William Alexander – The Magic of Oil Painting – Rocky Shore

William Alexander – The Magic of Oil Painting – Rocky Shore

Dereck Turner

30 thoughts on “William Alexander – The Magic of Oil Painting – Rocky Shore

  1. Jade Zee says:

    Good to see Bill again.

  2. Olga Vina says:

    Always bright, always magic, never forget your shine……..

  3. Greg Baez says:

    13:35 Classic Bill… "if you love all those stones, PUT UM IN!" lol Bill is the best!

  4. The Mangler says:

    15:56 had a good laugh.

  5. nonameinfl says:

    Wow, it looks amazing!

  6. Bert Man says:

    Thanks… Not enough Bill out there …the original happy little painter…

  7. Condee Rogers says:

    Todd Markel… Thanks for the new paintings. I've never seen this one before. Not even on the company's archives at Alexander Art.

  8. EverestClimberNo1 says:

    This was just amazing. What a magician is he. May God give him long life to help him teach us what all he knows. Thanks Bill.

  9. Casa Tequila SF says:

    Bob Ross teacher

  10. Matt G says:

    But does he beat the devil out of it ?

  11. Suresh Shenoy says:

    Superb. Nice work

  12. Bennett Stephenson says:

    mr almighty Alexander good. teachings. great! guy

  13. Fay Taheri says:

    I love his painting techniques & his sweet accent 😃😃

  14. lenny108 says:

    people always ask one question: Where is this?

  15. Shaggy Boi says:

    Happy phalo green…happy…green. Somebody better sue Ross

  16. Shaggy Boi says:

    This is controversial, but I prefer this guy over Bob, he’s just so fun to watch and listen to. Not to mention I think he has more skill than Ross

  17. the right RocknRoll says:

    When I'm down this is the man that cheers me up

  18. Christina Kistermann says:

    Super. 👍🖌🖌🖌⚘🌈

  19. Kemika Miku says:

    Pretty classic William Alexander, Happy painting art style

  20. william harrington says:

    I love the laughs he gives me 25:52 1$ a seagull

  21. Dean Hopkins says:

    Because of Bill people like me can paint.respect to the first almighty teacher

  22. Spotted Bullet says:

    20:35 Sometimes little…UGLY, ugly animals floating around…

  23. Lee Property Management says:

    So good to see Bill Alexander again! My VHS videos aren't good anymore. Thank you for posting!

  24. Kit SUiam says:

    If I'm not mistaken .i can recall .the track is from the show "mind ur language"the good old show of the 80s…..

  25. Orbitalforest says:

    Legend !

  26. anıl erden says:

    very lovely beautiful painting by Dear William Alexander.

  27. Rich Clarey says:

    Wow, Bob Ross signed his paintings with the same style letters and red paint.

  28. k r says:

    Ashame didnt speak clear english thats where ross gottem but bill i think was a better painter

  29. k r says:

    Youd figure the jerk would show bill the right camera to look into

  30. Clarice Aust says:

    The painting is beautiful..and I enjoyed his lively commentary so much too 🙂

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