What is the perfect work of art?

What is the perfect work of art?

What would you say
is the perfect work of art? Today, it’s up to you. On my right you can see Katsushika
Hokusai’s Under the Wave off Kanagawa. On my left, Barbara Hepworth’s Wave. Which do you prefer? I… I like the blue one. Wonderful. Anybody else? This beautiful William Morris Fruit
wallpaper or Rodin’s Burghers of Calais? – This one.
– I quite like that one. – Oh, no, there’s no comparison.
– But this is just pretty and kitsch. – Lovely colours.
– Yeah, I like the colour red, don’t I? It’s all about trying
to clarify the obscure. It just looks like a demon
trying to eat some human. It looks really confident. Do you like Giovanni Battista Pittoni
or Jackson Pollock? – I’m torn.
– It’s like apples and pears. – I just don’t get it.
– I can’t figure out what it is. No. I need my glasses. Raphael. Rothko. Picasso! It is a lovely canvas,
but which do you prefer? I prefer Oasis to be honest. But which do you prefer? Would you say it’s perfect? Alright. That’s quite enough of that. We’re finished. And so it gives me great pleasure to unveil the perfect work of art.

Dereck Turner

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    Stefano valentini art

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