World’s Most Beautiful Tarantula in Peril

World’s Most Beautiful Tarantula in Peril

Alright, so now we move from the crisis we
had in the waters, to the crisis we have on land. So as you know, Imelda, our bird-eater tarantula
has now passed, and has transitioned back into the earth, but there’s just one problem
with that. As you may recall from past videos, our goddess
actually played an important role particularly for the Fire Nation, and more specifically,
an important role at containing them! I used her ant-proof webbing to keep our fire
ants from climbing out of their setup, but AC Family, now that Imelda the bird-eater
goddess has died, the Fire Nation has rejoiced and taken full advantage of her passing. I usually harvest and install new webbing
every time I notice the barrier weakening, and well, AC Family, it looks like time’s
up. New webbing is due for installment, as the
Fire Nation has managed to tear up the barrier that has kept them captive inside the Selva
de Fuego all this time. In fact, we are now in a grave state of emergency. And so AC Family, we needed a new source of
webbing, and it just so happens, I’ve found the perfect source. A provider of silk many times stronger and
more repellent than that of Imelda’s. She can also produce more of it, in a single
day than Imelda could in a week. AC Family, behold the new goddess of the Antiverse. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
BELL icon, welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! Our new goddess lays motionless on her back,
protected within her silken lair, with her legs dangling in the air. Have no fear, though, for when she has completed
this process, she will emerge with a brand new splendor, colour, size, and tenacity. Tarantulas like most invertebrates do not
exfoliate like we humans do, but instead outgrow their skin in stages, and must shed their
old skin periodically as they grow, and tarantulas like our goddess here, emerge from their old
exoskeletons on their backs. Molting is quite a sensitive and delicate
ceremony for our new goddess, where she is vulnerable to predators, which is why she
does it within the depths of her protective silken temple, where she remains like this
for several hours until the molting process is complete. We can’t rush her through this process, as
it is important she is allowed all the time she needs to molt and harden which can take
a few days to weeks. But there was only one problem with this. The Fire Nation has been mobilizing at escaping
their setup, taking full advantage of the fact that our former goddess’ web barrier
was weakening. Word had spread throughout the colony that,
the time had had finally come for their liberation from the Selva de Fuego, the great paludarium
kingdom they’d called home for generations. The only thing we needed was our goddess’
impenetrable, sticky, and lethal hair-lined webbing to place on all four corners of the
Selva de Fuego to keep the Fire Nation inside their setup, but we couldn’t do this until
her molt was complete and she had completely hardened. But as I watched, our new goddess with her
claws now hooked onto the walls of her funnel web, I knew the molt was near. Only time would tell if it would be on time
before a mass fire ant break out, but little did I know, there was also going to be a much
bigger problem on the horizon. The molt was complete. Our goddess had emerged in one piece, soft
and sensitive, moving her limbs from time to time as her exokeleton strengthened and
solidified in composition. This was her ultimate period of vulnerability
now, but she had nothing to fear, as we would be here to guard her from any harm as she
hardened. Wait until you see what she looks like later
when she’s fully hardened. Her species is known as a green-bottle blue,
and the colours of her new exoskeleton will truly astound you. That coming up in a bit. But guys, have a look at her fangs! They’re still white and soft. As they harden, they will turn black, and
those red hairs, will remain bright so that when she ever assumes a threat pose, the red
will perfectly bring attention to her razor sharp fangs, to anything stupid enough to
get close and attempt to eat or attack her. Though our goddess isn’t deadly to us, she’s
certainly dangerous to most of her natural predators. The next day, our goddess had righted herself
and was sitting quietly in her den, as she continued to harden. Some of you may be wondering where her old
skin was. Well, she had casted it off somewhere nearby
in her den, and the time was nearing for us to be able to go in and pull it out, and also
harvest some webbing to keep our ants inside. One week later… It was a state of emergency! Members of the Fire Nation had already set
up camp inside the LED lights situated above the Selva de Fuego! They were officially broken out and were in
the process of conquering and filling up the first bit of territory space, they’d never
before frequented. The lights were the perfect nest and station
to gather in numbers before the ultimate break out in my condo! This was not only a dangerous security breech,
but it was also, no pun intended, a great fire hazard! We needed that webbing and we needed it now! Thankfully, however, our goddess was ready
for us to move in and harvest. This was the space in which our goddess was
living, the terrarium in which she was raised as a younger spiderling, and in which she
came to us. It was a simple glass space, decorated with
some driftwood vine, coco peat substrate, and a Dracaena fragrans plant. She had chosen to create her funnel web lair
to the right side of this terrarium with the opening towards the top there. But how was I going to go in a harvest this
seemingly complex web structure? Well, the majority of the front of this terrarium
was a single glass pane that slides upward and my plan was to go in and harvest one end
of the webbing first. Alright, AC Family. Are you ready for this? We needed that web now! Here we go! Removing the glass pane. It slid out nicely and surprisingly did fairly
little damage to the silken web retreat of our goddess. My heart was racing a million miles an hour
as I scanned the situation to calculate where I would be making my first cut into her web. I hovered about with my tweezers and scissors. I was afraid that she would have suddenly
popped out to attack me as these tarantulas are extremely fast! I went in for the incision. Suddenly, oh, no! She brushed a cloud of urticating hairs at
me! Although I wasn’t hurt by the microscopic
defensive hairs, it was sad to see her kick it off because she had just molted and I would
have hated to see her bald so soon after molting. She could grow the abdomen hair back by her
next molt, but of course, we’d love to see our goddess fully haired. I went in with my tweezers! Now AC Family, before we go on to harvest
her webbing, take a close look at this! It was her old exoskeleton, a shell of her
old body. Check out that incredible, metallic blue colour
of her legs contrasting the firey peach colour of her mouth! It’s a bit flimsy and hard to handle, but
flipping it over, you can see her metallic turquoise chelicerae which hosted her fangs,
and the hallow combs from which each of her legs slipped out during the molt. I just love looking at tarantula shed exoskeleton! And actually, if you were to take the top
of the carapace which is usually here by the abdomen skin… well, usually somewhere here,
you can piece the entire structure together to make it look like a living tarantula. I also love examining the fangs! It’s probably the only time I’d ever come
close to touching her razor sharp fangs. I’ve done it on more docile species, but I’d
never try on her. But enough playing now. I needed to harvest that webbing! I went in and snipped away as carefully as
I could to extract a piece of webbing. I applied the patch of web to the most problematic
corner of Fire Nation escape. Done! But it wasn’t enough to cover the other corners
of the Selva de Fuego. I needed more webbing, but I needed the web
of her entire funnel to effectively contain the Fire Nation, but see, I didn’t want to
stress our goddess out and cause her to kick off more hair, so my plan was to go in and
remove her entirely so she could feel secure while I went in for the web harvest. I was going to try to move her into this container,
but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Here we go, AC Family! Wish me luck! With my tweezers I tried to coax her out of
her funnel and into the container. She took a short burst outward and with my
tweezers I tried to gently guide her into the container. My heart was in my throat the entire time! Here we go. Almost. Oh no! She’s moving to the other side. I blocked her from continuing that way, using
the lid. But with a little bit of careful maneuvering
I was able to get her into the container but not without her attempting to blast me with
a hurricane of urticating hair! No! More hair lost! But this was much better and less stressful
for her while I went in to collect her much needed webbing. What a gorgeous specimen! Now that she was isolated and safe from stress,
I went in to collect the rest of her webbing. It was enough to secure two other problematic
corners from fire ant escape. Thank goodness! Although the fourth corner was left unwebbed,
that corner for some reason was less problematic, so it could wait until she produced more webbing,
so at last, it finally was the end of our Fire Nation escape crisis, but AC Family,
little did I know, it was the revelation of a new one! Watch what’s up ahead. So here we had our goddess’ empty terrarium. It was nice, but if you’ve followed this channel
for awhile, you’ll understand it wasn’t AC Family nice. That Dracaena fragrans plant is a tropical
plant from Africa, and our green-bottle blue goddess, happens to be a desert species from
northern Venezuela. We could provide our goddess something much
better than this. Its current design also made it quite difficult
for us to continually open her terrarium to harvest webbing in the future, so AC Family,
I wanted to give our goddess’ palace a face lift before returning her in, and this renovation
was surely going to get messy. I had some epic plans for the reno. As a safety precaution, I had to put on some
surgical gloves, just in case she had kicked urticating hairs onto the surfaces of the
decor or substrate of her terrarium. This would protect me as I worked around. I then went in and proceeded to gut out the
terrarium of its contents. We needed to make this sacred space, better
suited to her species, more condusive to partial web collection, and of course, fit for a goddess! And AC Family, after some reworking, check
out what the terrarium looked like a couple hours later. AC Family, behold! Arachno Sanctorium, the reconstructed shrine
of new our Antiversal goddess. Isn’t it lovely? Arachno Sanctorium is a cozy oasis haven,
built specially for our goddess, and made to fit our need to harvest silk in a less
intrusive way. Let me show you around this gorgeous plot
of land. I’ve used a variety of different desert succulent
plants and aloe, as well as mosses and lichens, to adorn the arch of driftwood which used
to be part of the old setup. What’s great about these plants is that they
need no water nor sunlight, not even soil. Why? Well, they’re fake, which is great because
real plants need water to survive, and our goddess prefers it dry. And I’ve always believed that as much as having
real plants is beautiful and impressive, in cases like this, practicality wins, and I
truly love the aesthetic feel and energy elicited by this sacred space into which our goddess
shall be living. Now in case you may be wondering why the Arachno
Sanctorium seems a bit on the small side for space, no need to be concerned. Most tarantulas don’t move a lot, and feel
cozier in smaller enclosures. There is enough room for our goddess to set
up palace in this pocket of arid coziness. Speaking of which, AC Family, let’s look at
the Arachno Sanctorium from this side so I can show you why I love this new design so
much for our goddess. My hope is that she’ll create her web bedroom
all through here, and run her funnel down so it opens up and spills out to carpet this
open space here, where it can eventually reach the front glass. It’s this open area here, furthest from her
funnel entrance, where I hope to harvest her webbing in a less intrusive manner, in the
future. This layout also makes it less likely for
her to create her funnel up against the front glass like she did in the old design. Despite the plants being fake and not needing
light, I’ve secured a small LED light at the top to give her territories a beautiful warm
Venezuelan glow. Overall, the Archno Sanctorium was ready to
become the cradle of our new goddess. It was now time to introduce these grounds
to her. Here she was, sitting still and patient in
our container. Let’s move her in. I opened the cover. Now AC Family, here’s where I’m going to ask
you to watch carefully and see if you can spot something unusual. I set the container down in hopes to allow
her to crawl out on her own, but it was at that moment, that my body and breath froze. Time stood still for me, as almost spellbound,
I beheld the magical beauty of our goddess. I couldn’t blink as I was hypnotized by the
gorgeousness of her royal blue legs, which met at turquoise coxae, and carapace, a blackened
velvet base, with peach coloured tips, and a bright rusty red rump, that sported the
fuzz of dangerous urticating hairs, and look, light pink toe pads at the end of each foot. This goddess was easily the most gorgeous
spider I had ever seen in my life. She stood still unmoving in her spot, but
I didn’t care. I just wanted to stare at her forever. Wow! I gotta snap out of this, guys! She has me under her spell. This goddess has got some powers! What do you guys think of this green bottle
blue tarantula? Isn’t she amazing? Has she managed to get you under her spell? Now I didn’t want to stress her out anymore,
and I certainly didn’t want her to kick off any more urticating hair. We needed her to be as calm and relaxed as
possible from here on in. So with my tweezers I gently prodded our goddess
into the Arachno Sanctorium and that, AC Family was when I saw it! Did you? She clung onto the front ledge hiding from
us something that I am sure was causing her a great deal of stress. Had my eyes fooled me? I slowly tried to use a stick to see if what
I’d seen was indeed real. She trembled as she held her pose. My heart was breaking. I tried again but gently to let her know I
was here not to harm her. She reared up then backed up a bit. AC Family, look. Just as I feared. It was no wonder I couldn’t find the carapace
when we were examining her shed. Our goddess’ carapace was still stuck to her! I tried to move in carefully with my stick
to attempt to gently remove the carapace. Suddenly, I found myself in an emergency situation,
a surgeon attempting a delicate impromptu operation. With my stick I tried in vain to at least
flip it off and see if it was even removable. Perhaps it was just hanging by some attached
hair or skin. I then decided I would go in with my tweezers. I gently got under and tried to flip the carapace
off. This did not look comfortable for our goddess. I tried again, but this time much more securely,
and this caused our goddess to jump back and leap away. This told me that the carapace was indeed
attached to a sensitive spot on her new exoskeleton. I felt so bad for her. She begun to spin her immediate area with
silk. Now, I’ve kept tarantulas since I was a 13
yr old boy, and in all my 24 yrs of owning dozens of tarantulas, this was the very first
time I’ve ever experienced a failed molt. According to online forums, some hobbyists
attempt to remove the old skin, but others say not to touch it, and that it will fall
off the next time she molts. I just didn’t want to risk causing a breech
in her exoskeleton at the attachment, which would lead to lethal bleeding, and death. I just felt so bad for our goddess. She continued to spin the territories with
her thick fibres of silk webbing. I couldn’t do nothing, however, so with a
wet q-tip, I went in to apply some moisture at the spot where the carapace was attached
to the pedicle in hopes that it might facilitate its removal. Would she let me? Yes, she stood perfectly still as I applied
the water, and then again… Woops! I accidentally touched her leg. I suddenly felt like I was truly playing a
real life version of the board game Operation! More moisture… She stood perfectly still, as I gently applied
more and more water to the problematic spot. My heart sank as I could see her beautiful
face beneath her old carapace, and it looked to me like she was truly sad, and frightened
for her life. Our poor goddess. Such a beautiful creature going through such
a tough time. I decided to leave her alone now. She eventually made her way to the back of
the Arachno Sanctorium to spin more silk, and rub off more protective urticating hair,
probably to keep us away from her. But there was one last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to add a bit of moisture on this
lower end just in case she was finding this enclosure too dry. I also added a small dish which I filled with
clean water for her to drink when needed. And now all was complete. I replaced the front glass to secure her inside,
and carried the Archno Sanctorium to take its spot in the Antiverse. Over night, I hoped she would continue web-building. And sure enough, the next morning, she had. Have a look! This basic frame work of webbing was the start
of what would become a great web palace. Her old carapace had still not fallen off,
but it seems to not have affected our goddess’ ability to do her thing much, which was good. I tried to appreciate this time of full visibility
because a few days later, this is what the Arachno Sanctorium looked like as of 9 AM
this morning. Whoa! Isn’t it amazing? This web fortress will continue to get thicker
and take on a greater structure in the coming days. From what I can see the carapace is still
stuck onto her. Tarantulas typically won’t eat several days
or weeks after a shed, but when I do feed her and she does manage to eat, we’ll be certain
her old carapace is merely an accessory, like a tiara sitting on the head of the new goddess
of the Antiverse. Her webbing will be valuable at keeping the
Fire Nation within their territories, establishing peace and balance within the Ant Room. Alright, AC Family, I think you know what
is next! What should we name this green bottle blue
tarantula? Leave your name suggestions in the comments,
and as always I will choose my top 5 favourites for us to vote on in a future video. Our tarantula, reigning supreme with her carapace
crown-like halo, is representative in my mind, that the past does not have to hinder one’s
bright future. To me, this tarantula of ours is not only
the goddess of our Antiverse, but also takes the throne as the most beautiful tarantula
in the world. Alright AC Family, what did you think? Do you like our new goddess and her shrine. I sure hope she manages ok with that stuck
carapace. It seems she really loves the Arachno Sanctorium,
though which is great news. But, be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button
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Dereck Turner

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    the love you hold for her is so heartwarming, i really felt what you felt when you were cooing over her, becoming hypnotized by her, and hurting with her when you were doing everything you could for her to keep her out of pain when she couldn't molt her carapace, it was an emotional journey and the connection between you and her is something i've never seen. you have so much love for your animals and it's so respectable and great to see. thank you antscanada! and thank you for the closed captioning, it makes your videos so much more accessible!

  89. JL SUP alabe says:

    is it a girl

  90. JL SUP alabe says:

    how about AC

  91. Maciej W says:

    Hello can u give any info where to buy this plants ?? Or whats their names ?? Please respond buddy ! 🙂

  92. Lori Dooley says:

    you cud have called a vet

  93. Teodora Dull says:

    I’d kill my self if I saw this spider in real life. But she is pretty

  94. Teodora Dull says:

    Gorgeous living place

  95. Teodora Dull says:

    Um I’m crying is she in pain

  96. Mathemagics says:

    Ants Canada containing a Tarantula:
    -Ten minute JRR Tolkien style buildup
    -Dramatic music
    -Emotional narrative

    Exotics Lair containing a Tarantula:
    -Cringe humour
    -Dad-like ranting at Tarantula (CALM DOWN!)
    -Brain farts

  97. Terry Han says:

    I’m a cat

  98. Addy's love For Scout says:

    Amphitrite, in Greek mythology, the goddess of the sea,

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