Tour Guide Tales – Aberdeen Art Gallery’s Royal Rarity

Tour Guide Tales – Aberdeen Art Gallery’s Royal Rarity

Aberdeen art gallery is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime transformation to make it a really inspiring public
building that people really want to spend time in. Victoria and Albert first came to Scotland in the 1840s and they decided that they loved the area so much
that they would build their own castle. They were very much in love and Balmoral became their special place. Queen Victoria spent a great deal of time at Balmoral writing a diary and she documented her time here in incredible detail so the public were able to read about Victoria’s time in the north east and of course they really kick-started I would say the Scottish tourism industry because suddenly everyone was flocking to this part of Scotland. We’re used to thinking of Victoria as being a queen in
mourning for the great love that she lost. Albert died after only a few years of marriage
he was only in his early forties so it’s a real tragedy and we all know that Victoria wore black for the rest of her life. So this painting that we see in the gallery is incredibly
unusual because she’s shown as a young woman wearing white and we understand
that you know she went as far as having some of her portraits painted out in black to reflect
the fact that she was in deep mourning for Albert. Now I’ll let you go and have a look for yourselves.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Keith lord of alba Scotland says:

    Two years behind schedule shitey Council sort out union Street instead of expensive trips abroad charlatans

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