TWICE being professional artists

TWICE being professional artists

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “TWICE being professional artists

  1. twicity says:

    Video dedicated to Mina, we love you. Take all the time you need. 💗 #GetWellSoonMina

  2. ay rish says:

    6:13 in this video chaeng fancam her knee is bleeding 'cause of her own nail 😿😹

  3. ii Strxberri Jxn ii says:

    the fact that momo still danced and stayed in sync is honestly amazing-

  4. Gato Sardina says:

    7:58 name of the song? :0

  5. #Unicorn Nurul Farra Najwa says:

    every guy will impress when they know how profesional is twice done a mistake and make it easy

  6. Fleuriane Dawn says:

    Nganong si momo always ma tangtangan? HAHAGHA

  7. Brit Padilla says:

    And Mr removed jagsjavsjsos

  8. J Perm Official Fan Account says:

    I don't stan twice but gosh , they're amazing artists

  9. Tahsin Rahman says:

    4:21 what's the name of this song?

  10. Emmie Perrie says:

    Tzuyu and her shoe lmao

  11. cool chick says:

    i'm a whole gfriend stan but if there is another girl group i rescpect and love and look up to other than my girls it's twice. they are such a well rounded gg and on top of all of that their songs are awesome and their personalities amazing. definetely my 2nd top group after gfriend.

  12. MysticMaknae says:

    momo has a lotta outfit issues

  13. akkie; says:

    caralho é sempre a momo, amo essa garota

  14. akkie; says:

    é impressionante o profissionalismo do twice

  15. Faye U says:

    You know what I have a lot of respect for Twice they’re really professional and get on with issues without making a lot of fuss
    also they need some more durable outfits considering how intense their dances can be

  16. Hoseokb ts says:

    This made me respect twice more

  17. Noor F. says:

    4:13 can someone tell me what song this is?

  18. Jack Sworp says:

    Momo me recuerda a cuando me rompi el brazo pero tenia que seguir jugando basquet por que es mi vocacion :v

  19. XoxoGacha_ GurloxoX says:


    Bottom part, white text

  20. Leidy Zapata says:

    This video should be dedicated to Momo, poor girl

  21. Kim Seungmin says:

    Most of it is Momo and i fell bad for her..😔Seeing them being a professional is amazing but, seeing them having problems/injured/tired just.. Doesn't make me fell special and rainbow 😭 But i know my Unnies are amazing😍 Twice FIGHTING!!♥️

  22. No says:

    2:22 someone definitely got fired for this

  23. Germaine Tan says:

    if you gonna make clothes make sure they stay on.

  24. Yastami Vamo says:

    Momo is the baddest luck member lol

  25. asdfasdf says:

    6:40 욱광문양..?

  26. Алина Морозова says:

    1:57 что за песня?

  27. Maríafe Meza Huamani says:

    What is the name of the song of the minute 4:13?

  28. Hobis Hands says:

    Twice rlly is tHAT girl group huh 😭💕💕

  29. SUGA tongue technology A says:

    6:39 yooo MOMO looks so hot !!!

  30. Devshri Wakadekar says:

    Its sooo true that they have same energy even when they are rehearsing!
    These girls are so hardworking and talented they deserve so much love compared to other girl groups! ❤
    #once ❤

  31. Nayeon is a bunny Sana is a snake says:

    2:40 and 2:46 look at nayeon and sana singing navillera is so precious.

  32. Ngoc Diem Nguyen says:

    The most professional girlgroup : Twice
    The most professional boygroup: bts

  33. syafaudhri lluresk says:

    i think that momo has the most wardrobe malfunctions, but sana handles wardrobe malfunctions very well.

  34. ø k a y_h a v e n says:

    Sometimes I feel like the stylist are trying to sabotage them :/

  35. Asher M Feroze says:

    What's the song at 4:12?

  36. Kalgeriax 101 says:

    I don't really care if they make mistake on stage, and tackle with professional way.
    Just please take care your health, ESPECIALLY MENTAL. Not only to Twice, all people Must take care their mental health.
    The true enemy is ourselves .

  37. milk cloudy says:

    B aja tidak Ada yg special

  38. Anaelys Mendoza says:

    My love is chaeyoung

  39. justahuman says:


  40. Vitoria Silva Silva says:

    With this video we can say that my beautiful 💕MOMORI💕 has no luck😁😉💗she is very good to care about it💜

  41. Jessica says:

    What happened to jeongyeons eye?

  42. zacariasuuu shinpai says:

    Momo got me worried on her top falling off :<

  43. Robbie Lucero says:

    This is why we need new stylist for Twice I mean just look what Jeongyeon is wearing is she wearing a cloth with belt that cost an unresonable price and what about momo what will happend if her top actually fell

  44. Kookiesmaiden97 lüv says:

    And haters keep questioning their daesangs? They DESERVE it more than anyone else because of their professionalism when it comes to their stages especially their ENERGY in every stages they perform❤❤❤

  45. Borahae Army says:

    Lol why it always momo.. poor queen😂

  46. Dion Amorichan says:

    Momo is beautyful girl

  47. Mochi JM says:

    Ellas no son como Jennie de blackpink…TWICE LAS DIOSAS

  48. ay rish says:

    6:27 when they had a tired and sicked off face yet the energy is still there. Hardwork beats talent

  49. Zigsaw Gaming says:

    Wardrobe malfunction: shoot! Momo is not an easy Target

  50. firdha . afriza says:

    Momo you are the best

  51. Hazz Ziqq says:

    I will always support twice!!!✌✌✌✌❤❤❤

  52. Martin Ramirez says:

    Ok I know this looks like something professional to you guys right? But for me looks like a group who was created like robots to be perfect and kpop fans doesn't want any mistake from them but they need to realise kpop idols are also humans like us their companies push them to the max so that is why they have no choice but to continue the show no matter what happen to any of the members even if they get hurt the show must continue cause that is the way they were trained to be PERFECT IDOLS.

  53. Milesthewolf meme23 says:

    5:28 omg that was so fucking cute how she jumped

  54. Sweet Gamer says:

    Thanks for this vid. I stan and love them even more. Their dedication and love in what they do just for onces is what I admire even though they're super famous and at the same time hurting inside. Wahhhh I just can't stop loving Twice~~~~…. So humble and professional indeed. God bless them.

  55. CHARLIE CORN says:

    Momo constantly dancing with one arm is crazy and I love it

  56. Turtle says:

    It’s always my baby girl momo haha

    Mina looking at Tzuyu at 3:21 is so cute lol

  57. Yoseline Valiente says:

    half of these are just momo-

  58. xnx _frvryong says:

    1:37 JAJAJAJAJ so cute

  59. kim seokjin's gurl vlogs says:

    Why is it that momo is always the one who always deal with wardrobe malfunctions?

  60. javiera urquejo says:

    Momo la de la mala suerte pero profesional

  61. Unprofessionalistic ML says:

    That's why I love them so much💓🥰

  62. Lennie Kim Army Blink Yo says:

    Momo siempre profesional nunca inprofesional :v peinados chidos con dahyun llama ya :v

  63. LORAINE says:


  64. Cetta Athari says:

    I think I wanna became ONCE.

  65. Bri Khamp says:

    I stood with the right group

  66. firtia zahsy says:

    I salute 5:20
    And when they were injured n still dance..
    Top artist..

  67. Lorman Sison says:

    All of momo clothes make disaster

  68. Kpop Everyday says:

    How can Twice have the same energy in every show, rehearsal, dance practice, concert? How is that even possible

  69. Mellow Bread says:

    TBH I'm not really into their kind of music (I like it don't take me wrong but it's not what i'm listening usually). But I stan them anyway. Because they are hardworkiing and talented woman.

  70. 알싯토엔좃린 says:

    Momo must be stressed because of her cloths

  71. Jeon FaMiLy ONCE_NAYEON says:


  72. Kenzie Hussam says:

    Why was all of them with momo.. 😂😂

  73. 101 Studio says:

    Momo: *having difficulties on stage all the time*

    Also Momo: ah, that will never stop me

  74. kelly c says:

    0f course they can't leave the stage or start crying in the floor 💁

  75. Febryan Farliangga says:

    Thats why I love my Momo

  76. love myself says:

    Twice is and will always be special

  77. Chimmy's Yellow Hoodie says:

    Not a fan of momo but seeing her holding the unpredictable situation (literally) makes me have some types of feeling for her. She looks really cool.

  78. Nylah Bardell says:

    1:24 that was literally me yesterday

  79. Park Chaeyoung says:

    1:43 what‘s it with jyp artists and losing their shoes 😂

  80. Min_ _Hoseok says:

    Wacho por qué todo a Momo ಠ_ಠ

  81. Sarah Saw says:

    Other than the members themselves being very talented, I think we also have to owe it to JYP for training them and teaching them well and also providing them with healthy food

  82. Wocky T.V. says:

    They try to give their best in everything❤❤

  83. Innocent man says:

    I love the way professional artis was amazing…

  84. DaWolfieWolf says:

    No offense but I like Jihyo's voice the most in concert or live. Her voice are powerful

  85. hora de Aventura says:

    No busques más once latina soy el único comentario en español

  86. Bangtan Sonyeondan says:

    Momo is so professional

  87. Gillian Koe says:

    why does momo always have wardrobe malfunctions FKSLFKDKFKD

  88. Ranzen Tingson says:

    That's what we call PASSION. They are not all about fame or money.

  89. Daneah Ferrer says:

    Momo si so Precious! 💖

  90. Wig has Been Snatched says:

    Momo:does whole performance while holding her outfit behind her back❤#twice_are_true_QUEEN

  91. Minatozaki Sana Stan says:

    Sana outfit malfunction are still iconic❤

  92. Nurhanım Zor says:

    Momo was like: F this performance im fixing my outfit first😂😂💖💖💖

  93. JoinTrip Menti says:

    I love twice


    in conclusion: momo has problem with her outfits


    1:02 by watching her dance the whole song, we understand the true meaning of professionalism

  96. John Torrecarion says:

    Momo's clothes can't handle her EnErGy !!

  97. Bur Ger Ham says:

    Should slow down the vid to see how dahyun tight(idk how to tell) her hair

  98. army blink 《tota》 says:

    Why all bad things happened with momo😂😂😂

  99. N.H hidayah says:

    Poor mina ❤❤love her

  100. Mickyla Balaguer says:

    Thats y I love Momo so much! She is so energetic and wont stop just because of a little problem! Go momoring!

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