We Dem Arby’s BoyZ

We Dem Arby’s BoyZ

(dramatic news music) – A fast food employee wasn’t
going to let him get away. How some quick thinking
and a whole lot of bravery helped her chase down an armed robber. It was a wild scene today, just before an Arby’s
opened up for the day in Sterling Heights. – Now, it happened at a location
at Van Dyke and Plumbrook and Steve Garagiola spoke to
the woman who chased him down. – Before the restaurant
even opened this morning, there was a knock at the back door. An employee thought it
must be another employee coming to work. It was a man with a gun. He robbed ’em and then he took
off running for these woods. – I was nervous when
the gentleman walked in because he was shifting back
and forth and a little edgy. But when he took out the gun,
I knew he meant business. – [Steve] The robber took
off running with the cash into these woods behind the restaurant. But he didn’t get far. Three employees chased him down. – Manager Claudette moved with
the quickness of a jungle cat as she leapt into her
burgundy Turcel to give chase. I dunno… In a frenzied moment of knowing candor, I looked toward Derrell and Teno and uttered a stirring call to action. Dem Arby’z Boyz, wheels up! Skeet skurt. – [Steve] She drove around the woods to the back of a senior’s center, jumped the curb and cornered
the robber with her car. While the other two employees
chased him into the river. – We were nearing the river’s edge when I looked toward D and T and wondered how much more amphibian
than man would we need to be to properly trounce this malefactor in an aquatic altercation that will no doubt take every ounce of me, and perhaps take more ounces than D and T even have in their pints. I don’t know. But with one last look
of a warrior’s accord, we vaulted, vaulted higher
than Meatloaf’s motorcycle bursting through the devilish
graveyard’s stony sod, and just like the ‘Loaf, we soared. And just like the ‘Loaf, we sang. ♪ Like a bat outta Hell, I’ll
be gone when the mornin’ comes ♪ One, two, three. ♪ When the night is over ♪ ♪ Like a bat outta Hell
I’ll be gone, gone, gone ♪ (vehicle revs past) – [Steve] I asked the
woman who led the chase if it occurred to her at any
point that it was a bad idea to chase an armed robber into the woods. – My store is my turf and
I’m sworn to protect it. – Yeah. And for all the criminals
and hold uppers out there fixin’ to mess with Claudette
and Dem Arby’z Boyz, let this be a lesson to you all. Ha-ha ha ha! For we are more bonded
than the Gorilla Glue betwixt the hull and wings of a Focke-Wulf Triebflugel
model 1/48th scale. We are more dedicated to the servitude and defense of our meaty HQ than Cheetara and Lion-O
defending Thundercats’ Lair and I am Snarf ready, ho. For when the aggressors
arise and try to inflict evil against the kingdom of beef and ched, so too with a band of mighty heroes arise. Heroes hell bent on
protecting the curly fries and jalapeno bites of
honor, a paladins of pork, dead set on the defending
the buttermilk chicken and buffalo sliders of
this cheesy citadel. For we, DAB, will fight
against the Mumm-Ras and muggers of the world, bound not by fear, but
bound by brotherly love. And in the timeless words of
Fredro Starr, Sonny Seeza, Big DS, and Sticky
Fingaz, we will proclaim. ♪ Slam ♪ ♪ Dah dah dah ♪ ♪ Dah dah dah ♪ ♪ We Dem Arby’z Boyz ♪ ♪ Slam ♪ ♪ Dah dah dah ♪ ♪ Dah dah dah ♪ ♪ We Dem Arby’z Boyz ♪ ♪ Slam ♪ – Brave, daring, foolish? Maybe all of the above. Bottom line tonight is that
nobody at the restaurant was hurt and those two
men are in police custody. – All right, I’m sure
you’ll be following up. Steve Garagiola live for us tonight. Thank you, Steve.

Dereck Turner

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  1. BowserVids says:

    Thanks to everyone who joined in the chat during the live premiere! I plan to try and make every Friday video a live premiere so hopefully more can join in next time!

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  3. Professor Dictabeat says:

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  4. Steven Green says:

    I saw the bearded guy in another video.Frankly wreckless bravado aside.I think the dude missed his true calling in life.He should seriously consider a career in comedy.Maybe on a sitcom or voice acting for a character on a cartoon series.😀

  5. Garrick D says:

    Is this stuff real 😂I love these so much

  6. strfltcmnd. says:

    Is that Wayne Williams on the end?

  7. Terena Bo Beana says:

    ROFLMAO!!! As with Tosh.o, I find it hard to keep up with this Brilliant being at times….but damn he is funny!!

  8. nick B says:

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  9. septemberisknocking says:

    as a guy who works at an Arby's I stan dem Arbys boiz!!

  10. rabid GOLEM says:

    She knew him, part was left out

  11. jordan casey says:

    Every time one of these videos appears my friends and I immediately share this like crazy and quote this like no ones business

  12. Johnny Hammersticks says:

    "Just like " the loaf"we soared, and just like "the loaf" we sang……"
    I forgot about arby's guy, I have seen him on the news more than once. Is this legit or satire?
    I hope it's legit, bearded arby's guy monologues are actually funny and well thought out. I love how they are wrapped in blankets doing the interview. Bruh I'm dead🤣😭😭💀👻👻👻

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  26. Shannon Higdon says:

    There's just something about the fortitude of his articulate flow which illuminates the veracity of his socially savant commentary. I don't know. Like a vernacular thunderclap, his is a volcanic explosion of streamlined chaos; his words an unending flow of molten lava set to sear their way through any seemingly impenetrable obstacles a viewer's consciousness might seem fit to construct. I don't know.

  27. Kenshin Shimayama says:

    This guy is like an underappreciated 21st century Allen Ginsberg. 😂

  28. Daniel Koczak says:

    This is wierd. Only in Michigan i guess its becoming the next Florida.

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    Long time fan and subscriber…. thanks for cracking me up on occasion.

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  38. Steve O. says:


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    No f'n way lol

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