Tree Ring Circus. Kids Short Book. Quality Children’s Story Read Aloud.

Tree Ring Circus. This one’s quick. All
right? Tree Ring Circus… Tree Ring Circus. One seed in the ground three miles out
of town. One dark little rain cloud. Then two clouds. Then three. One fast-growing
tree where the seed used to be. Three chipmunks,
two sparrows, a whopping big bee, all live in the tree where the seed used to
be. A chicken, two Blue Jays, three squirrels, a clown, a cat who climbed up
but can’t find her way down, three chipmunks, two sparrows, a whopping big bee,
five mice and a raven all live in that tree. The traveling circus of Barley and
Brown looks up and looks down for the runaway clown. Because they both stare at
the tree they don’t see the two clever apes are stealing their key. Eight open
cages, two frightened men, one rolling circus rolls off once again. 13 more
animals suddenly free all around on the ground by the trunk of the tree.
Two tigers, three chipmunks, five poodles with capes, three squirrels, one lion, two
key stealing apes, two blue jays one ostrich, one raven, a clown, a cat who
climbed up and would love to get down, two sparrows, one chicken, a whopping big
bee, five mice, and a bear. And a very full tree… and one elephant. drum roll please (drum roll + crash ) 33 animals counting the clown get up off
the ground without making a sound and flee from the lee where the tree used to
be until it fell down three miles out of town Be sure to Like and Subscribe if you IN JOY this story 😉 Thanks for Sharing!

Dereck Turner

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