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We Care Arts believes in the healing power of creating and producing art that transforms physical, developmental and mental challenges into a future rich with possibilities. What we do here is we serve people with emotional develop mental and physical disabilities and they do artwork with us we teach them how to do artwork as it means of self-soothing. We have all kinds of different purposes. We are a non-profit arts center that works with folks through the media of art. Our staff is made up of our teachers and artists and any given day there’s going to be about five artists on the floor to cover all the 25 people who are here. My name is Roxanna and my daughter Kelsey attends here. She loves the friends aspect of being here, she feels like she’s part of a group where she’s accepted and that she can show people that she cares for them. One day when we walked in here after she’s been coming for a while she took a deep breath in and she said it smells so good in here and I said well what does it smell like she said it smells like I can be me. We really kind of become a family and so we all got our stuff we all carry our baggage in and but we accept each other and we support each other and you find that but the clients will call each other and talk to each other and check up on each other and support each other and provide ride sometimes and so it’s pretty interesting you know you have folks with development of disability sitting next to somebody might have this and this and this and it works so we embrace everyone and as long as they you know feel that they can benefit from the act of doing art and it’s you know there is the social aspects of it to you know when you sit down and need to do art with people you are no longer strangers People are happy here. that doing art and being with other people. If you like their growing and belonging and they incorporate a lot of different types of handicapped people together and they all get along its amazing. I just love coming here because this is like my second family we sit together we eat together we do a lot of things together in is a safe place and it’s just as a soothing place to be. Oh let me see We Care Arts is really fun talking to people especially like Chris and my teacher and Bruce especially Tony because always make me laugh. The staff are very accepting and there’s a sense of peacefulness here that I haven’t seen in other programs or felt in other programs so many programs you’re like kind of pushed to excel or push to meet a quota. You know there has always been a feeling to me a sense you walk into the building people experience it and I’ve been into other buildings where i can feel kind of a industrial approach towards the whole thing that we’re moving these people through and they’re going to do this and we’re going to pack widgets and just getting this thing done. Our director to me it’s always been an affair of the heart has always been a program that was based on compassion for people and art as a means to to which people through which people can empower themselves they can earn income they can do these projects and then they can make money they can this becomes their job their employment but it is about art. I work on art like drawling pictures maybe painting a picture for a ceramic, knitting, scarfs or hats. My favorite thing to do here We Care Arts is probably make, make a lot of friends and things like that. I like coming here for the social and I like the painting i also do a sign language class on Monday afternoon. On Mondays a person that works here that was an intern that we hired and she teaches sign language to a lot of our clients they actually did a performance at our last fundraiser where they sang a song and did the signing with the song. I havent had a lot of experience with other centers so much is other than job placement type things for Betsy, actually if We Care Arts is the only place that has worked out for ever since high school because a she has a lot of friends here now and the whole approach to dealing with people here is you become part of a family rather than someone is just another unit in a group in her words he said this is the place you feel she’s not handicapped she doesn’t get that feeling at all she’s with friends who have different the different people that the none of them are handicapped in her mind and that’s ah, she really likes that For more information you can give us a call at (937)-252-3937. We are located at 3035 Wilmington Pike in Kettering, Ohio and to learn more you can visit our website at www.wecarearts.org

Dereck Turner

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