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(engine revs) – Would you spend $100,000
on a paint job for your car? The Ford GT is one of the
best looking cars ever built, and this one in particular
is even more special. In fact, it’s one of a kind, and the thing that makes it one of a kind can’t be reproduced on any other Ford GT because it’s the law. It’s time to go bumper to bumper. Front splitter to flying buttresses on this Ford Mystichrome GT. (upbeat music) Big thanks to our sponsor
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description below and sign up. Butcher Box. I legitimately love this company. They deliver me meals. This car is a tribute. The original Ford GT40 from the 1960s was, at the time, the
pinnacle of engineering. We’ve done, like, 16
episodes on this channel about this car. This is the brand new Ford
GT and the latest tribute to the original GT40. But it’s also a tribute
to the owner’s uncle. I’m going to be real with you. This Ford GT is basically stock. There’s only one modification
done, and for good reason. It’s almost perfect from the factory. So, how do you make a car
that’s perfect better? Well, if you’re Justin Choi, you add $100,000 paint coat onto it. A color so unique that
legally this is the only car that can have this paint. Let me explain. It’s called Mystichrome,
and it all started with the Ford Mustang Cobra. You ever heard of it? That’s a terrifying animal combo. Can you imagine? Just like hooves and
fangs and a big old hood and spraying venom in your face? (hisses) Kentucky Cobra. In 1996 Ford released a
limited amount of SVT Cobras with a Mystic paint job. Depending on the angle, it would appear emerald green, violet,
blue, magenta, gold, even brown. The most exciting color, in my opinion. It was able to achieve
that morphing effect with small transparent prism-like flakes mixed in with the paint
that break up white light into various component colors. In 2004, SVT debuted another
Cobra with an updated version of the Mystic paint that
shifted from bright teal to a deep blue to purple,
then finally to black. Even the seats were color shifting. This color was developed by
Ford’s color and trim director, Alan Eggley, who dubbed it Mystichrome, because it reminded him
of chromed exhaust headers that change color due to the heat. Now that Mystichrome color
was the basis for the paint on this Ford GT beside me owned by tech entrepreneur, Justin Choi. Justin chose a Ford to
honor his late uncle, Bill Joe Pierce, a man who sold
Fords for most of his life. He adopted Justin and his brother when they came over from
Korea as young kids, so when it came time to pick
the spec and trim of the car, Justin spared no expense. He wanted it to be
unlike any Ford GT ever. Let’s take a closer look. Back in 2004, the Mystichrome
paint was a $3,500 option on the Cobra. It was so special that if one
of these ever got scratched and the paint was messed up
and needed to be repainted, A Ford employee had to hand
deliver the Mystichrome paint to the shop that was repairing the car. Then, seal the can up after it was done and hand deliver the
unused paint back to Ford. They’re treating the freaking paint like it’s the Declaration of Independence. – I’m going to steal it. – Ford SVT Mystichrome paint. Buying a Ford GT is a
task in and of itself. There’s an intense application process, and Ford doesn’t sell GTs to just anyone. They want to make sure that
you’re going to drive the thing and not just hide it away
like some museum piece. No, they want you to use it. When Justin got the call
that he had been approved to buy a GT, he was so
excited that he said, “Whee!” I don’t know for a fact, but
I like to think that he did. I think that’s what I would do. He wanted a special
color for his special car that would set it apart
from all the other GTs at the Cars and Coffee. That’s when his friend Brad told him about the Mystichrome Cobra. Justin fell in love with the color and had some mock ups sent to Ford. They didn’t respond for a
while, which made him nervous, but then they finally got back to him. Phew, what a relief. Turns out, they weren’t ghosting. They loved the idea of
painting a GT in Mystichrome, but they couldn’t find it in the system, and they were trying to
figure out how to catalog it. What I mean by cataloging? Well. When you buy a GT, you get access to four levels of color. Level one starts at about 30 grand, and let’s say that’s like
the eight pack of Crayolas. Level four is at 60K, and
that’s more like the 64 pack. Justin’s color was so unique
that Ford didn’t even know how to invoice him for it. They needed to invent a
whole new color level for it. Level five. (booms) This would ensure that
not only would Justin get his specific Mystichrome color, but it would also lock that color so no one else could use it, and also, it pushed the painting of
the car to over $100,000. That’s more than the price of two brand new Mystichrome Cobras. For the paint! This car’s smaller than
a Mystichrome Cobra. Now, for you and me, that’s a ton of money to spend on a paint job, but
without that extra option, the color would be available to everyone, and then it wouldn’t be one of a kind. That exact problem happened
to another GT owner who designed a color called Riviera Blue, but didn’t get the extra
level five color option. Bad move, muchacho. As soon as people saw
it, there were just a ton of other GTs in that exact same color. It started off being cool and rare, then became oversaturated,
and the guy probably is too embarrassed to even
drive the darn thing any more. And Justin made sure that
that wouldn’t happen to him. This car’s got a really cute face, but I think the thing that
makes it special is the booty. Let’s go check it out. So yes, this paint is amazing. The color is absurd. Just walking from the
front of the car back here, it changed like 15 times. Over there I was looking at a green car. Back here, I’m looking at a purple one. To fully understand why
this car is so special, not just the paint, we need to understand why the Ford GT is so special. The GT is only 43.7 inches
tall at its highest point, which makes it one of the
sleekest production cars that exists. When you put it in the track mode, the suspension lowers the
car a further two inches, making it 41 inches high. Another thing that happens in track mode is the wing pops up, and it stays up. In any other mode, the wing
will go up at a certain speed and comes back down during braking. But not in track mode, baby. This is freaking Transformers stuff. – Sam Witwicky, you must find the AllSpark and put it in my butt. – Speaking of butts, the
dual exhaust is in the center which brings me to the one
performance modification that sets this car apart from other GTs: the Heffner exhaust system. I cannot wait to start this thing up and hear that hand built titanium exhaust, that was only available
on 45 production GTs that came in a race only package. But Justin got one special
for his street car. Apparently, it sounds really, really cool. I can’t wait to hear it. Don’t worry, I’m going to fire it up. Just wait, we’re just not at
that part of the video yet. So stick around for that. To match the exhaust, there’s
vents in the tail lights that help vent air away from the turbos. All in all, it’s a very cohesive package. From this angle, you can
also really understand the teardrop shape the
designers were going for. Aerodynamics were a big
priority with the original GT40, and you can see that same
philosophy carried over into this design. Now one reason they didn’t use a V8 in a car that historically had a V8 in it is because all of the space
they lost using this shape. This is all the room that
they had to fit an engine in. Look, these are just open,
so without this stuff, this looks iike an open-wheel car. It looks like an Indy car. There’s not a lot of room to fit a big old honking stinking
V8 or V10 or a V12. A lot of people were
complaining that this car had a V6 in it when it came out, but it’s a pretty special V6. It makes perfect sense,
and I think is really one of the more futuristic
things about this car. Ford chose a twin turbo
charged 3.5 liter Ecoboost V6 over a V8 not only out of necessity, but to showcase the capabilities
of the Ecoboost line, this is a halo car. It’s used to show off all the
stuff that the company makes. And it’s a pretty good engine. It makes 647 buff hrsprs, 550 torques. Some people think it’s
the engine from the F-150, and they’re not completely wrong. It’s very similar, but this one has way more aluminum and bigger turbos. (groans) That’s a lot of power baby! Especially in a car that weighs just a little bit over 3,000 pounds. Now the engineers over at Ford were able to keep the weight down by using lots and lots of carbon fiber. The chassis is a carbon fiber monocoque with lightweight aluminum
subframes on the front and rear which are covered in carbon fiber panels. The windows and windscreen
are even special. They’re made out of gorilla glass, which is thinner and stronger
than traditional auto glass. Fun fact, it’s named after my dad. Now, there are a few things
that really stand out about the design of this car. The biggest is probably (screams) the flying buttresses. Where normally there would
be, you know, more car, there’s nothing. These things strengthen the chassis. They double as a way to funnel
air into the engine bay. There’s ducts inside of them, and they, no, not ducks, ducts, inside of them, that transfer air from the
side vent straight through to the engine bay. Which is good, cause you got two big old honking turbos under there. Two spinny boys, getting all hot. The cabin ends right here. Now, I’ve been in a lot of
small cars on this show. I am not sure I am going
to fit inside of this one. Let’s find out. (sighs) I did it. This thing is so small. This is actually not the first time I’ve sat in one of these,
but when these cars came out I was like yes, that is
it, that is my dream car. Let’s build an automotive media empire, and I will buy one of those. And then I sat in it, and
my dreams were crushed. Oh well, there’s plenty of cars. This one is very cool though. Now when he bought the
car, Justin took a tour of the Multimatic plant in Canada where they were making
his GT and found out that the man in charge
of finishing operations was none other than Alan
Eggley, the same guy who pioneered the Mystichrome paint for the original Cobra. That’s cosmic, dudes! I believe that things
are connected, all right? We’re all just star dust. This is a little bit more proof of that. There is no Mystichrome paint
on the interior of the car. The only reason I’m in here
is so we can start it up. (motor runs) (engine revs) It sounds pretty good. That’s a pretty good sounding V6. Okay? (chuckles) So, at the end of the day,
it’s a $100,000 paint job on a $500,000 car. That’s absurd, but people do absurd things in the supercar scene all the time, and this one’s pretty cool, pretty good. Very good job. I like it a lot. Big thanks to OVC Mustangs
for hosting us today. These dudes have a cool garage where they’re building 36 GT350 cars. Follow them on Instagram at OVC Mustangs or online at ovcmustangs.com. Carroll Shelby’s signature is on a wall that I can see right now. He’s my favorite dude in cars. It’s really crazy to be here. You gus should follow him on Instagram. Also, thanks to Justin for
loaning us this car for the day. To see more of this car,
follow him on Instagram at J-C-H-W-A. Jchwa. And follow me on Instagram
at Jamespumphrey. I love you. How do I get out? Oh God, I can’t get it up there. (upbeat music)

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