Valentine Rose Painting, Oil, Pt 3 of 3

Valentine Rose Painting, Oil, Pt 3 of 3

Valentine Rose, Oil, Pt 3 of 3 Well Hi again, welcome
back to Painting With Yovette, this is part three of the Rose, this is the part
that you’ve all been anxiously awaiting, I hope it won’t be disappointing for you.
I know that there are just an absolute ton of teachers on YouTube teaching how
to paint roses or flowers of any kind for that matter and I just want to say
that this is my own composition my own original work
I have not copied from anybody so if I look similar I’m sorry but it is my own
work and so I appreciate it if other people do not copy my work and put it on
their Channel. So anyway also if you are watching this show and you enjoy it I
hope you consider subscribing. Also if you give a thumbs up that’s always
wonderful and I guess that’s it. Well let’s go ahead and get started. I’m going to start by giving you the
supply list it’s titanium white for paints ultramarine blue sap green
alizarin crimson CAD red medium CAD red light CAD Orange and CAD yellow, and for
brushes is just the round brush a filbert brush I have a half inch flat
brush these are floral brushes and a three quarter inch brush. Also I’m
going to be using the the clear oil painting medium and of course your
thinner. That’s it for supplies. Okay first thing
I want to do is I’ve just got this little blue shop towel, I just love these things.
Just dip into a little oil medium and just go over your whole canvas, you want
to make sure every place is covered and you can tell because when you hold it up
to the light it’ll be all shiny, you won’t see any dull spots, so just make
sure it’s all covered. Now I like a very smooth canvas so I can get by doing this.
If you have a rough canvas then you’re gonna want to either sand it first and
then just gesso it or just use a brush to spread this instead of a paper towel or
a paper fabric that way you won’t get any lint on the canvas which is a good
thing. Okay to start out what I’m gonna do is just take my round brush and I’m
going to dip into my medium and I’m going to go into just, let’s do something
light, well no, how about just a little alizarin crimson and I want this
very very light so lots of medium. I just want this to barely show it all. Okay
and I want to start off by just making a very light outline let me get some paper
towels here you will need a lot of paper towels that’s a must!
Okay make sure I don’t have too much oil in there I’m going to start by, we’re
going to just, I want to make this rose we’re just going to outline a little bit
here and also outline our little partially open bud, it’s more than a bud
but it’s less than a flower, and I also want to add, let’s put a leaf here. I
would like a leaf here and another leaf down here now these are pretty
good-sized leaves and that’s okay we like big leaves. Okay a little more
medium with the color okay I’ve got those three I want to have a little stem
coming out here. I also would like one, we want just a nice flow here so come down
about like so and let’s go ahead and make this a leaf. let’s have one here we will bring one up
this way and how about one right here. Okay that’s the leaves easy to see fun
to do. Okay that’s all I want to do for outlining at this point, no let’s go
ahead and just put in a little bud I would like to have a little bud so let’s
have it coming off this way. And this will be a red bud a pretty
small one okay and I think that’s it yeah. And we may put some oh like some
daisies in, we might have a daisy up here we might have we might have a daisy here
maybe one here I don’t know we’ll just see how this goes. Okay so that’s all for
that. I’m just going to clean that brush and thinner because I don’t want the
paint to sit in there. Next thing I want to do is take my half inch round, my half
inch flat brush, my floral brush, and I’m going to do some foliage. I’m gonna set
this thinner up here out of the way so I don’t dip into it accidentally which
I’ve been known to do once in a while. Okay so dipping into some oil medium and
I want this fairly thin I’m going to go into some green and blue okay and I’m
going to just, I just want to put in a little bit of foliage the suggestion of
foliage not really true foliage this is where our leaf would be, we would have some more down here this
would be a leaf this would be a leaf and I want to just kind of blend this out
into the background. So you can you can see it, it’s there but
it’s not really there just crisscross strokes or just whatever you want to do down here, just blend it out, see now I’m going
right over my red lines and they won’t even show by the time we’re through
with this, let’s go into a little more medium some more green and blue and I
want to darken this right in here like this a bit. Oh more blue yeah that’s nice! You can go over the stems and whatnot
because we’ll be doing all this over again. I’ll maybe even go up into this
green a little bit that would be pretty. I wonder how many floral painters are out
there? I would be curious to know. It seems like there’s a lot of floral
painters everywhere. Just darkening this up a little bit here going right over the stem down here. I think we’ll just go right over here
you can just do this any way you want. This is just how I am doing it. It just
adds a little bit more interest when you have some some oh just little spots and
suggestions of things going on in the background. So let’s see I’ve got a real
glare from my light here so it’s really kind of hard to see but I’m just going
to keep going, a little more dark down here. Okay I think that maybe, that
maybe is good. Alright we’ll just call that fine for right now. Okay just kind of squeeze the paint out
of that brush, let’s see now I want to get more serious about my foliage, so I’m
going to, let’s do it just gonna make just a little tiny bit of a stem,
some alizarin crimson SAP green which makes brown, and it can be brown to the
red side or it can be brown to the to the green side. Anyway there I’m just
going to redefine my stem here bring this one down and there was a little one
here. Okay that’s all for that. Squeeze the brush. Now I want to go into
more green more blue little medium because I’m going to define these leaves
and you can make these leaves dark you can make them light you can make them
towards the reddish side the green side the blue side it doesn’t make any
difference! Okay I mean now I already did a video on making greenery leaves and
stuff so you’re welcome to view that if you want I’ll put the link up above. A center stem and we’re just going to
keep going around to all the leaves. I gotta tell you guys a little story, do
you want to hear a story? This is fun! My husband he is such a romantic. This was
about, oh gosh maybe 2025 years ago, I was at the hospital one day, I wasn’t in the
hospital I was having lunch with some girlfriends, and I was in my curlers, my
hair was all rolled up, and I had beggie old clothes on, and I think I had sweats
and tennis shoes, and in walks my husband and he joins us for lunch, and so we had
a nice little chitchat and when we were done he says Honey come
with me, I got a little job I want you to go on with me.
So off we went in the car, well I guess it was a truck at that time, yeah,
off we went into the truck and we drove and we drove and we drove, and I said
finally, Honey what is going on? I said I know you don’t have any jobs that are
out this far, and so he just kept driving, just kind of smiled, and yeah I got one
now! Anyway gosh it was probably an hour and a half
later he finally pulled into a place, and the name of it was the Columbia Gorge
Motel, and this is one beautiful place in Oregon, it’s it’s actually a hotel, a very
I guess I would say elite, a very very nice nice hotel, and he pulls in and he
checks us in! And I was so surprised, I could not believe that! It was our
anniversary! Little did I know that he had
this planned, oh such a sweetheart he is! We had the most magnificent dinner and
breakfast and the rooms were just elegant, just beautiful rooms, very old
old old rooms. So anyway we just spent the night there and left the next day
and that was such a nice surprise! He’s just very romantic! I love this guy!
But that is not the end of the story. Do you want to hear the last part? Well
remember at the hospital I was wearing sweats and tennis shoes and my hair was
all up in curlers? Well unbeknownst to me this romantic man had packed all my
makeup my toiletries my hairbrush my toothpaste everything packed a very
nice dinner dress, he packed all my casual clothes, and the only thing he
forgot was my dress shoes! Man, so I got a new pair of shoes out of the deal! I
didn’t couldn’t think of anything better than that! Anyway we just had the best
time, and I’ve got quite a few stories like this that I could share with you
but not this video. Maybe in the next video. Okay there I think I think that
looks really nice. Let me wipe this off here. I see this smudging I don’t like
that smudging right there and I also I’m going to wipe this a little bit because
this is where our rosebud is going to go, just get that extra oil off. Okay
I’m gonna set that brush aside now. I want you to see something. With my half
inch brushes, mm-hmm often mm you’ll use different colors, and so what I did
is color code them so this one is for flowers and this one is for greenery and
shrubs, it works out really great. That way if you have two brushes you don’t
have to keep cleaning in between. So I like that.Let’s see, I’m going to go into, I
want a v ery very thin medium, I’m gonna dip into my brush, make sure it’s very
wet, go into alizarin crimson, now this is the undercoating for the rose. Okay I’m going to start out by just
Crisscrossing in the center, a little more paint, it is very thin, I’m going to
go up and even into my leaves because I want to drag some of that green color in little more, and when you’re thinking
about this Rose kind of think about petals, it’s like I might have one here
here, might have one here, probably one over here, there’ll be some down here definitely be one on the sides, so
remember I was talking earlier about our little our little sugar bowl, so let me grab
it just a tiny bit of oil here, so this would be the top, this would be the
bottom of your sugar bowl, here would be some outer leaves your
saucer, here would be the handle, and then you have a top that’s a little bit
higher. So I hope you all can visualize that because it’ll be a great help. Okay
a little more medium, let’s fill in that other rose just down at the bottom here, like I said this one is just kind of
partially open not anything too fancy. I can feel it dragging a little bit, oh yeah that’s nice! Oh and a bud we’re
going to do that little bud. Let’s see, this would be coming out this way so
let’s just go this way and this way. Not liking that curvature too much, let’s
change that a little bit. I’m cleaning my brush because I want to get rid of that
greenish reddish color, and I’m going to just go over this a little bit, will
enlarge this in a few minutes here, back into green and blue, yeah that’ll be okay. All right now we get on to the flower,
the fun part! Okay into your medium you want to get
just a little bit of medium in here just a little bit now I don’t want it wet
like this undercoating, go into alizarin crimson and some ultramarine blue, load
both sides of the brush, here’s your sugar bowl, let’s just go ahead and put a
base under here a little more paint, there and just kind of fan it out.
Remember the clock? This is what we’re going to do, is fanning it out between
one and two, and between nine, or, ten and eleven, a little more of the crimson and blue
and let’s go under the flower and I’m just kind of blending at some going up
into here. I might need to do just a little bit heavier because that still
looks a little bit light to me, especially right here in the center yes
okay. All righty and a little bit over in the
other flower, kind of a dark underneath, and sort of fan it out, Okay and a little bit on this bud. There, okay I see a little brush hair in
there but that’s okay I’ll get it later. All right now we go on to starting to
highlight the flower. Let’s see I’m going to go into just a very little bit of
medium just a very little bit just enough to moisten the brush and take
some of that other color out. I don’t want that deep color in there right now,
okay no paper towel, okay, touch a medium and let’s go into red medium cad red
medium, make sure it feels nice and slippery. Okay the first thing I want to
do is start out with some petals way out here in the back. I’m going to start
outside my line here and with a little sort of a S just bring it in. Isn’t that pretty?
now see I’ve got a little bit of dark on the brush? I just want to just tip that
so it comes off, a little more medium, let’s start over here above the leaf or
above the petal, wipe off, more red medium, let’s go into
this one, kind of make your petals a little bit uneven, yeah that’s pretty. Now I want to come
towards to do the outer like the handles a little medium just till it feels
smooth. Okay Now this is a light touch I don’t want to
do this real heavy but I’m going to come in, and hit direct towards down here. I’m going to go into a little more, touch
of medium, I’m going to start down here this time, let’s go right here and I’m going to squeeze this out
because I want to brighten this this one area here. Let’s go into cad red light, I
have a dry brush no medium, I’m going to come in and touch like so, one more time,
oops, wrong one, let’s go into the red light there and I want to blend this out
some. I don’t want it just real brilliant just work it up and down. Okay now I want
to go into a little bit more of the red dark red these petals on the outside
would definitely be a little bit darker. I have one over here working towards
this point here and we’re going to have one more petal and the center, how about
right here. Okay now look at your flower. Do you see
anything that you want to change because now if you do that’s the time to change
it. I can see I might want to bring these handles out just a little bit further, probably on the other side, also right
here, let’s see right here, yeah, that’s good. Okay now I want to dip just a
little bit and into the lighter red, cad red light, and let’s go into the center
of our flower oh look at that! isn’t that pretty?
Picks up a little bit of that dark along with that brilliant light. I wonder what you all are going to be
doing on Valentine’s Day? I don’t know what I’m gonna be doing, I don’t know if
hubby is gonna surprise me with something again or not. We usually do something
special on that day, you know it’s for lovers and we’re definitely lovers! Okay
that’s good, a little bit of bright right there because our light would be sure
it’s shining over here, now I want to make sure that this comes out a little
bit still working with the red light,
probably here would separate that flower better, probably let’s do one here, I want
that to peak right there, yeah that’s nice. Probably would have a little bit right
here. I have to put this little leaf back in it’s disappearing, that’s okay I don’t
care about that leaf. Okay and I want to add a little bit let’s let’s just I want
to bring this down here there and I’m going to add more red light and I just
want to bring this down this way like it’s going to cross over my flower here. And let’s do the other side, this would
be coming let’s see, this one, how about this one here and we’ll come in, whoops, a
little more, and I want to blend this out a little
bit down here. I didn’t get enough dark down there as I can I can tell that it’s
not showing very much so I’m going to darken this just a little bit. Okay I think we will have like one more, let’s
have one more here just coming up do I want it up yeah no
let’s do it this way kind of like a little petal there and one over let’s do
one on the other side here just kind of blend that in Okay let’s go to the other flower just a
couple of little hits up at the top here and I’m using a red light and I’m going to also just maybe like a
suggestion of some petals here. Yeah I don’t think I want to do any more
to that one other than maybe just darken that a little bit in the center also. Okay one last little one here and this
would be like let’s do this that’s good I’ve just wiped out as much
of the paint as I can on my brush and I want to highlight these just a tiny bit
more so I’m going into orange this time cad Orange I’m going to let’s do this
one first we’ll hit it because your sun, member your sun, there let’s move this okay, maybe hit it just a few little hits
here, that’s probably good maybe a little hit
there how about right here. Now I’m using still very little oil medium very little
this would be brighter here and this one would be a little brighter and this here now is just kind of
separating them, probably here, now I had a request for
from, I can’t remember her name, anyway I had a request to do ruffles.
How do you do ruffles? Okay ruffles easy, let’s do it this way, scoop up don’t want
too much there, and down you’re just right here just a little flick do one on
the other side a little flick and that’s how easy ruffles are. Okay let’s do, let’s
hit this one here, and this one here, and last but not least I’m going to hit
this right here. And let’s do this other side here. There. And I think I want to do, let’s see I did the
orange over there, okay. So that’s good on that, did that,
alright now I’m going to clean this brush. I’m going to do a little
highlighting on the leaves, so I want to make sure I don’t have a lot of red in
here so let’s go ahead and clean that brush with thinner and make sure that it
is very dry because the reaction between thinner and oil medium is not a good one!
I see one thing, well let’s do this other thing first. Okay so I’m going into
some yellow and a little red, excuse me green, blue green not very much, it’s not
real thick but I do want it slippery. There, this is just for highlighting so
our light is there, so just a tiny bit, probably here and more yellow, probably
here, notice I’m not touching everywhere just a couple of little spots. Well I wish the glare wasn’t so bad here
I’d love to be able to see better. Let’s do this one because it would be hitting
like the top of the flower here, more yellow, maybe just a dab here, okay that’s
all and then I want to give a shadowy look to the underside of the flower, so
I’m going to go into turquoise. I love turquoise, turquoise is a beautiful color,
but I don’t want it too too strong, so I’m gonna just a little bit of yellow in
there, and let’s just go under here here maybe here and here, how about here, isn’t that pretty? Just that, it doesn’t take very much at all to make a really pretty
color, tone down that yellow that got pretty out of hand there. Let’s do this. I want to put these little centers back
in, okay and also I want to because this is so bright
British orange, I also want to add, oops almost went into the wrong thing there,
when I’m dip into a lot of medium like this it’s just cleaning my brush. I want
to get some of this orange, very very very light along with some yellow.
I just want to warm this yellow just a little bit, and I’m going to just hit on
some of the places, because I want to tie in these colors. See if they want a little bit of warm to
balance it out. Let’s go over to how about this one, and maybe here, hmm I got a bit bright
but that’s okay we’ll leave it, and I think just maybe one more right here, not quite orangie enough, there, also you
would have a little bit of highlight on the tops of your stems. Okay and you would also have a little
bit of shadow underneath, not much just a little bit. Okay that ties it in pretty well. Then
the then wait I’m going to switch over to my little filbert brush this time, and
what I want to do is, Oh I’ve got red all over me! That’s what painters do right? Okay, let’s do some daisies. I’m going to go into
pure white and let’s tint it. We’ll have one that’s kind of, let’s do a reddish
color here, well sort of a pinkish Daisy, and let’s
put him down here, let’s do it this way. Oh pretty, okay and let’s do another one,
I’m going to wipe this off a little bit here let’s do another one in a little
bit of a bluish color, so lots of white paint and let’s do all turquoise, that’s
really pretty. Okay let’s do one up here. This one will be sort of looking at us,
how’s that. Yeah I think we could do it maybe a yellowish one, how about let’s
see I don’t want to disturb that so let’s go right here,
oh I don’t know, I don’t want to do that, that’s, no I don’t want to do that either,
maybe I’ll just leave it, nah, let’s do one here. Pants getting a little too dry. So you
can tell when it’s too dry it drags really bad, okay.
These daisies need a slight stem, so I’m just going to go into is a little bit of
that Brown that we had, and let’s do that and that, and this one, mm-hmm I don’t
know, let’s do this. There, just a suggestion, and I’m going
to go into some orange and yellow, I want the orange on the bottom and the yellow
on top, and we’ll just hit the center, orange yellow, orange-yellow, okay and I think I would like to, this is
pink I want this a little bit more there, okay
that’s good, and I also need to do the center of the flowers this one probably
wouldn’t have very much but might have just a little bit, I’m going to go into a
high yellow and a little green, the green side down for underneath, and then a
little yellow it’s not showing up so I’m going to do a little brighter yellow, there. And I need to go into oil medium a
little bit of blue and green and we need to do this little calyx here, I think
it’s called a calyx, you know I’m really not sure, but make a spot, turn, go
like so, blue green, and we also need a dark spot under our partially open rose, maybe we’ll have two of these, maybe one
really long one. There. Okay and I want to allow a slight bit of
yellow just on the tips here, slight bit of yellow here, maybe just a
little more, there. Oh I do know one thing I want to do, yup, I keep thinking of
these things on, it mm-hmm back excuse me back into yellow just a little yellow
because I just want to barely barely barely barely highlight a few spots, because there are a few that would
really stand out. So this is a very long video I know, and
I baited on whether I’m going to do short videos long videos parcel videos, I
just don’t know, so I took a poll we’ll see what comes out of that, let’s go down
here also, right here and this there’s your ruffle, and it’s a little bit on
this side. I hear a husband coming! Hi sweetie, oh no,
are you kidding? I did see just a couple spots here I wanted to touch on, a little
bit of medium, a little bit of yellow, whoops
I need my paper towel because I got too much medium, I could tell it was too wet
in there, yeah that’s better. A little bit of orange yellow I just wanted to
highlight this little spot here because that would definitely get some highlight
from the light being over here and also wipe this off really good go into some
crimson, I just want to touch up just a little bit, make this a little darker in
through here, because it would be the inside of the flower, so it would be just a little bit darker, and possibly with my round brush there
would be a little bit of the center’s coming out here, and I also want to touch
a green with that, wouldn’t be very much here, just ever so
slightly. I decided that I was going to touch up these things just a little bit
more now instead of later because there’s really not that much to do. One
of the things I wanted to do I decided was with the red just a little bit of
red oops not the thinner, some oil medium little red oil medium, and I thought I’m
gonna just touch these leaves again. I want just a slight bit more of a warm
color so I’m just barely barely touching. That little bit of warmth just really
makes such a difference. Can you see the difference? I don’t know
I can see a big difference. I really like that little touch of red in there. Let’s do just a little bit maybe this
side teensy bit here. Yeah I like that a lot better. Okay I’m
through puttsing with that now. Oh gosh you know you when you keep looking, when
you’re so close, you keep finding these things, and so that’s what I did was step
back and look at it and I decided wow this needs a little touch and that needs
a little touch and so anyway that’s where I’m at.
I did want to touch this right here because there would be just a hair of
light there, and next I wanted to go into just a little bit of blue green maybe a
touch of red and just kind of make a sort of a deep color, a little bit more
to the greenish bluish side, oh yeah that’s pretty.
Okay but I want this very very thin. Okay squeeze out my brush to get any
thick paint out of there, yeah that’s going to be pretty, okay the
only thing, the other thing I wanted to do was one, I wanted to, I need to brace
myself, I wanted to touch the daisies, now if your light is coming in here, this
would be a shadowy side of your Daisy so there would be a little bit of darkness
here and this will really give you depth in your daisies. See it doesn’t take very
much. Okay that’s good, and I also want to do that over on the
yellow one, here it would be darker right in here, possibly under here, and just blend that ever so slightly, the same with this last Daisy, this would
have quite a bit of darkness here, and blend a little bit, and for the last thing I want to, oh while
I’ve got that dark color a little green and blue let’s make a little thorn here,
I think that’s the only thorns in there, oops, let’s do that over, too much, there
that’s better. Okay so the last thing is to dip in the medium a little bit of
white because now I want to just highlight the ones that would be closest
that would be right here, probably just the tips here, this is kind of in shadow but you know
what, the probably light would probably hit in here. I’m guessing, I wish I should
have a light with some real flowers here and then I would really be able to tell. There, and this one here the light would
be hitting right on this side, and it might be hitting over on this
side, and that got awfully red there too, so
I’m just going to go ahead and see if I can’t just lighten that up a little bit. Oh yeah that’s better. Okay and it would probably hit just a
slight bit under this side here. So
I think that’s all I can do to it, or that’s all I want to do to it! okay. Roses have been a very difficult
painting for me but I have struggled through it and I hope you struggle
through it too, and I hope that you are able to pick up a few tidbits that will
help you in your painting. I’m also working on trying to develop the Rose or
the generic flower with acrylic using my new special medium, so if I, if I get that
going and it looks really good, and I’m happy with it,
I will go ahead and share that with you if that’s something you’d like to see.
Perhaps you can just give me a little note in the comments below if you
want to see an acrylic flower, so anyway I know I have a lot of acrylic people
out there, that as well as oil painters, so anyway I hope you enjoyed, and if you
like go ahead and give me that thumbs up, share, and we’ll see you next time. Bye

Dereck Turner

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