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63 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE $10 000 PAINTING? | VLOG 8

  1. Georgia Kern says:

    Find the time……..😊♥️

  2. FizzyFrida says:

    Hahah, I love the coffee break with the old men. "Stäng av kamerajäveln."😂

  3. Haseya Sissy says:

    You look a little bit stress with the work thing, why do you do it so stresfull? Do you really need that much money? Just asking, because you went there to live easyly, right?
    You house is beautiful. Your grandfather uncle (tio abuelo) looks piss of with the camera. Ops! :/

  4. Haseya Sissy says:

    Your husband is so sweet ! I love your art and that ring was beautiful too. Hope to meet you in person one day and show you my own paints 🙂

  5. Augustin Danalache says:

    Subtitrare romana plese

  6. vatunov says:

    Хоть я и ничего не понял что тут говорили, но мне очень понравилось

  7. Sergey Suvorov says:

    Спасибо за rus sub

  8. Sergey Suvorov says:

    Хотелось бы конешн такую картину тож

  9. good doctor says:

    I really like how u r depending on yourselfs ❤'

  10. Susan Creighton says:

    You guys are so cool! Love your cats and dog. Blessings to you from Chicago! I love to watch you both.

  11. Danny & Alex P says:

    I love your videos, so expiring💕💕

  12. AllaMerdich says:


  13. pk301989 says:

    You stay alone…. You are complete…..

  14. pk301989 says:

    I'm sorry but this guy doesnt look genuine….

  15. Maya Vazquez says:

    Wow si es Humana.

  16. Josef Ralt says:

    Hi Jonna.. I have just discovered your channel here and found it amazing. Thank you so much for your generous sharing.

  17. DR Paquette says:

    If I were you, I would hire out other artisans to help you with your jewlery making.

  18. Susan Sauls says:

    Pizza is okay when life is stressful. I eat healthy too. I eat raw vegetables every day. But sometimes it is okay to take a break from the healthy food and have some "comfort food" instead. Pizza is definitely comfort food.
    Ice cream is too.
    You only do this rarely. It is okay!

  19. Susan Sauls says:

    Grand Uncle Tage reminds me of my Uncle Nils. He had no children of his own so I was like his own. He was crusty and swore like your grand uncle that was entertaining and funny to us as children, like your uncle Tage is cute. I always knew I was loved. I miss him so much. He had a soft heart and soul under his rough exterior. He was unforgettable. Thankfully my nephew was named after him so he will not be forgotten.

  20. Равиль Кильдалиев says:

    Рад за ваши успехи!

  21. Guly Akhmedova says:

    Какая прелесть , вы молодцы , спасибо

  22. Юлия Докучаева says:

    Jonna ты невероятно талантлива. Твоя связь с природой прослеживается в твоём творчестве. Есть а тебе что то таинственное, магическое что притягивает, несмотря на разность культур. Почему то я чувствую что ты близка мне по духу, невероятному, трудноуловимому, скандинавскому духу. You are wonderful girl!)))

  23. Kristina Wassermann says:

    i love it.

  24. Татьяна Шимолина says:

    Здравствуйте, к сожелению не знаю ни английского ни шведского. Смотрю ваши влоги, вы чудесная пара и очень творческие люди! Красивые, милые! Хотела бы купить у вас украшения, как это сделать, подскажите пожалуйста. Спасибо .

  25. Colette' G. says:

    ♥️ Y’all are so cute❗️

  26. Mels InTheKnow says:

    what did the painting finally sell for?? anyone know??

  27. D4NC3Rable says:

    Johan's smile at 2:20 when Jonna told him many people were impressed with his english skills was the cutesttt

  28. Lavlo sakhipur says:

    watching from singapore 🇸🇬

  29. Cruella DeVill says:

    You and your husband are two sweethearts

  30. Sally Bofill says:

    Just enjoy and relax, I wished you more happiness and a healthy body and soul, Goodluck and God bless.

  31. Ashley Rehm says:

    I know this an old vlog but I NEED to see johan’s whiskey collection bc my partner loves whiskey 🥃

  32. fake fiend says:

    had no idea sweds curse that much

  33. Um pouco de tudo Ri Xiii says:

    My beautiful, beautiful….

  34. Sampo Sampo says:

    Beautiful painting!

  35. Wake Up from your sleep says:

    Well I have to say you look very great for eating pizza and buns!! Love your videos! New subscriber ❤️

  36. Leo says:

    I didn't understand, for how much you sold your painting, and did you sell it on ebay?

  37. MgrMajki says:

    Beautiful ending <3

  38. Calista Europa2 says:

    He cheated!!!!!!!!!!!!!😮🤣😲🙀😈🤣🤣🤣😁😄😄😅😂😂

  39. gargi verma says:

    Beautiful videos!! Absolutely love them a lot…..slow n nice….

  40. Leslie Ollerhead says:

    Oh My what a beautiful peaceful channel .. 😍 don’t know how I found it but glad I did. Subscribed ❤️

  41. Matilde Jaldo Morrillas says:

    En catalán pot ser…? O en castellano..? Son una meravella!!!

  42. Briana Augustine says:

    This is going to sound strange but Johan is literally a twin to my ex partner in Austria, who's name is: Johannes. You two are so sweet. <3 Blessings!

  43. ASMR Tom says:

    Congratulations on your painting sale! Beautiful painting by the way 👍🏿😎

  44. theorem says:

    Johan really seems like her soulmate. I legitimately can't imagine anyone more perfect for her. They're both different and as such, great complements to the other.

  45. M. M. says:

    So so schön ich möchte auch so leben .Ich beneide dich so 🙏😇❤️😘

  46. ImaMonaKnight says:

    Love Ya***

  47. Tusar khan says:

    Your boyfriend when looks your face,,you Don't know that how i m feel! Fantastic couple. Allah Bless of yours❤❤❤🌹👈

  48. lindos videos says:

    Él es bello 💜🇭🇳✌️🐕

  49. Karishma K says:

    U r a pure soul n a true inspiration… ☺

  50. Наталия Канева says:

    Джоанна, очень хочется посмотреть украшения, которые изготавливает ваш муж,)

  51. newchiche says:

    Don't start your young life, drinking whisky and alcohols..

  52. Lara Hache says:

    Hello from Patagonia, far down in South America! I LOVE your blogs; I enjoy the simplicity and spontaneity you both practice, and the LOVE you transmit. I really wish one day I can travel there. It is more like an urge, really. I have a question: why is it that most houses in the country in Sweeden are painted in that special shade of red in the outside? Send you a warm hug !!! THANK YOU for your beautiful hearts.

  53. Scott Gust says:

    Do people really want to see the dirty laundry and cleaning the house? I know in Japan some weirdos watch videos of people eating…I just like the artistic scenics and soothing tunes.

  54. Gustav Tegner says:

    Så glad att du inte stängde av kameran (för gott) som Tage ville 🙂

  55. Mark Camaro says:

    Does that dog always have a slipper in its mouth?

  56. Kelly Wood says:

    So Perfect.Even the tough bits are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life!

  57. Jay Alexander says:

    It is adorable how the grey cat goes with you everywhere (and how you can see her from the height of the drone) 🐈😍

  58. Galadreana Lopez says:

    Hi jonna! It would be amazing if you devoted a whole 14 min video on painting in the forest, i know this may sound really random but it would be nice😅❤💕 love from colombia!!!
    (Sorry if youve already done this btw, i havent scrolled through all you're videos yet)

  59. Sydney Adams says:

    But how much did you actually sell it for to the buyer in Singapore?

  60. BasketballFan says:

    I love ur uncle that swears cursing!! He's hilarious!!!🤣😂🤣😂💖💖🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️

  61. Cetty S says:

    How do you order jewelry and paintings from you to send to the States?

  62. The Wild Side says:

    beautiful souls that inspire me. thank you <3

  63. Rebecca Person says:

    Is that a Maine Coon cat?

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