UT students’ artwork to appear on billboards around Toledo

REPORTER: [? –11. ?] Over
the next several weeks, you may notice some of these
beautiful designs on billboards across Toledo. 14 university of
Toledo art students made the cut to be part
of the exhibit that features 19 pieces of art. Their designs will be
up on eight billboards across the city. This will be the seventh year
UT has promoted the students’ work on the big screen, and they
get a big response every time. BARRY WHITTAKER: That’s
part of the point is just having these students’
artwork be out in the world and have people absorb it,
have people see it put it in front of them, and make
this more of a public display of artwork. REPORTER: And the
digital billboard space was donated by Lamar of Toledo.

Dereck Turner

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