Who Wants To See ANYONE’s iPhone Photos?

Who Wants To See ANYONE’s iPhone Photos?

– This, does not look normal! This is not normal, this is insane! (beep) Hey what’s up guys, Ashley Maddison here, and what I have to show you is so insane! Basically, you can find
someone’s entire photo log, on their phone without actually doing like touch ID or entering a passcode. This is crazy, let’s do this! Alright guys so I didn’t
actually find this idea EverythingApplePro did so if
you wanna check out his video I’ll leave a link down below . And basically this method only works, unless you drop a like in
this video, I swear to god, if we get 60,000 likes on this video Go down there, hit that like
button, this is gonna work and you’re gonna be
able to see you friends, your spouse, your girlfriend,
your neighbor, your dog, you can see their entire phone
without them even knowing. It is straight up crazy,
I don’t want this to end any marriages or relationships, I don’t wanna find out that you found some photos on your boyfriend’s phone that shouldn’t be on there, I don’t want him coming after me, please don’t I’m just this
nice little six foot three kid, that could, I mean, I could
definitely mess your day up. And if it does end a marriage
or you find something bad on there, blame
EverythingApplePro, do not blame me, I’m the good guy here okay? So let me show you how this is done, if you guys are having
troubles following along, I’ll leave the instructions down bellow, and follow me on twitter
while you’re at it, I’m just @techsmartt I’m
gonna be posting one other little hacky thing over there on twitter so make sure you’re following along. Basically this works on
any Iphone running IOS 10, honestly to IOS 10.1, I
dunno if it works on IOS 10.2 but pretty much you’re
seeing this video this week you’re gonna be covered, and it works totally well. The first thing you’re gonna
need is you’re gonna need access to their phone, you’re
gonna need them to unlock it so just ask your boyfriend
or girlfriend, be like yo I just wanna check out
something on your phone there’s this cool new feature, go to the clock app, and most
times, they’re gonna let you. Let me know in the
comments if you’d let your boyfriend or girlfriend
do that, I know I would. So then from there you’re
gonna set a new alarm, go into sound, pick a song, and remember, once you do it this way, and once you check out the clock app, you can get in without
them unlocking their phone. So you can do it when they’re sleeping, you can go ahead and do it, this is awful, Keaton, people, stay with– I just don’t wanna hurt anyone here! Then from there, you’re gonna
go to this text box here just type in random letters and numbers, it doesn’t matter what you type in, so let me just type in “meep”. Okay, and then from there,
we’re gonna hit select all, and then share, okay so
now we clicked share, we’re gonna go to message,
and then you can just type in anything you want, so let
me type in x, alright, hit space, return, whatever,
now that it’s green, hit that, it’s gonna
bring you over to here, so you’re gonna create
a contact for your x, who might become your ex after this video, hum, if they’re doing something
bad maybe, I don’t know, I’ve never been in this
spot before, this is weird. So then from there, you’re
gonna go to create new contact. Then add photo and then
from there hit choose photo, and then you see this. This does not look normal, this is not normal, this is insane, so you guys can see, do you see all this, does this look like
the regular photos app? No it does not, it does not look like it, so then from there,
you’re pretty much good, if you do this quick enough
and you kinda master it, try it on your own phone,
you should be able to do this within a minute and they’ll have no idea. So then when Stacey’s sleeping you know, phone’s on the night stand you know, whatever, whatever, whatever, you’re just doing this ‘cuz you
wanna make sure she’s loyal, you swipe up, you got the clock app, and bam, you’re in, go to camera roll, Woah, what you got going on there Stacey? What the hell is that ? So it’s tricking your phone in thinking you’re setting up a new contact, but you and I can both
see here, this is a very not safe for work photo,
what else does she– Whoah, Stacey! Stacey what you got, what
you got there, what you got? That does not look safe, okay Stacey, I dunno what you doin’ on the– Stacey what the hell
is that, what is that? So that’s pretty much it,
you can go into moments, screenshots, photo stream,
out to lunch, Seattle, you name it, and there it is. So if you guys are confused
and like what’s going on, everything’s down below,
or you can just re watch this video, make sure you
hit refresh, give me an extra view you know, I’ll do a
cool giveaway you know, thank you guys so much
I really appreciate it. This thing is insane and basically, the same method works,
you can see their photos, if you hit cancel then
you hit cancel again, new message, this is
also a way to find out, who, what the, Stacey who
have you been texting? You can do the exact
same way just hit cancel, and you can find out, who that cheater is. So yeah guys, that’s
pretty much for this video, if you guys made it to the end, and want more like hack videos like this, drop four likes on this video Bam ba ba bam bam, and I think it was four, maybe five, and get subscribed you guys, when you’re out here you
can just click this button, check out my last video here, follow me on snapchat right over there, I’ll post some interesting
photos over there, maybe from this, alright,
I hope I didn’t end any relationships, bye.

Dereck Turner

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