Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

– Thirty plus years of service. – Combat medals. – Citations. – Only man to shoot down three enemy planes
in the last forty years. – Yet you can’t get a promotion, – you won’t retire, – and despite your best efforts,
you refuse to die. – You should be at least a two-star admiral by now. Yet here you are. Captain. Why is that? It’s one of life’s mysteries, sir. ♪♪ – The end is inevitable, Maverick. – Your kind is headed for extinction. Maybe so, sir. But not today.

Dereck Turner

58 thoughts on “Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

  1. Linda Richmond says:

    I have not been excited about a movie for many many years, but I am excited about this , because the original was one of my favorites and I have to see how it ends now.

  2. yf franco says:

    Let's just fast forward to summer 2020 please…

  3. Embittered Drunk says:

    Do they really have 50 something fighter jet pilots?

  4. MrRadiorobot says:

    Yet here you are.. Captain.. Why is that? "Well sir sometimes the love for the job out weighs the promotion" 😉

  5. devilzwishbone2013 says:

    I loved top gun as a child but now that ive grown up, i'm not so keen on the movie.

    Well compared to modern movie production the movie lacked a storyline

    Let me sum up topgun for you

    * iceman and maverick dont get along as a result of a clash of personality, both characters are arrogant & cocky. Their fued is mainly fuelled by mavericks wreckless attitude which isnt s bad reason to fallnout with a navy peer when your at navy school and have a passion for being a sensible fighter pilot.

    This is all forgiven in the end because maverick performs a manouver that takes down a russian aircraft.

    * teacher / lover
    Maverick sings a flash mob rendition of loving feelin whilst this amuses her, he gets to sleep with her simply because he did an inverted fly over another jet.

    * wingman dies from having a panic attack.

    In short, the movie should of focused more on the enemy lines storyline more and less on the jealousy between two navy pilots on the same team, a lot of scenes are filled in with aero- manoeuvres as fillers between the 3 points above

    End of movie

  6. Alien nation says:

    My prediction, Tom takes a female pilot under his wing and she saves the day while Tom sacrifices himself. Hollywood is still asking for forgiveness.

  7. Tom Ferramenti says:

    There's gonna be a sex scene between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis?

  8. Chris Trager says:

    Should I be expecting Danger Zone?

  9. Alan Mešanović says:

    Maybe so, sir, but not today!

    I AM, *A*.

  10. 小叮当 says:

    So, yall gonna borrow some from Iran? Lol

  11. Ratindra Das says:

    Osm trailer
    From INDIA

  12. Urban Negritude says:

    Boy, o boy, o boy !! Do I feel sorry for those Navy Recruitment officers after this movie hits the theaters !!!!!

  13. Maxi pad Nehomenoy says:


  14. The Cheeseburger_666 says:

    Will Maverick fly into the "Danger Zone" one, last time?

  15. Leonhart 306 says:

    I wanted to be an F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot since I saw 'Top Gun'. I had toys and built many model replicas of the F-14 as a kid in hopes of one day piloting the real thing when I grew up.

    As soon as I graduated high school, I took the ASVAB, scored very high on the test, and was qualified for the job I wanted. I tried to join the Navy, but sadly, with a history of asthma, my dreams of becoming an F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot crashed and burned. It wasn't pretty. There was no second. Even if I had gotten in, I learned the Navy retired the infamous F-14 Tomcat on September 22, 2006. I wouldn't have had the chance to fly one anyway.

    However, at an airshow in 1992 on Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, I got a chance to see one in person up close AND was able to at least sit in the front seat in one as a kid. My eyes lit up as I got into the cockpit. I was mimicking "thumbs-up and salute" hand gestures pilots would make just before take-off on the carrier and doing Maverick's signature "I'm gonna hit the brakes and let him fly right by." move. What a dork, I was. Lol!

    For that one minute sitting in the pilot seat of an F-14 Tomcat… Bliss.

  16. MrSausagess says:

    It's plane to see this is Pooh. Cruise looks like he's winging it. I think if someone takes me to see this I might just runway.

  17. Michael Weston says:

    I would love to be an airforce pilot but you literally have to be omniscient.

  18. Libertarian says:

    This is just fucking sad No talent anymore just subpar losers the writers and directors these days. Can u make something new or are you just to stupid. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  19. TheTheratfarmer says:

    "huff", that is tom before G's

  20. TheTheratfarmer says:

    Captain? why is that? not many Admirals.

  21. TheTheratfarmer says:

    Admirals are few.

  22. TheTheratfarmer says:

    a female Captain walked in her dress blues. your out of uniform.

  23. The Cat. says:

    WILL WE SEE THE MIGHTY F-14???????????? I hope so!!!

  24. Rakesh Kumar Singh says:

    Dammit, take my money. I'm in.

  25. Matt Sopi says:

    Highway to the Danger Zone

  26. ClearedToLand7 says:

    Sooooo, 20 mins of breath taking F-18 shots, then the rest of the film watching Tom Cruise Clicking a mouse operating a drone? :-O This trailer fills me with excitement though.. Top Gun still is my favorite movie ever.

  27. Apple A says:

    Pilots flying today are looking to watch this Movie

  28. because reasons says:

    one thing…not sure how a pilot can become an Admiral

  29. Egos Dragonis says:

    Where is Danger Zone?

  30. Benjamin Abanono says:

    It’s an F-18 fighter plane!!!

  31. DreamGTS says:

    Mav is wearing that NASA locking ring around his neck. Wonder what he's flying to require that? An X-15? Aurora?

  32. Le pilote aveugle says:

    hey you

    i feel the need

  33. Grand Waha says:

    I feel the need…… The need for fiber!

  34. Isham says:

    1:29 ."I saw an angel".

  35. Andrey Arabadzhi says:


  36. Ezra Abisatya says:

    did he fly the jet himself

  37. DrumMan423 says:

    When I watch this, I feel proud to be an American!!! Go Navy/Air Force pilots!!

  38. gerardo mexico says:


  39. Turbo Pincher says:

    Fighters what do you think about this shit?

  40. Joshua Ashton says:

    Can literally see the awesomeness oozing out of Tom Cruise on this one! 1:42 is off the chart 👍🏻😎

  41. Charlene Nolan 86 says:

    Damn another year to wait 😭

  42. Crystal Hendrix says:

    But was the screenplay written by someone jacked up on cocaine? Is there going to be a shirtless volley ball scene with a heavy erotic undercurrent? Kenny Loggins? I really miss the 80s.

  43. Jacqueline xo says:

    Hi there! Dropping by to show some respect to your channel! I like it! Love this clip from Top gun

  44. Adas says:

    Man, Ed Harris' old wrinkled face looks like my asshole.

  45. Nymph O says:

    Standing on the flight deck during flight ops and watching the JBD raise and the F-14 go full afterburner, the heat, the defenoning rumble of pure insane power only to watch it dip its nose and slingshot off the deck… Something I will never forget.

  46. Jaibee27 says:

    For what possible reason would Tom Cruise be running in this movie?

  47. MADZILLA 1 says:

    "….despite your best efforts you refuse to die !! …."

  48. Hydro Jeep says:

    End of trailer shows a retired Maverick flying off in a retired F-14. Lol. Gonna be a great date night with the wife movie!

  49. Robby Joe Welcome1 says:

    im so excited

  50. Derrick Eubanks says:

    This gotta be the longest in between time for a part 2 movie ever 🤣🤣🤣

  51. William Redmond says:

    Damn a sequel that actually looks good.

  52. Reverse Hollow says:

    Talk to me Goose….

  53. Joe Smith says:

    Jennifer Connelly looks so hawt.

  54. A.T. Schlesinger says:

    "Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full."

  55. Rein prime says:

    I thought he was gonna use a Grumman F-14 Tomcat

  56. TRENDING TODAY says:

    H2R bike, drive without helmet! 1:19.

  57. The Shitstorm Starter says:

    Looks like the military industrial complex is scrambling to sign up new pawns for big corporations with this fancy campaign.

  58. Jazzsper says:

    just finished watching the first one. its surprisingly great, cant wait for maverick

  59. Randy Suarez says:

    Where's Goose?

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