“Truth, Love, & Fun” – Grant Searcey Artwork

“Truth, Love, & Fun” – Grant Searcey Artwork

I was always that kid in elementary and stuff that was the art kid. I just took to it like a duck takes to water. That’s where I truly felt the most alive. My mom has always been an artist. She was an art teacher while I was growing up, so she would introduce my sister and I to these concepts that she was planning for her future curriculum. So we were exposed to all this stuff at a very young age. The last thing I ever thought you could do was really make it as an artist. I’ve spent a lot of years overcoming that and learning that it can be done, but there’s not an easy road map. So you have to create your own way. Every painting that I do I ask myself before, during, and when I think it’s finished if it’s truth, if it’s love, and if it’s fun. Because I want everyone who sees my work to feel those three things. Is it sincere? Is it authentic? That’s what I want to give to the world with my paintings. I have a lot of different influences from sci-fi genres to steampunk. I love street art. And also I’m just taken, like many of us are, with nature. I literally got to a point in my life where I got to decide, do I want to live or die? I was told I had non-hodgkins lymphoma and in 48 hours it would be irreversible. And when I survived I basically said, “I’m on bonus time.” I really should have taken a dirt nap here, but I didn’t. I want to fight for life. What do you want to do? What’s so great about life? And this is it. This is my modality. I’m not that guy with the heart transplant that survived that and now he’s an artist. I’ve always been an artist, but going through such a profound scenario in life is what it took for me to have the courage to say, All right, it’s time! Let’s pursue getting my message out to the world. That life is supposed to be fun, because that’s honest. It’s how Grant Searcey sees the world. And that’s what people want to see.

Dereck Turner

6 thoughts on ““Truth, Love, & Fun” – Grant Searcey Artwork

  1. Grant Hodge says:

    Very cool Grant! I think your philosophy on life is spot on. I would love to have one of your works and will head over to your site to check it out. Cheers! BTW your dad sent me this link. He thinks the world of you 🙂

  2. Nickle Fry says:

    I think this is your guy's best promo yet. Good job👍

  3. eriko p says:

    Thank you for creating this video/movie. We love you! RIP! You were such a LIGHT from the moment I met you and Mindy !!!!

  4. verschwenderin says:

    The most excellent man has left us today October 27, 2018. We have been blessed with your art. Thans for all the wonderful moments you gave us through your paintings.

  5. Tina Simons says:

    Such a lovely human being. Felt the love for sure in your art. You are alive in all you touched.

  6. perezmuk says:

    So nice to be able to hear your voice again! Abrazos !!

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