Welcome to the National Museum of American History

Welcome to the National Museum of American History

Dereck Turner

29 thoughts on “Welcome to the National Museum of American History

  1. Michael Potashnik says:

    Well done. Makes a visit to the Museum of American History very appealing and educational.

  2. National Museum of American History says:

    Thank you, Michael.

  3. Lyingclosetoyou says:

    American history is interesting.I wanna learn about American

  4. Lyingclosetoyou says:


  5. Supersteelersfan100 says:

    USA! USA! USA!

  6. matmicmj says:

    PEACE …

  7. Chris Holtz says:

    If anyone is traveling to this museum in the near future, PLEASE give yourself two days to see everything. It is well worth it.

  8. Lana Llama says:

    yeah I cant wait to go im leaving tomorrow I just cant wait it looks awesome

  9. Claire D'Amore says:

    Do you have anymore old car then the ones that are there in America on the Move?

  10. Tamsin Parker Art says:

    Over all! Over all in the world!

  11. Clowncake says:

    Loved this museum

  12. yokainat says:

    Omg I remember going here for my 6th grade field trip. I went crazy on candy, went to the cafe every 5 minutes with the boy who liked me. He also bought me stuff 🙂 lol I kinda took advantage of him that day…

  13. Heru- deshet says:

    I've been there countless times and I've yet to see any kind of live demo or enactment on site. It must be on special days or they are few and far between.

  14. AllThingsBoston says:

    I live in Virginia less than 20 minutes from the American History museum. I go there all the time, it never gets old.

  15. Tjt T says:

    I wonder they have any american history about animation?

  16. Mardasee says:

    Been to this museum a few times. It took maybe one and a half days to see all of the displays and study many of them. I found it to be the best of all the museums.

  17. scott marquiss says:

    to see THE STAR BANGLED BANNER that inspired FSK to write the words of the National Anthem. . .gives me goose bumps as it takes my breath away!

  18. LaToya Farrell says:

    I've lived in Virginia about 20 minutes from D.C. I would go to these museums quite often. Went on a trip to D.C. Every year before moving to Virginia. It's like a first time every single time. Could never get tired of all the museums in D.C.

  19. Anonymous Will Return says:

    I've always been fascinated with learning history especially American history I went here for my 8th grade d.c. trip ahh the memories

  20. christmas channel says:


  21. Rob Hadfield says:


  22. Thothme. says:

    How dare you so called History Smithsonian researchers aka,”indigenous history deceivers/destroyer’s.”
    Destroy my peoples history in,” America.”
    I am of Mexican decent, European descent and African American decent.
    My roosts are basically the,” African Afro Mexican American.
    I found the records of my mothers father, father, father in a chest in Mexico with pics and his family’s pics. THEY WERE ALL NEGROS.
    Then I checked the US archives in Alabama and found info on my granddaddy’s mother, mother around the times of the Indians wars where the USA won. I found a pic of her and she looked like a African American woman with really strong Asian features with long hair and she was at least 6 feet tall in height. Her name was, spirt dancer in the Creek tribe.
    When I look at the American Indian that is accepted through holly wood. Only the darker ones look like my grandmother or the African American Venus Williams who looks identical to my grandmother Spirt dancer.
    My grandmother was drop dead gorgeous even on the old photo and its distortion.
    I put this in my people in America only because in Mexico that’s literally the wild, Wild West. But in Alabama which is how my people did not spell it by the way. But in Alabama I found found stuff that have literally floored us because I have a very, very, very large family in the states and Mexico.
    We don’t even want the money because some of us create our own way with success in the USA( me). WE WANT OUR BLOOD’S LAND.
    I care very much what my past and present ancestors think of my efforts in this life time.

    History is beautiful and treacherous.

  23. Jack Hammer says:

    Sucks when i went to DC i missed this

  24. Elizabeth Schiada says:

    I was here in February during President’s Day weekend! I loved it!

  25. Goji68 Films says:

    So……..i heard you had Mr Moose and Bunny Rabbit, is that true

  26. Southern Railway says:

    Southern Railway Ps-4 #1401

  27. Dārk Phœnix says:

    I’m going todayy

  28. That Crazy Miraculer says:

    I was just in D.C. for the March for life! We were allowed to have time to go visit the smithsonians and I chose this one, as the History geek I am. I was so mesmerized by everything and felt so lucky and proud of my country and those who faught for it!

  29. S Lawson says:

    I’ve never seen any re-enactments and I live here and go there often.

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