Vegetable Manchurian – By Vahchef @

Vegetable Manchurian – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at today we’re going to step into the world
of unique Indo Chinese cuisine crazy if you ask the chef from China what vegetable manchurian is he will probably look at your questioning it this is simply because this dish
although classified as chinese cooking is quite unique to Indians. In this recipe making dumplings is something similar to malai kofta which you can see
my kofta video to make the dumplings what I did, I finely chopped all the
vegetables in my blender or you could also use grater to finally grate all the vegetables just add all these ingredients basically i added very little water and
kind of skimming these vegetables i want half cook and and finally squeeze
all the water see if you don’t cook this vegetable is a little bit carrots and beans they made crispy and
when you’re trying to make these dumplings they don’t bind good let’s look at these
ingredients we’re going to use to make these dumplings pepper powder, corn flour, chopped green chilly, spring onion, chopped ginger, soya sauce some chili sauce ajinomoto and a little salt last but not least boiled rice now it hardly took two minutes off
for steaming these vegetables what I’m going to do I’m going to drain the vegetables see take all your vegetables squeeze them good so now whatever water that you squeeze
this is kind of a vegetable stock so don’t throw this we’re going to use this to make our
manchurian sauce now add some salt very little ajinomoto little chopped green chilli pepper powder
chopped ginger a little soy sauce nice chilli paste some spring onion and
they usually add egg in it but since of a lot of Indian vegetarians
don’t even touch egg so i won’t show you without the egg so for this mixture to
make without egg add some boile rice to this mixture and
mash it up add a handful of corn flour once your mixture is ready just make small dumplings just drop one of these dumplings into the oil and fry it till it’s slightly golden brown and by chance if your dumpling breaks just ask some more boiled rice to your mixture mash it up a
little bit and then your dumpling will hold good on its own so now let’s fry the rest of the
dumpling see when you add this ajinomoto and some soya sauce to your vegetables it gives a nice unique flavor that’s
what we associate to chinese food but let me tell you why I was working in
Maurya Sheraton in Delhi we were barred from using ajinomoto because ajinomoto is considered to be
carcinogenic but it is truly not proven but definitely it is believed to affect babies under two years or so pregnant women please if you’re eating
Chinese food make sure that you ask for food without
ajinomoto today we’re going to cover the manchurian with dry like a snack and we’re going to make manchurian sauce and then we’re going to make it like gravy that you can eat with rice and also even we’re going to cover how to make gobi manchurian which is cauliflower manchurian which is very famous throughout. what i did i took corn flour i added a little pepper chili sauce and a
little chopped garlic and ginger and add a little water and made into a fine paste you don’t need to add anything else in
this just make sure that there is seasoning to it and mix well now look at
these dumplings wow don’t they look awesome so now look at
this cauliflower florets don’t they look really really beautiful let’s
make this fascinating manchurian sauce for this chopped green chilli soy sauce
chili paste pepper powder lots of chopped garlic and chopped ginger chopped onion and chopped spring onion salt ajinimoto sugar you know if you have sesame oil go ahead and use otherwise you could use a regular oil I’ve
got some sweet and sour sauce you know you can get it in the market if
you don’t have it you can just skip it this. This is is our vegetable stock whatever the vegetable we slightly steamed I squeeze out the water from it and
we’re going to use this to make a sauce i’m going to use some cornflour and add some water to it and mix it so let’s make this awesome manchurian sauce. Add sesame oil I’m using some cumin seeds you don’t have to use it and add chopped garlic chopped ginger chopped onion just half a cup, add chopped green chilli, pepper and soy sauce you can dd some more soya sauce add sweet and sour sauce and chilli paste little ajinomoto, salt watch out the soy sauce chilli paste and the sweet sauce all of them salt so add very
little salt add spring onion half of it since i’ve added the sweet and sour
sauce I’m not going to add sugar but if you
don’t have sweet and sour sauce you add a little bit of sugar to this now your sauce is pretty much ready now how
do you make it dry manchurian and manchurian sauce so what I’m going to do I’m going to divide this sauce into two portions one i’m going half the quantity here so this one i’m going to use it to make dry manchurian if you want dry manchurian you don’t need to add any cornflour
anything just heat up the sauce a little bit and put your vegetable dumplings in
the sauce nice coat the sauce and now our manchurian dry is ready so in my career I worked with many Chinese chefs and they’re masters in making these dumplings of all varieties and the
Chinese are really masters of influencing cuisines around the world by
adopting local dishes to the Chinese flavor the other day the kids of my friends
were playing a game they picked up lot of things in the house to see if there was
even one thing that was not made in China. See this ball made in China my shirt made in China pick up your knife sure enough made in China See these days in the US even if you pick up a baby and turn around you will probably see a sticker that says Made in China you guessed it very little is not made in
China don’t get me wrong with cuisine these
amazing people have made lot of dishes their own and and if you look closer it may be a dish of Indian origin but
nicely influenced by china now to our left over mixture the vegetable stock we removed and kept it aside since i added the stock I may have to add little more salt to it and
maybe a little more soya sauce also now once this kind content gets slightly boiling just
add some corn flour and it will thicken right away and then you can put your cauliflowers but make sure you add the cauliflower to the sauce just before serving and there’s nice crunchy
cauliflower with the nice sauce and rice makes an excellent dish for kids as well as grown ups I hope you have enjoyed today’s session
of learning to make this exclusive indo-chinese dish remember that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook and eat fresh food so please post your recipes and cooking
tips so others may be benefit from your great cooking

Dereck Turner

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