Victor Borge

Victor Borge

Dereck Turner

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  1. RDYS says:

    What a fantastic fellow. One of a kind and a joy to all.

  2. Servant Of-Yeshua says:

    Mr. Borge performed with our orchestra, and our quite narcissistic concertmaster was his target, enough so we were rolling. The whole audience was uproarious, except our concertmaster, who walked off stage in a huff. It was just so very perfect!!!
    His performance was so complete, so our horn section could barely play from laughter.

  3. Jeremy Preece says:

    An absolute one off. I remember watching him on TV as a kid, back in the 1970's. This clip looks like it is from "Sunday Night at the London Palladium".

  4. helen roberts says:


  5. DAV says:

    Great men come and great men go reality of life!

  6. Diane Benzler says:

    I miss him, he was so funny!

  7. SUPERDEGGS says:


  8. What's a name? says:

    I'm going to play an opera in 4 flats, because he had to move 3 times. Flat is British for apartment.

  9. TA A says:

    He was a fantastic talent and very funny.

  10. JB says:

    He combined wonderful music, excellent musicianship, great humor, tangible warmth, and charm. What a treasure!

  11. KEN CHOVAN says:

    Ken C.

  12. Haroon Maurice says:

    Always uniquely hilarious. He was only a bust, but that handicap didn't deter him.

  13. VrgniaMailman says:

    Guy was just like I am in one way ….. CRAZY AS A LOON (in a nice way ….)

  14. VrgniaMailman says:

    How great would it have been if Victor could have played a 2nd piano with Elton John during some of Elton's performances??!!!!! Or being a pianist for Freddie Mercury / Queen??? In between songs, he could keep EJ and FM in a funny, happy mood. As well as the audience …..

  15. Advaita Vedanta says:


  16. Th3legends_Clan says:

    If anyone was wondering, the thing on the piano to which he referred that no one knows what it does, its a small stump which is meant to keep the piano lid slightly open. Not fully closed, but not fully open either.

  17. Chris Lean says:

    11 year old son, rolling on the floor laughing. He was brilliant.

  18. lizdeloro says:

    I love this guy. I saw him many years ago in Sacramento and years later I found the ticket stub and it cost only15 dollars to see victor Borge. I can’t believe how cheap the tickets were to see Victor Borge but back then you could see a broadway touring company for under 50 dollars unlike today when it costs several hundred dollars to see Hamilton or any other show.

  19. Silly Moustache says:

    One of he finest musician/comedians ever, no maybe THE finest. Maybe it's just me, but I find his humour and delivery so Scandinavian.

  20. Slawomir Wawrzynski says:

    Denmark is a shitty litlle cuntry. everybody in Denmark thing that they are great… but the true is, it is a litlle outscore contry

  21. Mikael Jensen says:

    The very best comedians are those that use silence as an active part. So few words and so much genuine laughter.

  22. ITVNewsFan says:

    This is the first time I've seen Victor Borge, finding this clip quite by chance. I'm glad I did 🙂

  23. carefree1905 says:

    Anyone using the word ‘handicap’ is a disgrace. He’s lost my respect, and understandably so.

  24. Papa Megan says:

    Wonder what year this was…

  25. forte88 says:

    Anyone else notice that at the end of the act the curtain came down and crashed into the microphone knocking it out of the stand and making it crash onto the floor. Some sound guy probably had a fit! Probably a dented microphone after that.

  26. Robert Canham says:

    i have seen this and heard this so many times and i laugh till i cry every time the man was absolutely brilliant and should of lived forever to allow the younger generation to enjoy his brilliance

  27. John Charnock says:

    What a Master of comedy and of music! Wonderful character!!!

  28. Circa Today says:

    10:03 Bye mic!

  29. David Aitken says:

    I knew of him as a kid , this man is just brilliant

  30. Bob Hope says:

    Victor <3

  31. BAT BOY says:

    8:06 is he referring to how some sopranos have their balls removed?

  32. janus nielsen says:

    his performance with Dean Martin is legendary

  33. Kelly Norman says:

    What a loser

  34. Don Roberts says:

    1300th Comment!……I've forgotten what I was going to write…..Oh yes, remember him being one of the first musicians I saw that convinced me that you could have REAL fun with music..

  35. Tirthapad Das says:

    Owen Benjamin should watch Borge…heard of him before but never listened to him…he's hilarious!

  36. David P says:

    He was good wasn't he? Impeccable timing.

  37. kris verstraelen says:


  38. Miriam Jewett says:

    I grew up with Victor Borge in my house
    My mother had class😉

  39. jan blackhurst says:

    Great musician and comic.

  40. Alice Welsh says:

    He's been my favourite for over 30 years,and he never gets "old".Please keep posting his videos so that they're all in one spot. He's one of the few performers who knows that you can be funny without resorting to cheap gimmicks like swear words.

  41. Michael Preyde says:

    One of my favourite childhood memories, listening to him on LP

  42. 95Gabe says:

    There are 1.1k dislikes for this and I can't even think of a single thing he did that wasn't entertaining. Some people…..

  43. RWBHere says:

    Unforgettable and inimitable. Thanks for the memories.

  44. David Perkins says:

    Classic (in the BEST sense of that word!) ( 3:48 – 7:46 )
    "Now, the chorus comes in but nobody knows why except Mozart – and he's dead." – ( 5:58 )

  45. ULTRA TEN says:

    a mozart fan eh? this is artwork, a gem thank you

  46. Antonina Bayer says:

    Very few people make me laugh out loud…he does! He is a genious

  47. MisterPeterColeman says:

    He's great fun.

  48. GhostDcuo says:

    lol clasic victor the legend

  49. Philip Dawes says:

    What a great man!

  50. tellitlikeitis1963 says:

    he was so funny loved him

  51. AcousticSong - Guitar & Co says:

    Is this too drafty?

  52. Jennifer Fester says:

    My husband and I saw Victor Borge at Ravinia in the mid '90s. For those who don't know, Ravinia is an outdoor venue in the north suburbs of Chicago. It was during the summer, and dreadfully hot and humid that evening. Mr. Borge was wonderful throughout the show, as usual. He came back from intermission, shuffled onto the stage, and said into the microphone, "Are the potatoes done?" Ravinia erupted in laughter. Victor Borge was a treasure — a scholar of classical music and a quick wit to boot.

  53. Karen Canali says:

    I am an accomplished pianist and love Victor Borge!!!

  54. Mike Dawson says:

    Never mind The Goons – Victor is superlative, what a genius !BRAVO !!

  55. wkruit1 says:

    How to completely play an opera in 5 minutes!

  56. jrb designer alliance says:

    ..citizen smith, abu hassan, popeye, the sand dance, just like this just like that,..

  57. jrb designer alliance says: have something to do,..???,…

  58. Angel Mcfadden says:

    Him and Peter Ustinov.Talent beyond compare.

  59. David Jack says:

    Loved this guy a comic musical genius !!!!!!

  60. ShadesOfKnight says:

    And the world is poorer for his absence.

  61. Yoga Shan says:

    Pure, and unbridled, Genius.
    Please, enjoy.

  62. byrant12 says:

    Pure genius!!!

  63. Viktor Silva says:

    Not even 40 seconds in and i'm dying

  64. Bucky Brown says:

    I wrote most of his material and NEVER got any credit. Bad guy. Never credited anyone. Everyone else gave me credit but this bastard. See me here

  65. Marria Magdalena says:

    Fabulous granny told me to balance a. Coin on the back of my hands every time I practiced. He obviously did that too. People don’t do that anymore

  66. Edward Deitch says:

    What kind of assholes did thumbs down on this absolute comedic genius? And a great pianist as well. A vast talent.

  67. Minh Nguyen says:

    Mr. Borge is in heaven now, he brought much happiness to the world . With love and respect from Vietnam.

  68. jongleur says:

    The inimitable and extremely funny Victor Borge.

  69. Kitsunuki Inari says:


  70. R W says:

    Aw, man, what a legend. Mr. Borge's material is hilarious; wish he were still around to give us new material…

  71. Stephen Mcallister says:

    That felt like it was about a minute and thirty, not over ten. Captivating methinks.

  72. The Devil In The Circuit says:

    Mr. Borge was an international treasure. If you like his stuff, check out Igudesman and Joo. They are carrying the torch–and they show us all how much fun music can be.

  73. Betty Swedensky says:

    I love this man . So funny . But so talented .

  74. aeronauta2011 says:


  75. Craig Scott says:

    JD Souther, singer-songwriter, friend of the Eagles, Jackson Browne et al, says that when he was a kid in Michigan, Victor Borge once babysat for him. Must have been an entertaining evening.

  76. vic duna says:

    Great musician and just such a natural comedian. Rest in peace 1909-2000.

  77. Matt Morelli says:

    Still funny after so many years. One of the best Borge performances I've seen, though, was a legit recital he gave with no jokes etc. Just serious pianistics and conducting. The guy was made of pure talent.

  78. Christine Schmitz says:

    I always loved this man. Gentle & funny & genius.

  79. Theresa Clagg says:

    Timeless comedy!❤️

  80. Fluppi says:

    Victor Borge is really something special. Only he can make me actually want to clap while sitting at home alone, watching youtube. No other performance has ever done that.

  81. Crystal Comedy says:

    When was this?

  82. Carl Rest says:


  83. ibrahim dogan says:

    Cem yılmaz izliyip gelenler?

  84. keith lemon says:

    In the glorious days before Political Correctness outlawed comedy.

  85. bobblexl says:

    It's funny but almost everything they think it's applause worthy.. such overreacting!
    You will never see this nowadays with these kind of performances

  86. Prinz Slsr says:

    5:12 LOL, genius

  87. Timotej Bernat says:

    Brilliant comic and pianist. Does anyone know which piece the Chopin excerpt he plays is from?

  88. profMaximvs says:

    Classy music-related jokes.
    The REAL stand-up comedy!

  89. 75hilmar says:

    I missed him completely. Really good.
    Wow. Thanks Youtube recommendations.

  90. Red ROSE says:

    Must be ancient humour…half way in and I have not laughed not even once😩

  91. tom3holer says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing him when I was 11 years old on Broadway with my cousin the same age. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. He was hysterical and to this day, I am 71, I will never forget it.

  92. Stephen Moffatt says:

    "Mozart in four flats,,,because he had to move three times" Priceless!

  93. c'est DansVous says:

    4:14 anyone knows what piece is this from chopin?

  94. Mike L says:

    A true comedic and musical genius.

  95. urkoolUncle says:

    This skit had me crying!!! SO FUNNY!!!
    Simple, old-fashioned, clean humor.
    Made my night!

  96. Keith High says:

    Pure genius

  97. Fooks Lee Ho says:

    Best parts start at 10:15

  98. Glenn Wheatcroft says:

    Actually Mozart wrote it but it had Salieri's name on it…

  99. TheInvincibleViolet says:

    Exceptionally wonderful. Rest in Peace, the Great Mr. Borge xx

  100. Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees says:


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