Ways To Not Go Broke As An Artist And How The Music Industry Really Works Ep. 2 | Rules To This Sh!T

Ways To Not Go Broke As An Artist And How The Music Industry Really Works Ep. 2 | Rules To This Sh!T

(techno music) – For a young artist that hits big nine times out of ten they’re nearly not prepared for the real world. How do you expect an 18-year-old kid who’s never had any background in business to come out and do
anything else but you know, hey I want a nice car. I want to look good. And you in that stage. – Man, I must’ve spent $700 on some shoes, man, multiple times. – This is more expensive
than my Rolex, this was. – Mmhmm. – I don’t buy the iced out
grill, lost it in the same week. – Jewelry, put gold teeth in my mouth. – Diamond earrings, gone. – Weed, women. – Benz. – Five-star restaurants
and stupid shit like that. – My shoe game is ridiculous, my shoe game is like over $20,000. – He like a lot of that Gucci
shoes and the, see look. – I call these trophies. Every pair of shoes is over $500. – When I was younger, I’m thinking like okay, they give me this money to do this and we get to go shopping
and get this outfit and we’re going to dinner
with different people. And it’s like, oh yeah, you
guys order whatever you want. And then you realize, oh
like, we were paying for that. So you thinking like, oh like
we’re getting treated well. It’s like, oh no, that’s
all part of your budget which you have to pay back. Learning that was like real interesting. Oh my god, it’s like
where does the money go? You know what I’m saying, once it’s gone and you wake up the next morning you’re like damn brah, you probably shouldn’t have did that. But then you do it all over again, ’cause you know it’s life, and you need stuff to rap
about ’cause it’s lit. You got to get to the point where you’re making money way
faster than your spending it. – After we did Jay-Z American Gangster, that was my first $100,000 check. I never seen that many zeros on a check with my name on it like at one time. I got a fuckin’ $100,000? I’m buying everything. There’s no way you can adjust to that. People can tell you like,
this is going to happen but the fuck you are
telling me, I just got the biggest check ever,
I’m buying mad shit. Next thing you know like,
you check your account, it’s like where did that go? That shit gone. – Even if they were going to tell you Lord, trust me, you gon’ get this money. You’re gon’ want to buy this. And then you’re like I’m not gonna do it. But then sure enough, you do exactly what they say, you know. But and then, you realize,
okay, the waters hot. Let me now put my hand under there. But I had to feel that
it was hot, you know. – Artists who hit big very fast, get what I call the ga-zoo head. The big head on the little body. Next thing you know, they walking around they want green M&M’S backstage, the towels have to be warm,
and they basically spending up all their potential money
that they would’ve earned. That’s how you end up
with a lot of artists who don’t see a dime after they basically work their butt off. – I’ve seen tons of people
lose all their money. You’ve seen MC Hammer lose
like 20, 30 million dollars, like it can happen. – It’s crazy, ’cause like, we’re young. We got our first check,
and we went and did a lot of shopping, and they seeing that. So now, we’re like in
the financial advisor, all that stuff, making sure we don’t spend all of our money on stupid stuff. – I think I got $20,000, I
think that was my advance, and it was probably gone in 20 days. I got jewelry on, I got
a nice chick next to me, I got a rental car hook-ups and all that, but I you know, I don’t know if I’m be able to pay the rent next month. Shit woke you up fast, really, really fast. – It be like, we were broke anyway. And we recorded our album,
next thing you know, we sitting on about $250,000. We say, look, let’s just stay broke. Let’s not act like we got money. ‘Cause you know, Oakland is
kinda a wild town and shit. Lotta drug dealing, lotta
wild shit going on back there. And we get a call from Jive Records. And Jive Records is like
hey, you know, we interested. National distribution. So we did a deal with Jive Records. The album goes out, it just
sells crazy, crazy, crazy. Life is Too Short with the album. And we still aren’t allowing
ourselves to enjoy the money. We like man, let the company build up. And then the fucking check
from Life is Too Short comes. Like, 6, 7, $800,000. After that we like fuck
this shit, I’m like I want a fucking new Benz,
I want a fucking house. Fuck this shit. So we just, at that point
we just start balling. (dramatic music) – Now, I’m more interested
in spending money in like big stuff, like
restaurants to open. And anything that I could add to my bread, especially being in this contract where my music is controlled,
I had to branch out and find other ways to make money. – Jimmy Iovine told somebody,
I’m gonna say Snoop Dog, like when you first get
your big pay cheque, make sure you get a studio. Like, that’s very important because that’s gonna generate the buck later on. And I had that mindset when I got signed. I didn’t just go out and buy anything, I bought studio like immediately. – We just had to really sit back and put the money to good use. We started putting money in
videos and things like that, that moved the project forward you know. – You got to like wah-lah, you got to buy all this jewelry that you see, your idols and your rappers
that you look up to have. And that’s what you do it for. But you just got to be smart about it, ’cause some people don’t
get another chance. You can’t like get your first two checks and then spend half of it on a chain. – After the real shit, I’m like, Fuck, I should’ve saved my
money, what was I thinking. – [Common] A great
team, is one of the most significant things an artist
can have in their career. – In order to be a dynasty, you have to put the right personnel together. – [Nipsey] I didn’t have
a good taste in my mouth about who was inside of the industry – You have the best
musicians in the world. – That was the illest move
anybody ever seen in hip-hop. – How dare you? – I got a situation, let’s do something. – Have your team in place, and make sure you can trust them with your life. – You will never accomplish
the highest level alone. (music screeches) – When I first started, I would have like a guest list of 30 people. (hip hop music) And I remember one of my first concerts, I was opening for Redman and Kool G Rap. Some of my friends, went into
one of their dresser rooms and stole their stuff off
their rider, ate their food. I ended up having to pay for it. The promoter was like, we charging you, we know that was your homies. I was not ostracized,
but I felt, you know bad and it was just one of those things where it was growing pains. – Yeah that happens all the time, rappers blow up and they got all kinds of weird people around them. You know, you have your friends but you can’t ten of your friends with you on tour all the time. – The first thing I tell an artist is have your team in place and make sure that you can trust them with your life. If you do blow up there is
going to be serious money and you want to make sure you
know where every penny is. – Most artists get in the game, and they hire somebody they trust. Now the person you trust, isn’t always the person to be in that position. – It’s the homeboy manager,
it’s not a real manager that’s out there that has
success with various artists. – You got Raphael, Raphael he’s your man. – It’s the man who don’t know
his ass from his elbow either. – Raphael is loyal. – He’s trying to blow his artists up, so he’s gonna to ask to most dumbest shit, want the most ridiculous shit, and support anything
that that artist wants. – So they take advantage of
homeboy management, of Raphael. From the beginning, and then
ten years later they broke. (techno music) – And you like, man, these my homies, they ‘gon want their own building, you don’t even realize no more. But you know, at a certain
point you recognize that it’s could cost you not
only just your money, but opportunities and your career. – When they come in, they
gon’ be around ten people, and ten people turn into
five, and they’re just hanging around with two people, and
those are the two people that are just really doing something that’s helping them move forward. – When you do have those
people who want to participate in the music business with you, like, who really has the skills. And that just business. And the philosophy that I
would always tell Cassidy is like I can only give you
but so much opportunity, you gon’ have to truly have the skill and talent and desire to do it. (techno music) – I didn’t have a good taste in my mouth about who was inside of the industry, who really loved rap music, who got a passion about the art. – Let me tell you what
a whole wide industry paying attention to Nipsey Hussle. – [Rapper] Nipsey Hussle is a cheat – He sold his mix tape for $100. – How dare you, fucking
sell a mixtape for $100. – And then blew us all out the frame. – But you did it, I mean. – That means you don’t
even have to sell a lot. I heard Jay-Z bought ten of them. – Nipsey Hussle in my opinion, was like the leader of the free world. He was the leader of
like independent artists. – My name is Nipsey
Hussle, I’m a rap artist, an entrepreneur, a author, producer, and you know, a radical. – I like his music, I
like what he represents for the West coast and the culture. And I think he’s a very smart businessman. – His influence you know, was so huge when it came to him
dropping those $100 CDs. Which was really like a
publicity stunt in a sense because people were so
shocked that it was $100 they like, it must be good then. – That was the illest move
anybody ever seen in hip hop. – When I first got out to L.A., I really wanted to work with a L.A. based artist and he was the first artist
I really wanted to work with. – We trying to build a saying. Production, songwriting. – Yeah. – Man, at first I though Dallas was like an A&R industry nigga, trying to like, get a
promotion or something, by fucking with an artist. And that’s no shallow on Dallas, that’s my assumption on
the industry at that time. – That shit is fine right there. – [Rapper] What else was playing? – I seen what Dallas was doing, and I seen how he was moving, and he was just like you know, I got a situation,
let’s do something. – As a new artist, you’re
not going to be able to get Timberland, or Pharrell,
or all these people on the phone when you’re new, but I could get you in the
studio with these people. – Going to the club and
kicking it with him, and going on T, and using
bottle, and being on the same, fucking with Dallas, you
see who your person is. Like, alright, who’s going to be in the studio for you if
you really want to amazing. So I’m like separating from my advice. – By the way, it wasn’t easy to get Nipsey Hussle to partner up. – We just had certain times that we wanted and Atlantic was ready to meet us and become partners on the terms. – Y’all got to bare with
us, we bangin’ music loud – You can turn it up loud. – I just chose my label not even ’cause of the money or anything else, because you got to go out
for how they talking to you. So, from what they said to me, it just seemed like they
believed in me the most. – We have a great team behind us, that’s strong, that’s solid. – We have a lawyer of course. – And we have a couple other people that are in our corner,
you know what I’m saying, that are looking over, and teaching us the business side of things. – A great team is one of
the most significant things an artist can have in their career. Because at some point, you recognize that you will never accomplish
the highest level alone. – [Female Narrator] It’s
sort of the bread of butter at certain points. – Mm-hmm – [Female Narrator] Can we
talk about the business? We have had total silence. After you blow it out. – Y’all want some pizza or something? – Yeah – I feel like I’m about to
do the same thing I just did. – [Female Narrator] Sorry. – Oh. – Oh, we good? – Let’s go, you and me. – Alright. – [Narrator] That was great
man, thank you so much.

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