Valentine’s Day Water Marble | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Water Marble | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Hello everyone, we’re going to be doing a
Valentine’s Day water marble. And I’m going to start out with a little
tip for cleaning up your water after you’ve done a couple nails you might get kind of a scum of nail polish
on the top. You can see this isn’t spreading out
totally, but if you kind of help it along, you can get a skin to cover the entire
surface of the water, and then just give it a minute to dry, and when you pull it up you’ll pull up all
of little strya bits also. And you’ll have a clean surface to do your next
nail. Like that. Another tip that I wanted to share
with you guys is that I usually use filtered water. So, if you’re having trouble with your
water marbling and you’re using tap water, you might want to try switching to
filtered water or bottled water. The colors that i’m using for the marble
today are all Sally Hansen. The light pink is from the Hard as Nails
line and it’s called Petite Pink. The darker pink is from the Sally Hanson
Salon line, and it’s called Beet Stain. And then once we get to the middle here
I’m also going to add just a little bit of a gold accent and
that color is called Tassel. So, I’m just going to go ahead here, and
build my bull’s eye like I normally do for water marbling. And once I’m done with the pinks here, I’m just going to add in one drop of gold, right in the middle. I’m going to get my orange stick and I’m
just going to start drawing my design into the polish. Drawing the orange sticker through with
just a light touch. Wiping it off as necessary. And just drawing until you get a design that you’re happy
with. You know, you don’t want to take too long,
or the polish can dry and become more difficult work with. Then, once you’re ready to dip your nail, you know, you can turn the cup a
little if you need to get a better angle. And then once that’s how you want it, just take your nail and dunk in there. Take your orange stick, and just reach in and clean up the excess polish. Just kind of scoop around in the cup until you’ve got it mostly picked up. Then you can remove your nail, tap off the water, and there’s your water marble design. If you’d like to see some more pictures
of this manicure, you can check out my blog Thanks for watching=)

Dereck Turner

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  6. Doan Rose says:

    I find the water marbling designs so beautiful.  I spent half a day trying to get the droplets to work.  One thing I've noticed is that your nail polish drops are so quick.  Are you thinning them out with nail polish remover?  I have some older nail polish that was thicker, so I thinned them out and they still didn't work.  I just bought some new polish and I'm hoping they will be thinner than what I was currently using.  Would love some tips on how to get the marbling to work.

  7. Ms. Trish says:

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  8. Sara Garcia says:

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