TOP 10 Magicians Worldwide | REAL MAGIC | Got Talent Global

TOP 10 Magicians Worldwide | REAL MAGIC | Got Talent Global

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “TOP 10 Magicians Worldwide | REAL MAGIC | Got Talent Global

  1. Sander Cruyskens says:

    All rigged

  2. Komang Komang says:

    palsu too

  3. One Minutes Music says:

    Salfok di menit 27:27

  4. Madhu Sudhan says:

    The guy with binoculars at 14: 16 lmao

  5. Mamadou Sakho says:

    Ça c'est la sorcellerie

  6. SubSonic says:

    what's the music for the dove guy?

  7. AFK !!! says:

    27:24 pause BACA

  8. Jefferson Umara says:

    19:32 i thought he blew it up

  9. Huri Think before says:

    The trick with Simon 717 wasnt difficult. Just look at Ken Hams scam.

  10. Сергей Попов says:

    Моя бы так быстро одевалась, цены бы не было

  11. shahnawaz757 PUBGGAMER says:

    fake program

  12. Maricela Tula says:


  13. Ailinda Nongdhar says:

    Why playing cards mostly used in performing magic tricks, is there any secret hiding in it?i don't know but i don't like cards magic, switching outfits magic is the one i like most thanks alot.

  14. Ailinda Nongdhar says:

    Now I wanted some jealousy stupid magic tricks revealer to reveal all the magician secret here ok I m waiting,.

  15. Ailinda Nongdhar says:

    What will happen if someone smashed the buzzer and destroy it?, imagine how would the judges will do if done by someone else?!!!!?.if not by magic man !!!?.

  16. أحلام مبعثرة says:

    شوف لجنة التحكيم شگد حلوين مو مثل العرب متكبرين

  17. Yugant Aanand says:


  18. 曲賴皮 says:


  19. خالد رحال says:

  20. *9$/2$C.e?nt#3. says:

    mentalist brothers, very clever, giving his brother clues as to what HE SEES! like that movie about card counting, remembering stuff with associations

  21. Krishna Gupta says:

    Where is dynamo…..

  22. Aiyaz Sabir says:

    That's awesome marvelous fantastic bro

  23. Fish Cutting says:

    What is someone watching in 2019?

    If you like

  24. lokesh gupta says:

    mens changed their tshirts ❤❤❤

  25. Pardo14 mix says:

    What is the name of the background song in top 6? Sorry for my bad english im spanish jajaj

  26. Олег Белозеров says:

    Чё как путен на ракете к вам летит бойтес

  27. Wenwen Pangandoyon says:

    Winwin pangngdoyon


    Number two is sic !

  29. eugene mandumihay says:

    nice one

  30. ONLY RAS says:

  31. Akhil Baiju says:


  32. Jajang Nurjaman says:

    No 10 it's the bes't.

  33. Caesar Latif says:

    The fake finger with that guy who puts hat

  34. Vasiliy F says:

    Много достойных

  35. cypher ghost says:

    14:35 he was changing

  36. Nitsuga Siroy says:

    Simon soccer ball xD Simon suck the ball jajaja

  37. Nitsuga Siroy says:

    No entiendo como en el puesto 3 están los trucos más baratos

  38. spreading smiles says:

    Who was number 7

  39. Trang Ely says:

    16:30 mỏi ng có 2 máy cảm biến 1ng nhìn giam khảo se cu động lm máy run cho ng kia biet

  40. leighmossien2009 says:

    I can do tricks also !

    I can vanish when the police knocks on our door .

  41. M Graphics says:

    Wao thats amazing

  42. MostlyRandom says:

    the guy with the birds was amazing

  43. Brian Atache says:

    Magie réelle 😅

  44. Koshka Koshka says:

    Какого хера я тут забыла?😂😂

  45. Taylor Manson says:

    23:13 the most basic trick in the book, but he still makes it look amazing

  46. aquatic kids international school says:

    Anyone knows the name of the music that starts at 24:20 ???

  47. Jonas Roger says:

    10:20 Do somebody know the background music?

  48. SynchroBis says:

    Full america's got talent, GG for the narcissisme, the racism of USA is legendary

  49. Med Dz says:

    i think that nember 2 was better then nember 1

  50. Matthew Carson says:

    Let me sing

  51. AIBRU M SABU says:

    When simon was invited to the stage,both of them got a window of some time..thats whrn they changed the t shirts

  52. TungstenoSólido says:

    Como se llama la primera cancion de todas?
    La que se escucha con la chica que cambia de vestido

  53. cfan69 says:

    the show of the man with result equals 73million is easy because the result was pre-programmed. He must have asked the girl use his phone calculator.

  54. Varun Kewate says:

    What the hell magician !are they alien 🤔🤔😱😱


    Hasan Rizwi from IGT hv also performed such tyles of clothes changing tricks

  56. Coco Beloeil says:

    fake magicians but real demons !

  57. Coco Beloeil says:

    repent ! sorcerers

  58. Alexandra says:

    okay but HOW

  59. Aurora Aponte says:

    the guy had a bird hidden under his sleeve

  60. Tita Alfaro says:

    1:05 necesito que él me enseñe hacer eso jajaja 😂😂 así no tardo 5 horas en elegir qué ponerme 😂

  61. wee CK says:

    0:02–2:04 the lovely lady is the magician

  62. Goswami Pritammgiri says:


  63. Is Akash Islam says:

    Anybody watch 1st time in September 2019

  64. B M Ujale says:

    Wow how beautiful is it

  65. bobi7 tanevski says:


  66. Biko Adji Rahardjo says:

    12:42 – 12:50 : anybody know this this song ? Thanks you😊🙏🏻

  67. Sarisbimbo Thalib#20 says:


  68. Kill Mode says:

    New inspirational music on my page

  69. Muhammad Firmansyah says:


  70. shakira konde says:

    I happy to see David and Simon.

  71. Divya Dharshini says:

    Magicians favourite : Amanda

  72. KonKhmer Explainer says:

    That’s unbelievable

  73. Chora German says:

    14:35 they change their Shirt Holy cowwww

  74. Jim Barrows says:

    Best magician in the world would have to be dynamo

  75. Trevor Z says:

    10:11 the XX Intro sends chills fown my spine every time i listen to it, its awesome

  76. Umutcan Altay says:

    14.33 tshirt black . Hand is open

  77. El Sousa says:

    Sou o único brasileiro

  78. То что Нужно says:

    90 процентов показанного, наиграно,) поверят только лохи

  79. Muhyidin Arrasyid says:

    27:25 sub Indonesia

  80. PRO TUGAS says:

  81. Sincan Sempak says:

    27:24 woyy ada kata² kontol njirr

  82. richard francisco ramos mendoza says:

    yo no creo en la magia negra solo de las cartas

  83. نائل الطيب Insta_gfr.96 says:

    ليش الترجمة العربية ما جاي تطلع

  84. RT Gaming Kh says:

    i like watch this

  85. IRWAN MAX says:

    Ini channel Indonesia atau luar negeri ya? Kok banyak yang komen orang luar

  86. Kumar Hassan says:

    Cute 09 boy

  87. 8777peaches7778 says:

    The guy that supposedly was a mind reader, held up four fingers, five and one. watch closely, not sure I'm right, will watch other stuff they do.

  88. Bubbles says:

    dna's trick could just have been usage of morse code. You know that machine they have hidden in their shoes so andrew could get vibrations and he'd know. That's a very common trick!

  89. mark dong says:

    Love the fifth one

  90. время вперед says:

    Ето просто чудо!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  91. adil seddiqi says:


  92. ARIJIT DAS says:

    Why is simon Cowell both in AGT AND BGT

  93. taufeeq ahmad says:

    2nd number is the best

  94. DINESH GADA says:


  95. al johany says:

    حلوله من سرحكم بالغنم 😒

  96. Pearl Jade says:

    Who else went back to see how they changed their shirts😂😂

  97. muyiwa ifakande says:

    The card is in the tip of the hammer, the hammer head is compressible, he kept the card there when rubbing the hammer head and when he hit the buzzer the card got knocked out. That's just what i think he did, it might as well be something else.

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