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Since the turn of the 20th century Art Nouveau has a fixed place in Vienna’s architecture And it’s more inspiring than ever Welcome to our Art Nouveau tour We will explore a timeless restaurant, a beautiful pharmacy an Art Nouveau toilet The iconic postal savings bank, the world-famous Seccesion building, a stunning apartment building and a gorgeous cafe Art historian and city guide Alexa Brauner will lead the way Starting close to the city centre we’ll visit seven highlights with a total walking distance of about 1 hour Feel free to follow our footsteps Check out the description for more details Good morning maybe you can tell me a bit about where we are why this place is so special Here we are at Schwarzes Kamel Which is a wonderful Art Nouveau example or Jugendstil as we would say here in Vienna So the history goes back to the 1600s 1618 it was founded by Mr. Kamel In the early nineteen hundred’s it was redesigned the way it looks now and it’s a special example like a hideaway for Art Nouveau in Vienna A place were artistic society would come and enjoy coffee much like we’re doing now? It’s a hideaway for people that are famous but it’s common people So that what was always the USP of this place if everybody would have come here Let’s go inside and see all the details of what exactly makes this such a beautiful Jugendstil example Alright so if you look at the chairs this wonderful mix of let’s say simplicity but also some curved lines Very cozy and even details like the nails become part also of a decorative element It’s a simplicity which started in the Biedermeyer period it’s very important also for the Juegndstil hear in Vienna All right so now we’re going over to the most wonderful pharmacy in Art Nouveau style Die Engel Apotheke which is a very very old pharmacy And it’s really nice how to sort of walk through the city and see how Jugendstil still impacts the everyday life of people living here And it’s still so present We can see the very Art Nouveau let’s say outlook from the Klimt looking angels and the sunflower motive And also the details of the window above the entrance so that’s all very Art Nouveau stylish very curvy Very stylish Art Nouveau toilet So in Vienna even the toilets are decorative in the Art Nouveau Yes it’s the oldest public toilet in Vienna And it was even the location of a theater about 30 years ago They made a one-actor there called 30 stories Right here the Austrian Post Savings Bank of Otto Wagner one of his masterpieces of work Marble at the facade, aluminum dots, aluminum figures It’s like a rain of wealth coming to the people getting into the bank And a sixth of the world production of aluminum was used just for this building That’s amazing Isn’t this a wow effect The light It’s such a harmonious feeling and that’s because Otto Wagner planed every little detail Everything from the light bulbs to the chairs everything That’s why it’s a Gesamtkunstwerk and one of the typical parts of the Jugendstil To make something really a complete piece of art Function is beautiful so this was also the idea, functionality is beautiful This very timeless minimalism and functionalism as you are saying The effect is really breathtaking Of course we’re here at the Secession which we’ve been here actually for the show before But it’s one of the most beautiful, most beloved sites in Vienna And obviously if we talk about Art Nouveau then we have to come back here and we have to look at it, we’ve got to talk about it again It’s still the house of the Secession Associations, an artist Association And a split away from the Künstlerhaus which is just around the corner And of course in this Secession you can see the masterpiece of work of Gustav Klimt which is called the Beethoven Frieze Which is like painted music so it’s a research of human mankind for love, enjoying life and that’s what you can see inside Even here at the Naschmarkt we find Otto Wagner in this two beautiful buildings The Majolikahouse and the Golden House Also a train station over there the underground station by him All right after our Art Nouveau tour it’s an excellent place to go to Art Nouveau cafe Rüdigerhof Which has been here since 1902 Actually I didn’t realize that it was that old I just knew it’s one of my favorite places to come When I’m busy digging through the flea market here on a Saturday at Naschmarkt And I want to come and have a nice drink someplace that is either beautiful beautiful underneath the trees or inside this amazing atmosphere Thank you so much for the tour thank you guys so much for watching And us here of VIENNA/NOW have a question for you: Did you guys like the tour? Did you like what you saw? Anything you want to add? Anything you want to ask us? And if you feel like something was missing we really want to hear from you

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