Upload iPhone Photos and Videos Directly to OneDrive for Business

Upload iPhone Photos and Videos Directly to OneDrive for Business

I’m gonna show you how you can upload
photos and videos directly from your iPhone to OneDrive for Business. This is Sele Training and I am Jason
Sele. In order to upload files directly to OneDrive for Business from your
iPhone you need to first make sure that the OneDrive for Business app is
installed and you’re logged in. If you don’t have it installed you can find it
in the App Store. Simply search for OneDrive. Make sure to select the
OneDrive for Business. It says Microsoft OneDrive and do the
install. Once that’s complete, open up the Microsoft OneDrive application. It will
prompt you for your office 365 login. Enter your credentials and hit go. It
gives you a choice between OneDrive or OneDrive for Business and in this
situation we’re going to select OneDrive for Business. It then prompts for your
normal password for sign-in and once you’re connected it opens up the
OneDrive file location default. Now you’re ready to upload photos and
videos. To do that, open up photos. In the lower left you’ll find an upload icon.
Tap that and select the photos or videos that you want to upload. Now you’ll
notice in the upload locations OneDrive is not a choice so click the dot-dot-dot
and you can toggle OneDrive on and then click Done. Now you can select OneDrive
to upload. Make sure to select your OneDrive credentials then choose upload
to OneDrive As the file is being copied you’ll see a
progress counter and when that’s complete you’ll see that the files are
saved. Now if you log in to the OneDrive portal you’ll see the files are there
that you uploaded and you can use them however you wish. To summarize this has been the method to copy files directly from your iPhone into OneDrive for
Business. I hope you find this tool to be very helpful. Hey, if you want to see more
videos like this one, please subscribe and if you’ve enjoyed this video be sure
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Dereck Turner

6 thoughts on “Upload iPhone Photos and Videos Directly to OneDrive for Business

  1. Official Charles says:

    Do you know how to do it with music?

  2. Stephanie Wheeler says:

    Helpful.  Thank you.  Is there a quick and easy way to upload all photos from IOS to Onedrive rather than individually clicking on them?

  3. Doug Janes says:

    I have a regular OneDrive account. Not the business account. Can I upload photos there? Thanks

  4. Don Charleton says:

    This also works if you have a Dropbox account (you need to download and install Dropbox) .

  5. Marta Balsach says:

    Can you do the same with Sharepoint? Thanks!

  6. David Hunt says:

    Thanks! The OneDrive app itself didn't seem to be working to upload photos to a folder. But if I go into Photos app and select the image I can choose OneDrive and navigate to the folder to save to. Thanks for the hint!

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