Travel Pictures, Pegs & Fairy Lights = An Awesome Bedroom Wall

Travel Pictures, Pegs & Fairy Lights = An Awesome Bedroom Wall

So I’ve got all these really cute little
pictures which are just like some of my favorite memories really and I’ve print
them on these little Polaroids and it was just like a random website I found
on Google and there was an offer on 20 so I picked my favorite 20 pictures and
I printed them away and they’re so nice like it’s all my memories from traveling
and some of my friends from home and I decide I want to put them up in my room
so I’ve also bought these fairy lights which I just got from Amazon and they’re
white ones and there’s how many lights are in there 200 there’s 200 light says
I hope that’s gonna be really long and cover my whole wall and then I’ve got
these tiny little pegs and I’m just gonna basically hang all the lights up
and then I’m going to clip the pictures on and I hope you look really good so
let’s see how it goes so I’m so happy with this so I’ve put
them all up so I put all the lights up so I’ve actually like clicked the
pictures to the lights with them my little clips I’ve got a little like pecs
and I’ve got my American poster which I love just all the states marked and then
how cute so I’ve just got a bunch of my memories and what I’ve done like so like
it’s the picture and then it just says like a little caption and then where it
was and like the date so I’ve got like a bunch of my pictures up and it’s just
like some of my favorite memories and some of my best friends and you know so
I might just for me ninjas for a really long time and I’m really glad I finally
put them all up I think it’s so nice it’s literally brought so much life to
my room I’m really really happy with it I feel like yeah it’s just so nice to
have like all my memories kind of hung up in one place you know and um yeah I
love it I kind of can’t stop looking at it looking all the pictures and I’m
quite excited to get some more things to hang on the wall so I’m thinking like I
always collect little elephants everywhere I go because they’re my
favorite animal select this one here I’ll show you so this one’s from Dubai
and then so I couldn’t like all of my windowsill so this one is from Costa
Rica this one is from the Caribbean then this one was actually given to me this
is from Egypt I’m an elephants I’ve got one downstairs that’s from Thailand in
Vietnam well it wasn’t really a elephant II so I got this turtle instead okay and
it’s kind of like the thing I collect I’ve also got these little turtles from
Costa Rica as well so I’m thinking when I like travel
around if I go to like cool places have good memories I’m gonna try and get
little things that I can also hang from these lights and hopefully they’ll be
about little elephants or little like travel mementos I’m not gonna put it on
the wall which I thought would be really fun actually so what you can so try this at home as
well like what every wall you’ve got if you don’t have like a huge wall I really
don’t see that’s a problem you could change the color of the lights look if
you what once that different colored or I do have some funky lights around my
mirror I’ve got these ones here which are really cool I just can’t find ones
that are long enough for what I want to achieve but I literally love this like
I’ll put a bunch of pictures off my Instagram as well so you can see up
close see what it looks like so yeah that’s what I’ve done today so I’ve just
got home from work and I am pretty tired this week already and I’m loving my wall
still good does it look sorry I’m so happy with it it makes me look I’m
really happy I’ve got all my pictures up I’m just like look at my memories is so
nice I love em yeah now I’ve got home from work and I cannot think of a better
way to chill out than to have a nice relaxing bath so I’m gonna I’ve got some
of my favourite lush products only love lush oh I love going in there and the
better well the best things about lush is I think how much the staff there
seems to like to love it as well I went in as Irish for a nice relaxing bath
like how will a new bath bomb cuz I normally get the Twilight one which is
like a laughs and do what and I love that laughing dispense if you re
relaxing call into lush people see no we’re talking about apparently and I’m
and they thought I was have a different today so I brought a few things I put
three things which actually for me is really
contained in lush so I’ve got this plum rain shower gel
how nice that look so it’s like purpley it smells great
so it’s plum juice um imple army boshi fruity cleanses let’s get to hop the
words cuz they were bacon I should read them oh this is so much morning I love
the ones I care quite like summary this is such a more like all to me smell I
should cancel smell again mmm it just smells like fruity but like autumnal I
love that so I’m gonna spit that and then I’ve got my fast bomb so I’ve got
the chair up a buttercup the bath bomb which bath bomb it’s just a sad bath and
then this is really old news I use this all the time I’m gonna use my ocean salt
which is like a body scrub it’s like an exfoliation really I just put it all
over me and my skin especially after if you like I’ve shaved your legs or
whatever I put it on and I feel so silky smooth I love that and then I’ve just
put this as well which is sympathy for the skin and it’s a hand boy lotion rich
cream of cocoa butter and bananas to soften the skin I look so nice this has
been made by fig L I love that I’ll actually love that they do that that it
says who like made your last product I’ve seen that’s such a cute little
quirky thing that they do but that is my plan for the evening I’m wearing my
weekday jumper laying in my bed and I’m just gonna chill out so thanks so much
for watching this video guys it’s my first like more weekly lifestyle what
I’m up to you video so I really hope you enjoyed it please give it a big thumbs
up and hit subscribe and let me know what sort of things you want to see on
the blog always wanted to interesting listening where you guys actually want
to see and any questions you have and I would
answer them so Luffy let’s see on Sunday you

Dereck Turner

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  1. El ouahabi Hamza says:

    wow great i like that 👌🤗

  2. StudentBlogLife says:

    Love the music! What was the website for the polaroids? Your wall looks soooo cute!

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