going to extend down. On the top, I’m
going to extend up. So we create the thickness
all the way around. So now we want to
draw the laser guns. Those are cylinders. It’s one cylinder. Doesn’t hurt to add the detail. It’s the details
that make it fun. We just start off
with fewer details to make it simple and
easy for us get started. I’m going to just draw a quick
parallel line down the center, and I’ll use that as
my guide to just kind of finish out the blasters. Just making these two
different thicknesses is kind of a nice
little detail but I want to capture in my X-Wing. I’m notorious for drawing
things too big for my paper, and I made it. R3, you see that? I made it. Now the inside of the engine,
it has some detail in there, and the detail rotates
with the wings. And so there’s going to
be a line in here that follows the same line
as the ship wing, and this one goes down. And on the top we’ve got some
lines that go up perpendicular. It just means that the
line’s at a 90-degree angle. Now all I have to do
is go in with my pen and draw all of the
real lines that I want to keep and
ignore the lines that I want to throw away. [MUSIC PLAYING] And then looking at
the main reference, I can just fake in some
boxes, some cutouts that feel like they belong. And we’re all done. OK, everyone, that’s
my X-Wing, and R3 is finished with his drawing too. Who wants to see it? – [BEEPING] – Let’s take a look. – [BEEPING] – I see how you’ve
added yourself, and you’re quite big compared
to the rest of the X-Wing. Well, I like the flames. They’re pretty rad. Thanks for watching. What Star Wars ship do you
think would be fun to draw? Let us know in the comments. I’m Art Trooper
Eric, and this is R3, and may the Force be with you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Dereck Turner

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