Tutorial Krita – How to copy/duplicate a frame and move it in Krita

Tutorial Krita – How to copy/duplicate a frame and move it in Krita

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. In this video. I’m going to show you how to duplicate a frame In Krita for animation. So What you do is find a frame that you want to duplicate or copy In this case I want to copy the very first frame I made. because all the other ones are slightly different. And I want the first frame and the last frame to be exactly the same. So what I would do is click over to one of these free spaces And right click on it. And click on “copy frame” And this will copy the frame that comes before it. Then after that all I need to do is move it over to where I want it to be that Which is frame 30. And there you go. I copied the first frame to become the last frame as well. So if you look here. you will see that this is the first frame. This is the last frame. These are the frames in between. So all you have to do is click on an empty frame area. Right click. “Copy frame”. and then move that to where you want it to be at. So lets say I move it over to this one. It will take the place of whatever was there before and so You will notice that it looks just like the other ones. It looks just like the first one and it also looks like the last one. So that’s how you would copy a frame. In Krita, and move it to a different spot. I hope this video was helpful, and thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye.

Dereck Turner

26 thoughts on “Tutorial Krita – How to copy/duplicate a frame and move it in Krita

  1. animator 049 says:


  2. chariot rider says:

    what if i want to duplicate multiple frames at the same time

  3. Golden Gamer says:

    thanks you so much 😀

  4. BadAnimations YT says:

    omg im retarde i pressed the copy to the first one and thought why isn't working lmao im stupid

  5. Taookami Animation says:

    best tutorial i've ever seen. No joke. What is that music in the background?

  6. Youssef A. says:

    Finally… Krita can really be a pain in the ass. Thanks for the video, FInally got what I wanted!

  7. Scriptinos says:

    Thanks! without this it would've took me FOREVER to finish the project i was working on.

  8. _Recording_ HJ_ says:

    you are man hero!! XD thank chuuuu!!! now I can finally work with krita XD

  9. Fishiest Stain says:

    here's the thing for me, i draw smthng, i copy the frame, i duplicate it and move, buuuut….i look at the first frame and it's all white, and it only duplicates that…can you explain
    what ever the fuck is going on here?

  10. Shreyas Sanikommu says:

    Your voice sounds really nice

  11. -_- BluShot says:

    yea same i was so relived when i found this vid

  12. Vivedisney says:

    How do you do if the frame you want to duplicate is right beside an other one ?

  13. Extremely Average says:


  14. Sox :D says:

    thank you!!!

  15. Yesnomaybeso GD says:

    Thank you so much i needed this for my animation/comic i am making

  16. Su Kari says:

    Thanks this was short yet clear and uber informative

  17. Lemon Beat says:

    Lmao thanks im useless at frame by frame animation.

  18. Lemon Beat says:

    Wait my animation wont play when i press the play button

  19. drgoness says:

    are you able to copy and paste multiple frames at a time?

  20. Martin døssing says:

    omg your voice!

  21. plasmatyx says:

    this looks and sounds like it was made in 2008 BUT.. very helpful

  22. Soon2BFamous says:

    Thanks so much! 🙌

  23. veecatsu says:

    is there a way to select multiple frames at once?
    LOL nevermind im dumb, shift click

  24. Totally Insane Art says:

    It was helpful. I am brand new at Krita and want to use it for animation.
    Thank you for the easy to understand help.

  25. Harmmelodic says:

    Hey, today I just downloaded the newest version of Krita and when I right-click it appears a bunch of new options that don't include "copy frame" or "new frame", am I doing something wrong? It would be a lot of help to know!

  26. Nor Nor says:

    Damn their voice is aesthetically pleasing.

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