TPU eFlex Filament – Can it Replace Silicone in Mold Making?

TPU eFlex Filament – Can it Replace Silicone in Mold Making?

hello it’s alex steele back with another mod shapes and today we’re testing eflex filament from inland you can get that at Micro Center this filament is super flexing squishy even so we wondered could it be possible to replace silicon in the mold making process with this filament we check it out first we need a negative mold so I quickly made one from an existing model in fusion the print took about six hours here is where I should have noticed and in retrospect it’s clear that this model didn’t print watertight I used mold release as per typical with smooth on 300 and here you can really see the problem clearly the casting resin seeped into the deeper parts of the mold and chemically bonded the short answer no TPU is not a suitable replacement for silicon but it sure was fun to try thank you for watching

Dereck Turner

6 thoughts on “TPU eFlex Filament – Can it Replace Silicone in Mold Making?

  1. Marcel's Workshop says:

    It’s not a failure, it’s a lesson learned.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Johnaton Ince says:

    What would have happen if you printed it water tight?
    Do you think it would be useable?
    Is that filament as flexible as the ninja flex?

  3. Simon Cumming says:

    Hi, just looking at your TPU print I think the extrusion multiplier needs to be set over 1 and ensure there is no retracting during the print. As retracting and under extrusion will cause gaps in your printed piece like we saw in your video. I've just started using TPU and have quite nice solid prints with no gaps. This should help a lot. Thanks for making your video. Sharing your experiences is appreciated. Reference link

  4. Hamza Nechi says:

    Poor experiment I guess. The mold almost look like a sponge, far from perfect.
    Soon I'm gonna try printing few molds with TPU for resin casting and see how it goes.
    Thanks for sharing anyway.

  5. Mirketto Youtuber says:

    I think ur print was really loose and with low definition. Which nozzle size and line height did u use? I'll try mine tomorrow.

  6. Kevin Garzon says:

    as long as you use mold release with with TPU on properly printed job it will work. I recommend liquid diamonds brand resin.

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