Why EVERY photographer should be using LIGHTROOM!

Why EVERY photographer should be using LIGHTROOM!

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Why EVERY photographer should be using LIGHTROOM!

  1. Peter McKinnon says:

    What is YOUR favourite app to edit photos with? How come?

  2. Camila García says:

    The energy it's awesome and contagious 🙌

  3. Vinit Khandagle says:

    @Peter when you get time, try Darktable free alternative to Lightroom. Its just awesome, works on Windows/MacOS/ and my choice Linux

  4. Diego Espada says:

    This is great stuff

  5. Stefanos Lalic says:

    Your body language is so interesting <3

  6. brixz blockz says:

    Watching on 2019 ?

  7. Drone Vandalism says:

    I was editing a real estate shoot for a client while watching this video in the background and heard you talking about the HSL sliders so I tried and it was exactly what I was looking for in the moment while trying to get the shot back to reality. Thanks dude!

  8. Andrew J. Gregory says:

    The lightroom I just got looks different than yours does. Are there different versions? I got the cloud based one.

  9. Savage 1776 says:

    I bought a Canon M50 a few months ago. I used it for a backup on videos. And never knew anything about photography till I started watching this channel. I bought a book about the exposure triangle. I read it watched few hours of your videos and a few other big names in the industry. Then I bought a skillshare monthly subscription and watched a bunch of tutorials about Lightroom and video editing and so forth. But back to the photography. I got so good in the last two months I'm literally booked every weekend for the next six weeks because my pictures are so good everybody in town or raving over them. I just beat out at professional photographers to do a party next weekend. Because my pictures blew theirs away.. so I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you thank you

  10. Justin Speer says:

    Happy Father’s Day 2019!!

  11. Kevin Traann says:


  12. Mustafa Shamsi says:

    Exactly After an Year later . Fathers day is here

  13. CanadianQueen says:

    I get overwhelmed with photoshop this video just showed me a bunch things I did not know. Thanks

  14. brookeleebee says:

    This video gave me the final kick, I am really going to crack down on my love for photography! I have been only using mobile apps to edit my sessions because I thought it did enough, but I am excited to take it to the next level!

  15. GAUROCH2 says:

    …I had to switch off after 6 seconds… PFFFR…
    I had enough!!! I never used LR and I'll never will!
    So, despite taking pictures (nice ones) for over 50 years your "royal decree" makes me a "no photographer"!
    Anyway, I think I am in the right path, using Capture One and Lyn, medium format GFX and Leicas, Lee filters and Benbo tripods with a Stitz ball head 45 years old that has not match so far… hey green horns: enjoy your Manfrottos and your LR!

  16. The Grand Tartaria says:

    i recommend The Pirate Bay if u are broke but still wanna shit ok rich kids

  17. Kasparas Visockas says:

    No, i use capture one, thanks.

  18. Pana D. says:

    at 10:35 where Peter is overexposing those windows you have to invert the mask, because at default you change everything except of the inner area of the oval

  19. r says:

    A tutorial of the venetian photo (the image of the video) pls! Btw, how is the name of that effect? Kinda fake pink sunset, are so in trend right now!!

  20. WilsonBlock100 Radio says:

    Love tha energy as much as tha info 👍👍👍

  21. Akash Shukla says:

    We can directly upload pictures to Instagram from our PC ..is it necessary to take picture into phone and upload!!!!

  22. Logan Costantine says:

    Ive spent 3 years studying photography in college and i learn more in one of your videos then i do in a whole semester no lie.

  23. Alex S says:

    Lightroom is a nightmare..

  24. Dea Hayden says:

    To get all of this how much is it monthly? I want everything with it

  25. RM apCynan says:

    Why every photographer should use lightroomWhy every photographer should have tattoos
    Why every photographer should celebrate father's day


  26. dr0e7x says:

    Huge shout out to peter McKinnon! as a chef i dont have time to take classes somewhere to learn photo/cinema but man ive learned a lot from you and continue to do so. Trying to take it to the next level and you're helping me! thank you!

  27. John Rick says:

    Lighroom CC for PC is for sale?

  28. Ruud Pantherchameleon says:

    How much does lightroom cost?

  29. beautiful nepal says:

    How to use adobe lightroom free lifetime??

  30. Dominic Kharumnuid says:

    you talk alot

  31. DavidBartfoto says:

    what i love about peter, is when u see his 1: hr and 50 mins video on youtube and you feel like its too long. trust me watch the damn video its only 5 to 10 mins long. the rest of it, it's him talking about other stuffs lol. love you bro.. thanks for the tips

  32. Apoorva says:

    Bro i think you are a legendary teacher and i always learn from your video
    Thanks For Everything

  33. imann2308 says:

    jumps back and forth between this vid and lightroom

  34. Theko Mohanoe says:

    Thanks man

  35. Daniel says:

    You make it look just so easy 😂

  36. Olivia Rodriguez says:

    you can also dl the Lightroom app for editing on your phone and if you're on Android an easy way to access photos you edited on the computer. it'll show up automatically

  37. A S photography says:


  38. Tanya Marie says:

    Is the first pic the bluffs ??? Scarbz lol Awesome video – the targetting for hue is such a great tip 🙂

  39. Andrew Plaisance says:

    Does anyone know how to get the right side of lightroom to look like his does? with all the luminance, saturation, channels, etc. ?

    not sure if the latest version of lightroom has it set up this way. I am using the latest 2019 version.

  40. Antonio Schall says:

    Can u please do a video of what to charge generally for shoots and pieces and such please?

  41. Thabiso Kevin Mbili says:

    Lightroom CC but I haven't scratched the surface with it

  42. Dr. J Thisayukta says:

    Wow this is very useful video. Thanks!

  43. Steven says:

    Loving those sounds… new sound pack??

  44. Matthew Miller says:

    Can you update this for how you may use it with Lightroom for iPad? Super cool stuff, always enjoy watching the videos.

  45. Prakash Yadav says:

    The crazy sounds i know from my childhood

  46. Derek Rowlands says:

    Sorry too much verbal, calm down.

  47. solongsucka says:

    That's some strong ice.

  48. Josh Lee says:

    You used to be able to just buy the adobe apps for one flat fee, whereas now you have to pay a monthly fee. Ngl that’s annoying

  49. Bear Bishop says:

    Not smiling

  50. Samkelo Mzwakhe says:

    bra your videos are good but you talk longer and showcase less what the video is titled to be about

  51. Dallas Parr says:

    Everything you showed us photoshop does. I’ll stick with photoshop thanks

  52. Fuzzy London says:

    thanks for tutorial

  53. Michal RnR says:

    15 minute video taught me tricks that I just needed and couldn't figure them out on my own. THANK YOU MATE!

  54. Vanya Simon says:

    What about windows ?? @pete

  55. Igor Sanchez says:

    thx dude 😎

  56. Zakaria Diouane says:

    Can't afford lightroom , let alone a camera :")

  57. Justin Macalinao says:

    i bought lightroom because of this hahaha thanks peter

  58. Mito Shinigami says:

    Can you make some preset for mobile?

  59. martinezandy15 says:

    Can i suggest Decaf ?☕️

  60. Alberto Nicasio says:

    Awesome video on showing how to use Lightroom for people with little to no knowledge. This is fated a couple years ago, but I hope to see more of this.

  61. Alberto Nicasio says:

    Awesome video on showing how to use Lightroom for people with little to no knowledge. This is dated a couple years ago, but I hope to see more of this.

  62. Maximiliano Gros says:

    thanks from a chilean photographer and hopefully become in filmmaker

  63. Chris5685 says:

    The iPad app is friggin great even with just the free stuff. I’d buy a standalone full version if I could, without the subscription stuff, I don’t really need Adobe’s other services/apps. I use Rawtherapee and Darktable for desktop anyways.

  64. Maimai Susngi says:

    What that air drop

  65. DiamondHustle says:

    You are Hilarious! Helped improve my editing with just two videos after watching tons!

  66. hardrightx says:

    Dang! Am in love with LR….again! Thanks Pete!

  67. Joice Mou says:

    Should I get a mac book for editing photos? peopel say they are better for edits and photo shop etc..

  68. EVE Pro Guides - EVE Online PVP and ISK Guides says:

    Just getting into Photography and it seems like it's more about how well you can change a picture to make it look unrealistic than it is about capturing a image.

  69. Henriko Magnifico says:

    4 minute intro… holy shit

  70. MAY HOBBIE says:

    just love it thanks

  71. kj3283w says:

    Video starts at 4:24

  72. Kendra Antoine says:

    Awesome! I've learned so much.

  73. Sam Gomersall says:

    Mind blown! As someone who's been getting really into photography the last couple of years and something that's just naturally evolved from phone, to entry level mirrorless, to purchasing my first lenses this week, I wish I knew this sooner! The capabilities, the ease! I'm going straight over to get the creative cloud version and get started on making my photos pack more punch! Thank you!!

  74. Saqib mohd says:

    Titori is awsome

  75. Jon Murray Music says:

    Another awesome tutorial man! Now I need lightroom… 😂

  76. Ruth Alice says:

    Ur tutorials are so easy to follow and watch! You make it fun! I subscribed! Thanks!! I’ve been using Lr for 2 weeks and didn’t even know about the HSL…on my way

  77. Sedrick Brown says:

    Your awsome man

  78. Atlas says:

    10:17 BACARO DA LELE STATE OF MIND. There is where i go always after lessons, and yes i live in Venice <3

  79. Brophy Time says:

    I have just one question, I know that Lightroom is a very user friendly program and has also its benefits in how to store your pictures within the program.

    But in regards to color correction only ¿can photoshop do the same as Lightroom?

  80. The Gaming HERO says:

    Dude you're such an inspiration.

  81. Fishing Webers says:

    After watching a bunch of your tutorials I decided to give Lr a try and so far really liking it. I use windows and it seems Lr is slightly different from mac version. Thanks for all the tutorials. I'm learning a lot from you 🙂

  82. That Film Chick says:

    Loooove your tutorials !! So helpful

  83. J_Mike214 says:

    Wow soo dope! Thanks for the amazingly great tutorial!

  84. Mario Pineda says:

    I like your energy. Keep the excellent work.

  85. King Mac Power says:

    This guy is the best💪

  86. moto bazuka says:

    Maaan you dribble on! Just get to the point already!

  87. Scott Douglas Photography says:

    Like your watch

  88. Sorin Gociu says:

    begins at … 4:25!

  89. Shellfish Git! says:

    Lightroom doesn’t display my Nikon D7200 RAW files so Lightroom got replaced by RawTherapee.

  90. Jeff Boring says:

    Annoying human. Try decaf….

  91. memen Freeman says:

    Your assumption is wrong I hate myself am dying inside, great vid BTW

  92. Adam Twardowski says:

    Why Lightroom ? Why not Bridge and Camera Raw ?

  93. Vee Dubist says:

    Your content is very motivational and inspiring… thank you so much for all your awesomeness! 👍

  94. Thibert Caffin says:

    wow! this is really cool! rock and roll bro!

  95. jfloresdrums says:

    You, sir, are the fkn best! Subbed!

  96. orgho deb says:

    Finally a Gr8 lightroom tutorial.
    Loved it

  97. thuan khuu says:

    OMG you're so amazing Peter . How you explain Lightroom in the vid really blows my mind

  98. James Allen says:

    If you ever quit your subscription, do you no longer have your photos?

  99. Michael Stickney says:

    Over 2000 people not liking your message.

  100. FilmenderElf says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I spent my last three days finding a good tutorial for lifting my photos up. Amazing, keep doing! 🤘🏼

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