Tricks to Keeping Your Brushes Like New!

Tricks to Keeping Your Brushes Like New!

Painting With Yovette, Keep Your Brushes Like New! Well good afternoon everybody, I’m so
glad you came back to join me again today. Today is all about cleaning your
brushes. So have you ever had this happen to you? When you go to pick up a brush
it’s as hard as a rock because somebody forgot to clean it out! Well it happened
to me just the other day and I thought wow, I’ve really got to do a tutorial on
this. So anyway well let’s go ahead and find out how to clean brushes, how to
save them for a long long time. Well needless to say I was a little bit upset
with myself when I discovered that I had left paint on my brush because usually
I’m very good about not doing that. But anyway I did a tutorial on this called
Tips and Tricks in a previous video and I showed how to clean some brushes but I
found even a quicker way which I liked. So this is just easy off oven cleaner,
shake, and if you’re sensitive to chemical please wear gloves and/or a
mask if you need to. But all I’m doing is spraying a little bit of this oven
cleaner into the bottom of this little dish here. And take my brush and all I’m
doing is I’m going to go into this oven cleaner and start tapping, and this will
take just a couple seconds, you can see that color already it’s starting to come
off can you see that? It’s turning green, which is the color I left and my brushes!
Okay so, I’m tapping tapping tapping and you can feel it it starts to, you can
feel it loosen up, and the bristles will start separating, and it’ll get softer
and softer and softer. And about oh, after a couple seconds take a paper towel and
just go ahead and squeeze out some of that paint,
you can see it just comes off quite a bit. And dip in again, and what you want
to do is be sure to get that down into this ferrule area because, the
ferrule area because that’s where the paint will accumulate and ruin your
brushes. So press down fairly firmly. Twist the brush a little bit, make sure
you’re getting that all loosened up from the ferrule. Okay and then just, it
just doesn’t even take I don’t think even a minute to do this. And then go
ahead and squeeze out that excess. Okay and now excuse me just a second
I’ll be right back because I’m just going to put this under soap and water
and that will clean out all the chemical Okay I’m back I just have here just soap
and water and I’m just going back and. forth just making sure I get all the
chemical out of the brush. You can feel it when it comes out, it’ll be your brush
will feel like a natural bristle again. So just go ahead and do that back and
forth, and I’ll be right back, now I’m just going to rinse it in water. Okay I’m
back and as you can see there it’s all clean it’s all pretty again, it’s like
new bristles. And if it starts to spread out really bad, this one will spread
anyway because it’s just a really old brush, but if yours is a newer brush and
the bristles because it’s a natural hair, if it starts to spread out, just get a
little paper towel like so, and just fold it over whoops, let’s go, okay just fold
it over, fold it over again, see you’re making kind of a little package, and then
making sure that you don’t bend the tips, just fold the paper and set it down and
just leave it dry overnight. And next day it’ll be as good as new
again! Now bear in mind that this is only for oil paint, do not do this with
acrylic because it won’t work! This only works for oil paint! So I would like you
to take a look at these brushes and tell me what you see?
Do you see a difference in them? Well these two are really kind of spread out,
these two come to a beautiful tapered edge. These two are good for nothing but
scrub brushes, see I even have on here scrub scrub. If you just want to fill
your canvas with paint, you know you’re not worried about it,
that’s the brush to use because that one you can just destroy. It’s really good for
nothing else. A good floral brush has a beautiful tapered edge and you can feel
it. If you rub your fingers across there, you can feel first a little bulge and
then it just fades into nothing. That’s a perfect floral brush and that’s what you
want to use for your floral. If you want beautiful flowers and leaves you have to
have really good brushes. Don’t try and use something like this because it will
not work! So like I said before, these brushes are just extremely expensive, and
so you want to take as good a care of them as you can. So this is how I clean my
brushes, and this may be right and may be wrong I don’t know, it’s just what I do,
and I’m sharing it with you. So the first thing I do, now this has paint on it. This is thinner. It’s old thinner, I mean I’ve used it over and over and over, but
I just recycle my thinner. I’m pretty good at recycling just about everything!
So first thing I want to do is wipe off the brush really well. Get all the excess
paint, just squeeze, squeeze from the ferrule here down, but don’t pull on it
because that will loosen it. You just want to kind of push that paint out to
the end, if you can see that. Okay then I dip into my thinner, and with this cover all I do is just take and squish it. Now
this will get a lot of the excess out. And just work that brush back and forth,
and then go ahead and squeeze it again, get as much of that thinner out as you
can, then I dip in one more time and I’ll do this two or three times however long
it takes. Can you see how that is pretty clean compared to when I first started? So just
work it press gently but firmly down. You want to get all that paint out of the
ferrule, that’s the critical part. If that paint dries in the ferrule your brushes
are ruined! Okay so then again, I squeeze it out so
it’s getting very very pale. Let’s get a new napkin here. I’m going to wipe this
out so I can see what color it is. One more time into the thinner, and I don’t see anything coming out, so
that brush I would say is pretty clean! But that’s not the last step, the very
last step is this, which is just baby oil, and once this is dry here, I will take
and, I see this little thing I have on the bottom? It’s just a little grate, you
can get them at the craft stores or something similar to it, and I will just
gently twisting and turning the brush make sure that all that paint is out of
the ferrule, just gently press press press, and I even get in there with my fingers
and squeeze. It’s just baby oil so it’s not going to hurt you! And and I don’t
see any paint at all coming out. Sometimes I do, once in a while I do, and
if you look at this at the bottom here, that’s all paint sediment that settles.
It’s really interesting because the oil just filters the sediment out, it just
drops to the bottom and stays there and your oil stays nice and clean all the
time! So anyway dip squeeze, see I don’t see,
let’s get another clean one. Squeeze, I don’t see anything coming out. So I would
say that is a nice clean brush, not only that, now it’s going to stay moisturized,
and if there is paint in the ferrule it won’t dry in there because of the oil it
will keep it moist. So that’s just what I do. You can try it see if you like it.
Well I hope you learned something about cleaning brushes today. There are a ton
of methods to clean brushes and if you just look at youtube you’ll find all
kinds of tutorials out there that’ll teach you how to do it, and their method.
This is just my method, it works for me, I love it
I’ve kept my brushes really in good shape for years
years. So if you incorporate my method that’s wonderful! And if you don’t that’s
okay too! So anyway, well please subscribe if you
like my channel, and I’m just wishing you all the best today and every day. Thank
you for joining me. Bye bye

Dereck Turner

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