What Made The Da Vinci Painting Worth $450 Million (HBO)

What Made The Da Vinci Painting Worth $450 Million (HBO)

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “What Made The Da Vinci Painting Worth $450 Million (HBO)

  1. R F says:

    450 million for a fake picture of Jesus that we know not to be true because Jesus wasn’t white πŸ˜‚

  2. V says:

    Wish I had 1% of that money. Lol

  3. Tom Hardy says:

    So I do like Graffiti more.

  4. G. GODSEY says:


  5. Nix Bronowski says:

    IF..this wasnt a True DaVinci? $450 million. Would the buyer Love it as much???? Personally…I Doubt it.

  6. Leonidas Kon says:

    if you really trying to convince us that someone made 100$ worth of painting tools into a 450$million dollars worth painting you really think we are idiots…450million $ could help the biotic levels on the blocks become much better, could also make a massive difference on our earth's climate struggle and much more…so please please dont try to convince us that a single painting is worth more than our world's improvement!

  7. kaw loop says:

    Revelation 1:14-15
    15 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

    15Β And HIS FEET like unto fine brass, as if they BURNED IN A FURNACE; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

    (Ceaser borgia is alexander the pope IV son…)

  8. Alberto Cayente Junior says:

    Ok, but who is the money going to??????

  9. Fair The Gentlemen says:

    stupid saudis

  10. refresh desire says:

    Rick from pawn stars :- I can give 100$ and m taking risk here.

  11. Dee B says:

    Why? Manipulation

  12. Artificial intelligence 3000 says:

    Even if I had all the money in the world I would never by that painting why not use the money to feed hungry kids

  13. Misfit 13 says:

    Shit if it want being sold to the guys at pawn stars they would offer 50 bucks for it..

  14. Morfo1010 says:

    This is the greatest scam ever, not a Leonardo's

  15. Alberto Brambila says:

    Who is this man speaking?

  16. Deion Chatman says:

    Jesus was black. This fake

  17. Nyggal Sim says:

    Conclusion :


  18. Cleopatra Starseed says:

    Why should anyone own such a historical painting?! It should stay in a museum.

  19. Johan Ericsson says:

    And now it's sitting on verminous scumbag murderer Mohammed bin Salman's yacht where it's probably deteriorating.

  20. Mash Ed says:

    I bet that the real jesus christ would rather the 400 million be spent on helping the homeless and on health care

  21. longganisang lucban says:

    0:49 is that emperor Hirohito?

  22. amihan99 says:

    It's not even a real da Vinci

  23. liberP lovPrimeNumbers says:

    And so what? I've seen better and more detailed drawings from teenagers using pencils

  24. Ray & son Paint says:

    Lol really painted a picture of a white man when we all no he black

  25. piperbob2 says:

    Did LdV ever paint a medieval monk ? I have such a painting: the head is well done, but the hand is rather two-dimensional (maybe painted by a student ?)

  26. nik78757 says:

    Questions unanswered.

  27. Fernando Parra says:

    They proved that this is fake, he never made paintings that look completely straight at you like this

  28. Dorian Philotheates says:

    There are several fascinating points in this video, but the most arresting of all is how faithfully the artist has managed to reproduce the Brazilian accent of my apartment building superintendent.

  29. flysociety says:

    Because the White Man says it is so they just Ran With It. It's called Money Laundering

  30. Alex Delux says:

    I just watched something which said this β€œDa Vinci” is phony.

  31. Lazarus kryptonite says:

    Most disgusting thing I've ever seen

  32. Jo says:

    The bidder must have earned alot from the commission

  33. D Man says:

    Yeeaaah, not worth $450,000,000.00

  34. PAY Y.A says:

    I wounder how much a painting of the REAL JESUS would be worth

  35. Random world says:

    Make something weird after some hundred years its will worth million for your grandchildren

  36. Andy Chavez says:

    Jesus was white?

  37. Abdul Basit says:

    crown prince of KSA brought it.

  38. Daniel Soto says:

    Because dose have a lot of devil secrets that not any one can tell the believers know it’s all about evil and magical things that u need to study for years to tell what I’m saying you better off to don’t think about it if your a god believer thank you

  39. Daniel Soto says:

    To a prove to you what I know look they selling it for 450 m dollars take a sec and think if they help the poor How many People the will help with that kind of money thank you πŸ™ it’s all about evils

  40. RÆ G says:

    Guess who Bought it? That’s right an Arab lol

  41. Multitracks & Bass Cover QUEEN - The Greatest Band says:

    He was Italian!!

  42. Milwaukee Brewers says:

    The printed copies outside for promotion look exactly the same.. i might go print it in a 2Γ—3 ft at kinkos for $15 and save myself the $449,000,085.

  43. Robin Thao says:

    Answer to that question is, the DEVIL made it worth something that is really nothing.

  44. Robin Thao says:

    The Roman's christ.

  45. Nubian Brown says:


  46. Nubian Brown says:


  47. alder enoch says:

    My favorite painting

  48. J_Bizzle _YoloGang says:

    Who is tht on the painting?? Don't say Jesus the Bible clearly describe him as a black man…

  49. Kuletzkie guelas says:

    Art "world" to me is a money laundering sure its a beautiful art and all but 450mill dollars they could gven that money to a real fR more good cause

  50. J 818 says:

    Original Da Vinci painting…
    Rick Harrison: I'll give you a used napkin I blew my load in, and I'm assuming all the risk here. I'm going to have to frame it and it's going to take up an entire wall.

  51. Norm Macdonald Show says:

    πŸ€ŸπŸ€¨πŸ‘Œ Not to mention the Orb without optical illusion coming from a brilliant scientist. It's from a student using the same pigment under the master's supervisio

  52. bad ass says:

    459.3 million seriously….😱😱😱😱😱😱

  53. Blk the don X exodus says:

    Because he's white 😁

  54. Blk the don X exodus says:

    ##KANYE Jesus is kingπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚

  55. Rivaldo Ebner says:

    Lol white jesus

  56. LIGHT OR DARK says:

    t' was a scam wright??

  57. Spotted Bullet says:

    As someone that paints and has studied Leo, that is not Leo's painting. Period.

  58. Bob Stone says:

    His paintings all have the same nose but still crazy talented

  59. soham 121ay says:

    I could offer 50$ at max

  60. Jc Labayo says:

    Even the Great Leonardo Da Vinci
    Know that Jesus Exist maybe he has a big inspiration on that Painting.

  61. Md Abdul Hadi says:

    Marketing and history

  62. Gideon ben Israel says:


  63. Math Simon says:

    It's an investment for the ultra rich. Another form of capital they can cash in at the future.

  64. Nisha Kumar says:

    But Jesus Christ is black remember that

  65. serial killer at street 48 says:

    This painting is more beautiful and enlighted than mona lisa's one . An atheist can also believe in jesus after glancing this master class painting . This painting is like someone send from heaven

  66. Ubzerbs says:

    Probably not even the real painting.

  67. Shoaib Nury says:


  68. Sam28 says:

    The fact that no one can see that is nota an actual DaVinci but a DaVinco school painting

  69. The Advisor says:

    money laundering

  70. Jeremiah Soleman says:

    whos buy it ?

  71. Krazy Koala says:

    What made the Da Vinci painting worth $450 million?


  72. Manik Maharjan says:

    Ok, so the painting has a very deep meaning. But did the buyer buy it because he understood the true purpose of the painting? No, he bought it coz he could. Instead why not put it in a high security museum so that people can appreciate it forever?

  73. Upendra Verma says:

    What Made The Da Vinci Painting Worth $450 Million?
    The Auctioneer

  74. E-yes Tacos says:

    Saudi prince low key Jesus fan πŸ˜‚

  75. Parag Tech Videos says:

    its Bidding.

  76. Stealthmann says:

    How the bloody heck do you even know what Christ looked like when the Bible says "that Jesus is God and we must worship him in spirit and in truth not as a caucasian hippy or as any other race" .
    …..The Bible says that we are not create a graven image in the likeness of anything and call it God….The Bible also says that if anyone comes to you and says "here is the Christ we should believe him not."
    Whitewashed history to make other races worship the white man unfortunately….
    Doesnt the Apostle paul say in the scriptures that if a man has long hair it is a shame onto him? He never encountered Christ as a hippy but as a form of light. Christ is the one who enlightens the spiritual hearts of men to bring them into his consciousness. God never said worship me as a white man. The Bible does not show favour on one particular race alone. The Bible has clearly stated that Salvation is for all men. The Church isnt designed to favour one particular race either. Even all the so called Catholic Church system that has been having a white only pope from the the Roman empire up till now is nonsense.

  77. Austin Ozaraga says:

    On the frontier of liner perspective and accurate human anatomy, Leonardo sparked a style that is being referenced to this day. From movies to games, we can see his and many of the artistic masters hand in the compositions. This is why his work is valued. Drapery and hair has been a ongoing object in painting pre Hig Renaissance, but what he does different is not only his lose sfumato style but his depiction of emotion. This could have been a much more interesting video if y'all were to slightly inform the audience about these MAIN points without losing the vibe you wanted to put out about Leonardo and contemporary currency.

  78. Goutham Reddy says:

    And kids that's how you sponsor terrorism

  79. LEVANTATE Y ORA says:

    That's not christ that's the antichrist. Idolatry.

  80. Devon MacDonald says:

    It's a single drop of water. And he has been smoking the same incense Nadab and Abihu were toking in Exodus.

  81. Dawud Abdul says:

    Wait, so jesus is a white man?

  82. Scott Robbins says:

    Never should have been sold to Saudi wrong

  83. Sexyzeus says:

    Just looking at me give me goose bumps

  84. JUST DO IT says:

    It's like Leonardo painting Monalisa again and again.

  85. Jayesh Nair says:

    Will Da Vinci be taking this money?

  86. Pranjal VW says:

    Me:- $10 and no delivery charges.

  87. Los 23 says:

    The reason it’s worth so much it’s because it’s actual art

  88. Aleix Plana Toribio says:

    who came because of the first video? jajajaja

  89. Stefstef Christophe says:

    that's not Jesus. That is Cesare Borgia son of pope Alexander VI. Da Vincis lover, a murderer and he committed incest with his own sister don't be decieved jesus wasn't white he was middle eastern.

  90. sactownism says:

    …as long it wasn't an Abstract painting.

  91. Sharjeel Zahid says:

    It was actually sold for 400 million $.

  92. FBI says:

    The fact that they bid for gordon freeman painting after the christ is hurting me..

  93. Mikhail Fernandes says:

    Well it was sold but does anyone know where it is ?? It was brought by the UAE govt for the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi but till date it has not arrived at the museum yet ! So where is this painting?

  94. JepJepMiraflores says:

    Mona lisa would be a billion, no doubt

  95. Perro B says:

    the theory of the subjetictive value maybe?

  96. arun kumar says:

    But what makes it so sure that it's Jesus Christ ?

  97. GyanPrakash says:

    Jesus be like – Jesus Christ!

  98. Harendra1706 pcs says:

    Bahut paise

  99. liquid paint 2 says:

    Merry Christmas

  100. Gregory Rasputin says:

    Overrated painting

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