Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 – 2050

Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 – 2050

[intro music] (happy up-beat music) (phone rings) (happy up-beat music starts again) (phone rings again) (alarm clock+light music) (light music) (VWOOSH) (light music) (light music gets more upbeat) (VWOOSH) (happy music) (music gets soft) (music gets slightly louder) (VWOOSH) (light music) The third generation AX400 android. I can look after your house, do the cooking, mind the kids. I organize your appointments. I speak 300 languages and I am entirely at your disposal as a sexual partner.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 – 2050

  1. Muzzakkir Choudhury says:


  2. Jarek Janner Veldre says:

    5000? more llike oevr 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Slappy says:

    Weren't those bracelets proven to be bullshit?The depth perception alone would be a nightmare. What about those of us who don't shave our arms?

  4. Dora Castillo says:

    and The name

  5. Dora Castillo says:


  6. abhinav baskar says:

    എന്ത് മൈര് ആട തെണ്ടി

  7. Sameer Ss says:

    This is feature but right now it's fake .

  8. sebastiano luciano says:

    1:34 that suppose to be ijustine?

  9. TINA PIRES says:


  10. lemon chang says:

    Photoshop technology 😀

  11. clinton white says:


  12. Colorado boy says:

    Its about to be 2019 and im still waiting

  13. DUBBING mab says:

    bhai ye sari chije real hai kya

  14. DUBBING mab says: perchase

  15. DUBBING mab says:

    it's real things

  16. DUBBING mab says:

    please reply

  17. Mohammad Saim says:


  18. Mohammad Saim says:


  19. Rathod Anil says:

    I like invention

  20. Junhan Chong says:

    People will play fruit ninja in 2050?

  21. Lhgfrif7773223578ggfdf Hfodei7 says:

  22. Andrew Livingston says:

    Tony Stark built this in a cave! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!

  23. Alejandro Rocha says:

    i want a i watch!

  24. Alejandro Rocha says:

    hahaha harry potter 😂

  25. CodeHurricane Originals says:

    4:28 is that KARA Detroit Become Human

  26. Aras Alfa says:

    The Future ist harry potter world 🎩🎩🎩

  27. Ashley drouin says:

    Harry Potter newspaper! I hope this becomes a thing

  28. Sign with your social network your social network says:

    Watching what the future

  29. hemanth hemz says:

    Scary to c tis …because nature is the only truth

  30. Jake Jack says:

    Anybody notice the 1 watch was a piece of paper

  31. Gudu y says:

    Bhai Mujhe Mila De Sari cheez

  32. Darren Rahar says:

    We made the Harry Potter real!

  33. Kimberly Jones says:

    not very impressive

  34. Mike The gamer says:

    Almost 2019 and none of this shit (maybe) happened

  35. Yavna Tara says:

    second invention

  36. Jabbar Muhammad says:

    Now that's what I call moving forward in the future

  37. Real Mr Jangoon says:

    The watch music sounds like Sims 4

  38. Dhana Thya says:


  39. Kenika D says:

    can I say bullshit??

  40. P O L I S H J E R R Y says:

    Just pretend it’s 2019 right now and you have that Magic iPhone, that’ll be awesome.
    Edit: 2019 has become more futuristic.

  41. Suculet Z says:

    someone in 2019?

  42. The Shadow Walker says:

    It's 2019 bro

  43. Juliet Bitencourt says:

    BOOM 2019 ANYONE

  44. XxMARIUSxX_demonik.iullusion says:

    2019 ? Hahahah😅

  45. enzo bontemps says:


  46. azzan shaikh says:


  47. azzan shaikh says:

    isk price

  48. Nathan Aldana says:

    1970: I bet people will eat Tide pods and make memes about a fat rabbit in the future.

  49. jess jesse says:

    1: the future radiations generation disease ! Overloaded by light unnaturally processing ! All for obession greedy boys fantasy !

  50. jess jesse says:

    2: toddlers must realized not all fantasy are goor for reality daily life ! Toddlers scientist = dangers & most unresponsable type who influence other toddlers !!! Get awake dude ..?

  51. jess jesse says:

    3: it isnt technology it electrician & magnetic fields & attenas radiations waves ! Called unhealthy dude ! When you get awake dude ?

  52. Night_Fall says:

    Nice lies 2015

  53. TNTWarz says:

    hi, I'm from 2019, this is nowhere close!

  54. Parthoxd says:

    Its 2019 and we are not even close of this

  55. Rosemarie Sario says:

    This will happen in 2101.

  56. Chennamukkapalli Sunil says:

    It is real how many cost

  57. Chennamukkapalli Sunil says:

    Band in cost please amozon

  58. P-Rocks Videos says:

    Woww I Watch is amazing .is it available ?

  59. Cara Cowman says:

    2:24 is that Zach King lol?

  60. Danny Rose says:

    Today is 2019 nothing is real…… Maybe 2039

  61. Mona Essa says:

    What about Microsoft Hololens 2 it will release somewhere in year2019 it is actually very beautiful

  62. Best Inventions says:

    NEW Inventions 2019

  63. Team Sénégal says:

    Ont y est ✌🏾🙏🏾2019

  64. Fair academic scribes says:

    how can you touch on a hologram🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  65. Kynsai Makdoh says:

    Please sir me buy I whatch account blance trance form,

  66. Ajay Varma says:

    I watch ko kase purchase kre

  67. Devdan says:

    We still use phone in 2019

  68. Bhattacharjee Nath says:

  69. helpful playing says:

    Fake im in 2019

  70. MrScottyPieey says:

    4 years later this is fake May 10, 2015, and May 10, 2019, is 4 years later and it's fake.

  71. Plasma says:

    This technology will probably be available in 2057

  72. Basanth says:

  73. pramoda shetty says:

    Kise zmane ki baat hoo rahi hai

  74. sebastian miles says:

    Also please add the full list of harmful effects associated with these gadgets. If they're causing cancers.. We don't 'em
    Technology is supposed to improve our civilisation, not crest more distractions so we fail.

  75. Koalas says:

    This will never happen in 2050 fucktard, wake to the reality.

  76. Raman Hans says:


  77. jess jesse says:

    Transparant screen , boring changed the colors choice ! Technology such overrrated toys for boys ! Fetish digital bibliotec indexs obessions !

  78. Liano Jack says:


  79. Brandon Howarth says:

    2TB HDD storage as a Crystal Cube or made by me made by Brandon made in me? or a 2tb storage in magnetic card? a nice idea would be is Half Cartoon meets or talks to a real person in VR VIRTUAL REALITY-machine? or making tv's into convertered into LCD paper tv's screen's- but another idea is fueling your TV up with LCD liquid like if you fill up your car with petrol it's the way of the future?… another idea for a parody is g8+ my little pony in r18+ movie or r18+ chainsaw massacre convertered into a g8+ cartoon probably mite not work buts seems funny? or mlp meets spyro the dragon? as a crossover but all classifications can't it's only imagination only?- and place i had a dream about- in my town one of my shops i used to go to has changed into a computer shop? that's only a dream but what if it's not?– good crossover sati on cactus island meets terminator and the Caribbean as well as avatar in a cameo crossover remix video? their only ideas I've come up with on my own solo?

  80. Brandon Howarth says:

    mlp really melts my heart? but i say that as jokes sometimes just to see how the would think it's funny as well? and i come up with a great idea a cartoon that would be about cartoon heaven? but for superheros and like Disney or dc comics etc… about about the cartoons can eat in heaven but invisible hamburgers that they should be stripped or deprived of it seems to the cartoons dictating? but you can't control the forces of mothernature or god/missah him/herself? it'll be better if life had a replay or repeat button? life sucks without it can't be like Click the movie or Groundhog day progress stops things stay the same for that time only without limitations nor discontinued? is about getting what you want and your way of life in cartoon heaven? as an example? and seeing spyro the dragon and mlp my little pony in heaven as well in the cartoon but doesn't relate or compatible to real life living? times stands still in cartoon movie? eg? things change progress 2019 will be 2020?

  81. Brandon Howarth says:

    and cartoon movies like fantasia in 1940 in color are great? but you can't have it all like Scarface? the world isn't mine it's gods country? but life would be good if some humans are immortal life would change for the better no sacrifices no change more backup plans no discontinued or decommissioned things in this movie about cartoon heaven would be everything unbreakable or immortal in the psychical realm form on earth were those cartoon heaven is? History doesn't repeat? hoarding in heaven is allowed on earth takes space? everything is created should be their- I'm saying this as a cartoon heaven for a movie idea? all these days are "social change" human progress" discontinued and everyone buying a new phone each year wasn't Samsung galaxy s 2 good enough it needs to be on archive and hall of records and hall of fame? if i had a choose to choose what galaxy i would be in I'll chose Samsung galaxy s 2 because i have tried the milky way galaxy?

  82. Amal sandy says:


  83. Harsh Arora says:

    In 2019

  84. taradet pookyu says:

    นี่ 2019 แล้ว ไม่เห็นเหมือนเลย

  85. Tehmina Badi says:

    Other countries:2030
    India:1900 as compared to other countries

  86. Marko Bajker says:

    in 2020 there will be those watches

  87. TECHY WE says:

    techy we

  88. Count says:

    Uhhhh…. were people still optimistic back in 2015 thats so 2015 of you guys. We are all gonna die.

  89. Joao Inacio says:

    É tope

  90. Matyáš Krpata says:

    Too bad It's fake 🙁

  91. Emamu Nasiro says:

    ohhhh it's amazing things

  92. Annjyzza Catli says:


  93. Nesmal Hakeem says:

    Are you mad 😎

  94. Seanawesum says:

    2019 and I’m seeing nothing like those watches at all

  95. Caz says:

    Still waiting for the hologram bracelet phone thing

  96. John Mendoza says:

    Iwatch still waiting for the holograms to catch up.🤔😐😑

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