We Offered $100 to Eat this Gummy Bear (most wouldn’t!) • White Elephant Show #5

We Offered $100 to Eat this Gummy Bear (most wouldn’t!) • White Elephant Show #5

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “We Offered $100 to Eat this Gummy Bear (most wouldn’t!) • White Elephant Show #5

  1. Vat19 says:

    Which spicy gift would you have gone for? Check out more of the white elephant show here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VfGtIig0io

  2. Super*PowerSisters says:

    Little nitro sure but EVIL he kills your throat :3

  3. Brown Choco Human says:

    I could simply swallow that gummy bear

  4. Connor Kral says:

    I plan to put this spicy gummy bear in a mix of regular gummy bears to prank a friend

  5. ItzHasan Playz says:

    Everyone:What's 3×6??

    Ben:90 Arggggg Lol😀

  6. ItzHasan Playz says:


  7. RED MONKEY2009 says:

    Buy spicy Cheetos

  8. Israr Ahmad says:

    Prank with lil nitro

  9. |Xx0T4KUxX| says:

    What the fuck is this channel?bunch of middle aged dudes and some teens?

  10. Popy Akter says:


  11. shenelle thomas says:

    I will eat the gummy bear


    Should have put Satan's toe

  13. Blacksins AnnoyingHedgehog99 says:

    yummi a nice gummybear i want to eat one XD

  14. Truman Manwaring says:

    I love all of your videos👍👍👍

  15. Mathias the Raccoon says:

    Ben is the man!

  16. Ivan Sjolund says:

    Wat happens if u get a golden ticket and some one steal and u get a another one

  17. tatinalanegrina says:

    Imagine putting the Little Nitro in a batch of normal gummy bears, and watch the world burn

  18. Sillent Rose says:

    i've had the little nitro its really hot! my cous who also had one went running out side and drinking from the hose XD

  19. Bob Rodrigues says:

    5:45 he said I haven't tried this shit

  20. Mary Lane says:

    9:44 hahhh

  21. Freckled Toad says:

    What’s 3×6-?



  22. koreanheccboi says:

    Are we not gonna talk about how tall Nina is? Just look at her legs.

  23. Miuna A. says:

    I love this company. Feels very personal. Good move!

  24. Subz paragon gaming says:

    Vat 19 crew: this lil nitro thing is simple
    Lil nitro:imma gonna end this whole mans career

  25. Juggalo42240 says:

    Ate one of these a week ago with a buddy from work. He challenged me lol. Our other friend's wife made a chocolate dip and added a 350,000 Scoville hot sauce to it, then dipped the gummy bears lol. We chewed for just over 2 minutes before we swallowed it. Probably the hottest thing I've ever eaten, but we handled it very well. He said he threw up later and it burned for a second time! I will get the footage lol

  26. River Graham says:

    Vat19= 100$
    Mr beast= 1000,0000$

  27. pίnkŽ_FrOST says:

    Nina is sooo cute! 😍🥰😘

  28. TwicksBarr says:

    "Can you do simple math– what's three times six?"

    "N I N E T Y"

    "Okay it's working-"

  29. agnes tapar says:

    his weong its 18

  30. agnes tapar says:

    its wrong

  31. Max Macklin says:

    they should make a theme for grossest thing for white elephant.
    live if you agree

  32. Rose Kim says:

    What if someone put the spice gummy bear in a regular bag of gummy bears

    I will feel bad for the person who got that gummy bear 😆

  33. Rosbelt Argumedo says:

    In like 5:38 or something it says I haven’t tryed this shit

  34. Xavier Collin says:

    Will smith be like

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s hot

  35. JKE Hijazi says:

    I ordered that gummy bear it’s so spicy I. Cried for an hour

  36. Kawaii Unicorn Gamer says:

    I could give the worlds hottes gummy bear to my classmaite,because he keeps stealing my gummy,and he will never get again,MUAHAHAHAHA!

  37. Naser Alebrahim says:

    When Jamie burped I’m like,”DISGUSTANG”

  38. Asaia really Loves food says:

    If your an asian u would eat all of the spice. But i aint that type of asian. Lol

  39. Scard4Life says:

    My friend: I can eat any spice without making a face.

    lil nitro: allow me to introduce myself.

  40. Gianna Martinez says:

    What if somebody got BOTH bonus ticket's

  41. AylaPlayz says:

    Where the Ninja shirt when u need it 😂

  42. Taylor House says:

    If you send one I’ll do it for $50

  43. Starzx Fedx says:


  44. LMGSPRINGTRAP08 says:

    What if ai gave that to one of my classmates?

  45. Pandora's Monster says:

    I wanna put this in a bowl of normal gummy bears 😈😈

  46. Leilani Gabriel says:

    The caption said [man with hat on] XD

  47. Joseph Moshi says:

    Doctor: where does it hurt?

    Jamie: grabs stomach

    Also Jamie: right here

  48. Punny Gaming says:

    I bought lil nitro and put it in a gummy bear bag, gave it to my friend… and he was burning

  49. wise waaiz says:

    If you want to know when Jon is lightheaded look at his eyes and facial expression 👀

  50. Esha Shirali says:

    Spice girls cd omg 😱 I have never laughed 🤭 so hard 💿

  51. Bharath Natesan says:

    Mr Beast should do something with the lil nitro

  52. Mr Swag says:

    That blonde girl is cute

  53. Bubbles_278 101 says:

    White elephant 🐘 show

  54. Bilal Hussain says:

    Imagine putting this in a bag of gummy bears and giving the whole bag to a friend.

  55. Mashira Ali Hasib Hasib says:

    Can you do a spicy chip video????

  56. Bonkeys Gaming says:

    i would swallow that gummy bear whole brotha

  57. whitehall GAMING and VLOGGING says:

    YO WHERES MY 100$ I ate the lil nitro and legit biggest mistake of my fucking life I actrally puked the sheer heat I had to take my shirt off I have never felt so much pain in my life hoe is lil nitro enjoyable it’s far from enjoyable it’s actrally serouluy painful I thought I was going to die

  58. whitehall GAMING and VLOGGING says:

    It shouldn’t be called lil nitro it should be called lil demonic

  59. Menthe says:

    As long as I’m not crapping lava I’d take the 100$

  60. Ashley Horne says:

    I tried the gummy bear the other night and it’s no joke hahah

  61. Isa Mohamed says:

    Do more "burning questions"

  62. TheGinnnnnnger says:

    How tall is Nina? Legs 4 days

  63. Ella Jackson says:

    How to win:

  64. Adel AlLami says:

    I ate lil nitro bye shoving him down my throat

  65. Gunnyboy Friends says:

    Moral: DONT judge a book by it’s cover
    Don’t judge lil nitro by the box

  66. BraydenAnimates says:

    Who else saw Jamie’s nips?

  67. CASTA says:

    6:30 funniest fake shit i’ve ever seen💀💀😂

  68. Laurel Dailey says:

    I would like everything that is in this video I LOVE spicy stuff😏

    Like of you agree😁

  69. ARMY WORLD :D says:

    one of my friends eats gummy bears like 10 each time..imagine if she didn’t know and ate those😂😂🤭

  70. Aden Yu says:

    Now but the Carolina reaper in the gummy worm

  71. Minecraft Series says:

    I hate spice and heated food

  72. Mr. yeet god says:

    I eat all of your spicy stuff and I am perfectly fine

  73. Orng Dest1ny says:

    Send me this bear gummy jimmy

  74. Johan Ahlén says:

    So many horrible pranks you can do to people

  75. AylaPlayz says:

    Has anyone realized that almost all the girls there love spice and all the boys can't handle it

  76. Noah Zurak says:

    Now you just have make: Wolrds Largest Lil Nitro Gummybear, or Gummyworm😂

  77. Sophie Kay says:

    What’s 3×6


    ItS woRKiNg!

  78. Arnas Kaligin says:

    Give me 100$.
    ATM I'm crying after that lil nitro 😭😭😭

  79. All about Amal says:

    Why did I smell Jamie’s burp

  80. evetrix says:

    toe of Satan tho

  81. hey_itsthe cutecat says:

    *Innocent gummy bear*

  82. The Random Generator -Minecraft & Scps says:

    Don’t chew it and it’s a normal bear

  83. Lizz 3316 says:

    I ate a single piece of the worlds hottest chocolate bar I was cry, drank a half gallon of milk, and was throwing up. It was scary! I thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital!

  84. Haider Murtaza says:

    Imagine taking the spicy gummy bears and put them in a regular gummy bear pack and gift it to a friend.

  85. rainyrosie 23 says:

    Imma prank my dad. With the gummy bear. Imma wrap it by itself, just the one gummy bear, and he’ll unwrap it n be unamused. Then he’ll eat it randomly and BAM THE FUN BEGINSS

  86. Joe Macuga says:

    I think Jon deserves $100 too.

  87. McNugget Plays says:

    Just swallow the gummy

  88. Justin Loja says:

    They put an ad right before they opened it, I hate this

  89. : 0 says:

    Why do I watch vat19 ads only?

  90. G The weird one says:

    Math for bitches

  91. 2016 Toyota Prius says:

    Jon: can you do simple math what’s 3×6
    Ben: 90
    Jon: all right it’s working

  92. Phantom J says:

    Can you make the worlds hottest giant gummy bear

  93. Miner Man 123 says:

    Jon you savage!!!

  94. Ddd Ddd says:

    3•6=18 not 90

  95. Akeronen190 says:

    The way that danny said candy ass to kick yo ass

  96. Pranav Athavale says:

    3×6=18 Ben

  97. Sahel Mirza says:

    5.45 HE SAID SHIT

  98. Mikey Flores says:

    If I had a chance to eat all of those hot foods I would be fine

  99. Neil Calder says:

    These are such shameless forms of advertisement

  100. Henry Vo says:

    in the middle is bruh moment

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