Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

My life…hasn’t been what you
probably think it has.
We all have our struggles.Have you ever been in love? A long, long time ago. -You?
-So many times.
Yeah. All the time.♪♪♪Welcome to the future.Life is good.But it can be better.And why shouldn’t it be?All you need is to want it.Think about finally havingeverything you always wanted.I can save today…but you can save the world.Steve… Diana…Now…I take what I want in return.Everyone will see.The world needs you.You know what you need to do.Nothing good is born from lies.And greatness is not
what you think.
It’s all art. Uh, that’s just a trash can. It’s just a trash can.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

  1. Josh Wallace says:

    It's really sad how wonderwoman is the best DC movie out now not included the dark night, the new joker sucks, Aquaman was ok and don't get me started on justice league, DC make great shows but movies not so much.

  2. J. Adán Herrera says:

    Yeeeessssss yeeeessssssss, yeeeeeessssssssssss…I can' wait, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. melati rahmi aziza says:

    The background song reminds me of T-ara's songs 😁

  4. Master Shredder says:

    Easily my favorite female characters in the DC universe alongside Harley Quinn, no forced agendas, or girl power crap, just a natural bad ass.

  5. AJ_IS_COOL says:

    Admit it
    She hot

  6. NYC D says:

    Whose the villain

  7. Xavir Co says:

    everyone's talking about swinging on lightning and trash cans and 80 awesome music but no one's not talking about how the Mandalorian took his helmet off o_o

  8. Anthony Benash says:

    Damn, they really cut the budget on CGI! Everything looks super fake

  9. Kelly Smith says:

    The background music is enough to make this trailer epic .

  10. Dragone Flix says:

    from the trailer alone, im really hoping this will be the first good DC film, i think it can do it this looks awesome (don't attack me i just didn't like shazam ok) also is this set in 1984 or the current year… just cuz if its in 1984 there were probably records of it and that retcons what batman said in justice league about her shutting down for over a century after he died… but then his back so if its set in 1984 then… idk just a retcon i guess but it was a pretty intense scene in justice league seems pretty weird to retcon it.

  11. Magical Rosemary says:

    A black widow movie from Marvel & a New Wonder Woman movie from DC? we’re will be treated well next year ladies & gents!

  12. PraiseEvil says:

    This foo

  13. RipperYou says:

    But I want to watch it now!

  14. Maximum Achievement says:

    She is still too skinny to play wonderwoman, but whatever makes these very defensive feminists happy.

  15. Ryan King says:

    One thing I like about this trailer… It barely (if at all) tells us anything about the story. It gets us hyped without any major spoilers! (Aside from Steve, of course)

  16. Karl Sookdeo says:

    Sony Executives: “The Emoji Movie is Going To Be A Success.”
    Diana : “ It’s just a trashcan.”

  17. Ahmad Faris says:

    Steve alive? How??????????

  18. sams 14 says:

    Can anyone explain me how is possible that she looks so pretty. I felt in love 😍

  19. MikeT says:

    "I've got an idea, you know how people have forgotten about Wonder Woman already? Well let's do it again, but this time in the 80s, because retro is cool."

  20. genniex Snip says:

    Omg So colorful

  21. John Aquarius says:

    Everything in this trailer just pops. Its In this soundtrack I can hear a potential for new wonder woman theme.

  22. Beck Winter says:

    All I can say is:


  23. Connor Pusey says:

    She doesn’t look like she’s from the 80s. 1984 was only 35 years ago and the look of the decade was so distinct, and the decade has only been over for 30 years; yet why is it so hard for movies and other contemporary entertainment to recreate the style/fashion of the 80s? It should be easy with a little effort.

  24. Curious Wanderer says:

    Wonder Woman versus the Mandalorian, huh?

  25. L.A.B ART says:

    Spiderman has left the chat

  26. minah bang says:

    omg I'm sure I'll bawl my eyes out if there's scene where diana say goodbye to steve for a second time 😭

  27. Nahuel Emiliano says:

    The same mall from stranger things?

  28. TheGradyBaby says:

    Yeesh lol

  29. timtamtom games says:

    🤧🤧sub to “timtamtom games’🤧🤧🤧❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕❗️❗️

  30. Mike T says:

    Is that a mall from stranger things part III?

  31. Carlos Sierra says:

    New order blue monday song

  32. prashant saini says:

    Why can't she fly….

  33. BmoreBirds Nest says:

    As fast as lightning strikes how is she fast enough to catch it with her lasso and swing to each lightning bolt 🤔

  34. F W says:

    Hope they lean heavily on Orwellian themes…otherwise calling it WW1984 is such a missed opportunity.

  35. Ruud Driessen says:

    Steve: a new wonder woman trailer?

    Diana: no that's just…..


  36. Ronny Clayton says:

    This looks like it's gonna be good and I love the nostalgic time setting.

  37. rocky1d says:

    Steve Trevor punches more people in this trailer than Superman did in Superman Returns

  38. Dave Cohen says:

    Looks awesome, but how the hell is Steve Trevor alive in 1984 and unaged?

  39. 알리알리셩 says:

    Jews like walls lol

  40. BITCH PLEASE says:

    0:16 the girl with the glasses was in Ghostbusters 😍🤩 1:25 DAMN! The girl with the glasses really did went all out on the black dress and the whole makeover I think wonder woman gave her the makeover DAMN! Her without glasses 😍 She's so HOT 😍🔥 2:00 Wonder woman be swinging on thunder and s***! Lol 😆 let's be honest wonder woman is definitely better than spider man 🙂💖
    Edited cause I'm an extra b****… 🥰💖

  41. Tyrannapus And Friends says:

    I found the first one decent, but this, this one looks waaaayy better

  42. OneDeep Speak says:


  43. dea cottingham says:

    YouTube, why won't you let me click like more than once!!! AAARGH

  44. BadGame Index says:

    that's just a trash can

  45. Whatshisface 117 says:

    How tf is Steve even back?

  46. RAHUL KUMAR says:

    Thunder⚡ woman

  47. Paige Roberts says:

    2:19 When I see my grade on the organic chemistry final I should be studying for

  48. زياد عبدالله says:

    How is Steve back to life

  49. Venkat Narayan says:

    One of the best Trailer of 2019, also music starts at 0:21 is Unique

  50. Demoon says:

    Carpenter Brut is that you ?

  51. SirArnoldGrylls says:

    Will this copy the plot from the second captain America film? Like the first wonder woman copied the first film

  52. Jude Jarmillos says:

    …But that's a beautiful trash can!

  53. Scrypher says:

    First, clip looks great.
    Second, retro seems to be a trend.

  54. Y Y says:


    No one:
    Absolutely no one:

    Me: World War 84???

  55. Kookie Love says:


  56. Marvin Hernandez says:

    Thor ragnorak looks great

  57. arun kumar says:

    That soundtrack is dope 🥰

  58. carol says:

    The best bit? Pedro Pascal 😍💜

  59. De Von says:

    This trailer was seriously well done and I loved the first installment. I just hope this one doesn't go the way many sequels go and greatly disappoint. Hopefully this one will be even better

  60. Krazy Walrus General says:

    0:33 Is that the Russian mall from Stranger Things?

  61. Tiago Ribeiro says:

    EPIC!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  62. kitty kat says:

    These 80s themes are so over used now

  63. SGorath says:

    Why are people being nit picky? If you can conceive the idea of a super model with magical strength lifting tanks and able to deflect bullets, why can't you accept Steve Trevor was brought back through magic? or an invisible jet? I've seen cornier things in Marvel movies.

  64. Sammy Antoine says:

    What I thought Steve died 🤔🤔

  65. nd c says:

    New Order, such a good music choice.

  66. Raulito Mares says:

    I just hope the movie is as epic as this trailer because it has me sold.

  67. NPC #9378-3721-0640 says:

    Waiting for SJW’s to complain

  68. Pope DEX-STARR says:

    Vine swinging from Lightening bolts.

  69. Felipe Munoz says:

    OMG! This is going to be huuuuge

  70. MinyBeats VA says:

    On one hand I know Steve being back can't end well….but on the other I'm so happy Chris Pine is back to play steve because I think he's a really underrated actor

  71. tiffany curtis says:


  72. Julio M says:

    Themyscira scene is so POWERFUL!!

  73. Aman Anifer says:

    Wonder Woman : swings on the lightning
    Spider man (in Tom Holland voice) : I wanna do that.


    We get it Hollywood liberals, the bad guy is based on Trump. ORANGE MAN BAD. RESIST CHEETO HITLER!

  75. Wow ! says:

    Steve please turn out to be Martian ManHunter

  76. GerwinKing PeñaCanlas says:

    Wow. Im excited for this new era

  77. Marc says:

    This one doesn't look as good as the first one

  78. Trailer Indo says:

    Me: watches Captain Marvel
    Them: 2:17

  79. dave miller says:

    Did anyone else notice how beautiful Kristin Wiig looks in that black dress and that hairsytle?

  80. allison k says:

    In the tv series Lyall Wagner played the father and son. So maybe.

  81. BangTan Blues says:

    Steve turned old

  82. Bishal Timilsina says:

    I can’t wait anymore 😍

  83. Bishal Timilsina says:

    That moment when she swings thru Thunder 👑👑👑❤️

  84. R L says:

    Every time someone says 1984, I can only think Orson Wells, 1984. A little nod to striking out that security camera Wonder Woman and the song by New Order.

  85. Daisuke Ryuuga says:

    That Blue Monday epic remix ♥️

  86. Anomaly says:

    Wonder woman could spin me round baby round round round

  87. Harriette Patrick Barron says:

    Heck yes!!!!!!!!!

  88. Phil Bongiovanni says:

    I’m so confused… is he alive!?

  89. Ricki Rincon says:

    16k people who are mad that this trailer is better than the entire cpt. Marvel movie.

  90. Lynn Point says:

    Um…who's the Black Widow again?

  91. THEONEDBZ4ever says:

    Blue monday dope!!

  92. Taylor Hayden says:

    Ok, Boomers…

  93. Romulo Jesus Jr Nunez says:

    Will Chris Pine play as Wonder Woman's son? How come he is young as he was in the 1st movie.

  94. profesormembrana says:

    I LOVE Diana and Steve’s chemistry, I’m so happy to see more of them, even if he turns out to be fake at the end 🙁

  95. Tung Nguyen says:

    Steve Rogers popped off some pills so he became the super soldier
    This Steve Trevor popped off a god so of course, he could be immortal lmao

  96. Dalton Donaldson says:

    I love this. Cant wait to go see it

  97. Andrew Cazessus says:

    If she swing on ride the lighting, then play metallic song, Ride the Lighting, since it came out in 1984. Coincidence?

  98. parth patel says:

    please release this movie in india in Hindi-(India's national language)…

  99. xjohnny1000 says:

    So is this milking the Stranger Things 80s revival or are the 80s just better than everything else?

  100. Odins Spear says:

    Another FLOP.

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