Using a Light Box to Transfer Artwork : How to Transfer Drawings With a Light Box

Using a Light Box to Transfer Artwork : How to Transfer Drawings With a Light Box

I’m Sue Rose with Expert Village and today
we’re showing you the different uses for a light box. I always, when I go to do a painting,
I always do, I paint it on a piece of poster board. The original sketch, I did in pencil
so that I can make any corrections or alterations on the piece of poster board before I put
it on my expensive water color paper. I do it in pencil to make my corrections and then
when those are done I go over that with a sharpie or a magic marker. I always save my
original drawings so that I can do it again in warm or cool colors. So, today I’m going
to show you, step by step, how to use my light box. I take my piece of poster board with
my drawing on it and I take my piece of water color paper and I take my art pencil, a drawing
pencil, a four drawing pencil, and in the light box I begin by going over the shapes
that I had drawn on the original piece of poster board. I go lightly with my pencil
and then I use an art gum eraser to erase it when I’m finished. Another good use for
a light box, and I will not completely continue with this, but if I want to I have some oranges
in different shapes, and if I want to add something else to this and I’ve got the bowl
here, all I need to do is take this piece of paper, move that same bowl over here and
I can repeat my sketch up here with another bowl by moving my sketch around under the
light box. Stay tuned for our next segment on how to use a light box.

Dereck Turner

17 thoughts on “Using a Light Box to Transfer Artwork : How to Transfer Drawings With a Light Box

  1. G00DEVIL says:

    hey nice tutorial, really helpful
    thanks for uploading 🙂

  2. Malcom Merriweather says:

    I want to use her box!!

  3. An.Opti.mystic.1 says:

    could you please tell me what model table you are using or is this a custom made for you table?

  4. Bertner Perzzerrler says:

    A light box is used to transfer roughs and sketches to final artwork. I often do my narrative roughs on tracing paper for this purpose – this ensures clean pencils.

  5. hackneymarshes says:

    Thanks for the interesting video.

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  7. WorldofGlassCraft says:

    Hi, Can we see more of the light box please? What make, size, what lights are in it. Thanks

  8. Armando Gallarin says:

    very good thanks,nice

  9. GlomobyAnimation says:

    Thanks for this great video. In the past I struggled with those white lines that appear when I shade or color over something with a pencil because I do draw hard sometimes. Using a lightbox would fix this problem.

  10. paradoxxf says:

    yes, yes it is

  11. Anime KHR says:

    some people use it for traditional animation :3

  12. Tbvck says:

    Thank you, very good !

  13. Alice Chapelle says:

    Lightboxes are usually cheaper at tatoo online shops than art and craft shops. Just a tip. 🙂

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  15. Off To Road says:

    Why don't you use a copier?

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