Uploading Files to Google Cloud Storage

Uploading Files to Google Cloud Storage

let’s look at how can upload files to
Google Cloud storage I’ll be covering three ways in this
video. Using the web UI Using the Command Line, and programmatically. If you
stick around till the end I’ll also show you how to get five
GB of free space. The first thing we need to do to use cloud storage is to create a bucket. you can of a
bucket like a collection of files and folders first go to your Google Developer Console and then select the project you’re working in. Then go to the storage section in click cloud
storage and then click storage browsers. here you can click Create a bucket. give the
bucket a unique name and then click Create. after a few
seconds the new empty bucket is created let’s look at how to upload files using
the web UI go back to the storage browsers and select the bucket we just created you can click upload files to select files and folders from a file picker my favorite is a drag and drop features
here you can just drag and drop files and
folders straight into the web UI this is an easy way to quickly upload
files from any computer let’s look at how to use the Google
Cloud SDK to upload files if you don’t have the Google Cloud SDK
installed on your computer see the link in the description for how
to install it. Let’s open a command line in the folder with the files we want to upload.
I want to upload file2 and folder2 to cloud storage. to upload file2 first type in gsutil, then CP then the name of the file and finally the name of our cloud storage bucket if we refresh our Google Developer
Console we can see that new file has been
uploaded Now let’s copy folder2. type in gsutil then -m for multicore then CP then -r for recursive, then the name
the folder and then the name the bucket if we refresh our Google developer console We can see the new folder with all the
files inside of it now let’s see how can access Google
Cloud Storage in code the first option are the gcloud
libraries these are idiomatic open source libraries are
available for Java Python, Go node.js and Ruby. simply search for
gcloud dash name the language you’ll find it on
github there’s also the Google API’s client this library is auto-generated for a ton of different languages for a ton of different Google Products. it might look a little weird sometimes but it works great. finally you can use
the raw JSON REST API if you want to. Check the description to find links to both these APIs. In
conclusion we looked at how can use the web UI, the command line and code to upload files to Google Cloud
Storage now for what y’all been looking for, how to get the free 5 GB of space first go to App Engine dot Google dot
com and then select the project you’re
working on go to the administration section on the left sidebar and click on application settings scroll
down to the cloud integration section and
then click create if you go back to our Google Developer
Console hit refresh we can see that we have a new bucket and
this bucket give us five GB of free space Have fun and see you next time!

Dereck Turner

32 thoughts on “Uploading Files to Google Cloud Storage

  1. crypto lover says:


  2. Igor Hoogerwoord says:

    You didn't show how to do it with code

  3. wagner verly says:

    [ brasil – rio de janeiro ] boa noite no CLOUD STORAGE NEARLINE , eu consigo utilizar FTP …. obrigado…

  4. xyxy yxyx says:

    Ahh you probably have saved my hours and hours and hours 🙂 Thanks for teaching like teaching to Bilal(newbie). Great work 🙂

  5. xyxy yxyx says:

    Is there a cancel code, while uploading a Folder using Terminal?

  6. xyxy yxyx says:

    Hey, how do I download back? I'm into using that cloud drive as a back-up for my 2TB external drive…

  7. Lanre Akomolafe says:

    Haven't found a way to upload local files to google cloud storage with the JSON API… only found ways to move around "objects", or files already stored in the cloud. Is there a way around this?

  8. Layput says:

    Hi Sandeep,

    How do I upload files from a specific directory like E:/Music/music_title.flac to a specific folder in my bucket like bucket1/Music? How about the entire Music directory?

    Can you please write the exact string?

    Also, gcloud SDK is installed on Drive C which is a physically separate SSD drive from the 3-TB HDD Drive E, where the music file is located.

    Thank you.

  9. Saurav Mehrotra says:

    I wanted to create a webpage through which we can upload files to cloud. I am using python.
    I got the process to upload local files to cloud but how to upload it via a webpage?

  10. Quabledistocficklepo says:

    That's not easy; in fact, I'll stick with DropBox until it's full.

  11. palecapulet says:

    how do you resume interrupted uploading?

  12. Prasenjit Giri says:

    Did not show the programmatic way, and hence the slides shouldn't have mentioned it.
    The documentation with so many redirect link completely messes with a beginner like myself.

    One thing for sure is, it is not helpful at all.

    I'm down voting for that.

  13. Mallikharjuna Kakumani says:

    Hi Sandeep,
    Can you please tell how upload wordpress media files to GCS. I have opened a question here.

  14. Learning By Doing says:

    this very helping,.I was looking for this tips,.how to contact you? I need something for this

  15. mayur jadhav says:

    Hello, i want to upload files to Google cloud storage in java
    i have already created upload file gui in jsp now i want to upload file directly on google cloud storage through jsp/java code
    how i can do this ?
    please help me

  16. bt10ant says:

    Anyone know of a video that shows this in "layman's" terms? I have Dropbox and I will stick with it until this is more understandable to us newbies. Thanks!

  17. Belle Santos says:

    The company I am with has a G Suite Account so we basically have 30 free GB of Drive Storage. But how is Google Cloud storage different from Google Drive? Which is easier and more accessible?

  18. Justin Chen says:

    I'm trying to download data from my bucket with gsutil, but keep on getting: 401 Anonymous users does not have storage.objects.list access to bucket. How do I authenticate so I can download?

  19. Shaik inthiyaz ali says:

    I want send images from google drive to IBM cloudant database is this possible or have any another suggestion for this.

  20. Anis Maharzn says:

    google asks to sign up to create a bucket ,to sign it requires credit card, I don't have credit card , Can i create bucket without signing in Or can I sign up with out credit card details ,please help!!!

  21. Lom Se says:

    Good tutorial. Very helpful. Assuming that I have a folder "folder-1" inside my bucket "awesome-bucket", how do I upload to "folder-1" which is inside the "awesome-bucket" bucket, using the command line? Thanks

  22. Vyom Aran says:

    How do i upload a 20 GB folder?
    Plz help
    Thanks in advance

  23. Charlie Bowman says:

    way too complicated. sorry 🙁

  24. luntu magwebu says:

    Option 2 is not clear how do locate the files from you local drive machine into the cloud storage ?

  25. Priyanka Dodiya says:

    How to read Data from bucket?

  26. William Mucheru says:

    How do you transfer objects from Amazon S3 to Google Cloud?

  27. Woofux says:

    Why do you sound like 15 year old Mark Zuckerberg

  28. Rajaneesh Vasampalli says:

    I'm Unable to Upload data from terminal. I'm using Commands which are given by you.I getting this

    INFO:root:Retrying request, attempt #1…
    INFO retry_util.py] Retrying request, attempt #1…
    INFO:root:Retrying request, attempt #1…


    thanks Dear from kbc all media www.cromosoft.in

  30. Subham Gautam says:

    hello i want to store images to google cloud storage using node js ..can you please help me

  31. Marie Jean says:

    Pz49 is going to hack you

  32. Fat Cat Gaming says:

    lots of links, not a great deal of content 🙁

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