What Is “Other” In iPhone Storage? Here’s The Truth & How To Remove It!

What Is “Other” In iPhone Storage? Here’s The Truth & How To Remove It!

Hi guys, David and David here from payetteforward.com. In this
video, we’re going to explain what “Other” is in iPhone storage. So other can be a lot of different things
usually cached videos, pictures, and web page.s It can also be some miscellaneous system data
or your Siri voices. Unfortunately, there’s no magic button that
says delete all this other on my iPhone, but there are a few tips we can recommend to you
to start chopping away at it. Right. And if David said cached photos videos, you
didn’t know what that means. What that means is that when you see a photo
or video on your iPhone, your iPhone actually saves a copy of that even if it was like on
a website, let’s say, so that every time you go back to that same website, it doesn’t have to redownload the same photo
over and over and over again. Same concept with photos that you see in the photos app
and videos on iTunes and messages. Your iPhone saves data, so it doesn’t have to keep redownloading
the same data over and over again that’s in the other app. But on your iOS device, it will
be deleted from your iOS device eventually. According to Apple’s website ,your device automatically deletes those cached files when
it needs more space and they say “you don’t need to delete them yourself,”
but there are a lot of other things that you can do and we’re going to talk about that
right now. So the first thing to do is clear the Safari
web history and data. Pretty simple. Right. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Yep, scroll down to Safari. There it is. Scroll down here tap Clear History and
Website Data confirm. Erases your browsing history stuff like that. Right and all those
pictures that you’ve seen on the internet that are now saved so it doesn’t have to redownload
again, you know are now gone and that can be huge. So next let’s head over to iPhone Storage
and check out what some of the recommendations are. There are a lot of great built-in recommendations
here. So back to the main page of the Settings app
tap General and then tap iPhone storage and we’re both doing this because we both have
some different recommendations on our iPhones. David said before that the Messages app has
a big impact on this other thing because every Somebody sends you a photo in the Messages
app or a video those are big files. And so if you’re getting a lot of friends
that are sending you photos that can add up real fast. So on my iPhone, it says auto-delete old conversation.
So I can save 913 megabytes by removing the messages and attachments that were sent and
received over one year ago. But you know, I’d like to have a paper trail.
And review large attachments, which was also a way to just go into that Messages app and
take out just the biggest things like the biggest photos the biggest videos and that’s
a relatively new feature because what you used to have to do was just delete everything
from the Messages app up until let’s say 30 days ago. However, that’s still a good idea for some
people to turn on that setting. So I just want to show you that real quick. If you go back to General and then back to
Settings and then scroll down to Messages open that up and then scroll down here to
keep messages under message history. Tap on that and you can say I just want to keep my
messages for one year or for 30 days. If you choose 30 days or in one year, obviously the older messages that happened a
year ago, see you later! So that will help to keep the other space
in your iPhone nice and clear. So let’s take a look at my iPhone storage
real quick. iCloud photos. I can save over 10 gigabytes by enabling iCloud
photos. That sounds like a good idea. I can also offload unused apps which is actually
our next tip in this video is to offload the app you aren’t using. Right, when you delete an
app on your iPhone all the configuration… Let’s say it’s a game — all your saved games, they’re gone because you’ve deleted the app. Yeah, but when you offload the app your iPhone
saves your stuff in the app, and then it deletes the app itself. So you’ve downloaded works like it did before
so here. I can either enable offload unused apps or
I can go one by one down my list of apps here. This… I actually kind of prefer this method
just in case my iPhone decides to offload something that actually need in the future. So for example, I haven’t used the Draft Kings
app in forever. I’m going to tap on that and then tap Offload app. Confirm offload app. Right. So this app size of 150 megabytes is now gone. Yep. All right, high five, and documents and data
13 kilobytes. That’s like nothing that would fit on a floppy
disk. So I want to go back just go back to the same
spot and tap reinstall app and then it’ll be right there. So if you really concerned about the other
in your iPhone storage, there is one more step you can take. We really, really don’t
think it’s super necessary. But if you really want to get rid…This is if you have
a problem. Yeah, like a serious problem and you need
to get this other thing smaller because Apple clearly says and we clearly say like you don’t
need to worry about this if you have all this extra space in your iPad or iPhone just don’t
worry about it. Just stop watching this video right now, right
but if you are really worried, a DFU restore is the way to go. First backup your information
on your iPhone then for the DFU restore, we’ll leave a link in a card up above and the
description section below. So that’s what other is an iPhone storage. And those are a few tips you can use to really
chop away at that other. Thank you guys for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Leave us a comment down below and let us know
how much storage space you saved from this video. If you have any questions, also leave a comment
below. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
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