Turn on English subtitles.Asya Kozina about paper art, actual art and fashion.

Turn on English subtitles.Asya Kozina about paper art, actual art and fashion.

For me, inspiration it is primarily my work. Because as often appetite comes with eating, and inspiration falls in the process. And you get a lot of pleasure from work. The most biggest theme for my inspiration… This is the story of costume history, the history of fashion. The history of art in general Most of the projects that I’ve done one way or another relate with fashion I was interested first and foremost historical costumes. But there were also national costumes… and these were ethnic wedding costumes As creator of his works I look at them quite skeptical Usually, I am working with some of the work.
…. I study, I try thoroughly understand I’m curious to find interesting little known facts about these suits, to find unusual stories about these clothes. For example wedding series was not created accidentally, I was fascinated by this fantasticaly. Because each ethnic wedding suit it is completely unique, not only for each country for each region. this is such a small wig I am doing it for two days exactly. I begin to make such a small wig from simple shapes. is the usual rectangles This is preparation for a neck This workpiece to create a head Both these parts twisted and glued together and then we have neck and head. Further by individual strips creates volume of hairstyles then the volume of naroschen curls hairstyle made curls… curls’s there are similar to the spring elements, which are very typical for wigs of era Rococo And at least I do decor. it is all kinds of parts of flowers, feathers and a ferris wheel in this situation. One of the most tedious work is a series of paper cut dandelions. This is a series of small paper cut works that symbolize the fragility of our world. Everything disappears, nothing lasts forever, blew on it, and it is not. One of the directions paper art I tasted many years ago. This tunnel book. One of these themes was the fairy tale. The secret is that it is greater number of paper cuts list, which is superimposed one on another. And when the backlight creates saturated tones in deep story. Many people asking why paper, it is not durable … CONSTANTLY asking me This is a question which is set from beginning from my start till 9 years. and these nine years, these works are in museums and private collections, in my house They are stored fine, looks great, nothing happened with them This art objects they must perceive that they are set on exhibitions, buying, are stored in the collections. They are exhibited in museums galleries, and actually it is collectible for someone. This is my work my art! This is what I was lucky to find myself!

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    Меня поразило мастерство художницы."Чувство белого бумажного листа".Если Микельанджело говорил:"Я беру камень и отсекаю всё лишнее,"то Ксения не только отрезает лишнее,но и формирует фактуру,сопоставляет,делает плоские листы объемными.Прошел лишь год с тех пор,как я познакомилась с творчеством Ксении,но в этом новом фильме я вижу,как она растет,вижу новые,более дерзкие идеи.Хай тобi щастить,люба землячко!!∰

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