Top 10 Japanese Art Supplies

Top 10 Japanese Art Supplies

Top 10 Japanese Art Supplies Japanese drawing supplies are taking the art world by storm. In this video, we’ll talk about our favorite art supplies from Japan, and why we love them so much. Artists enjoy using the white Uni-ball Signo Broad Gel Pen on dark and toned papers, or to add highlights to their artwork. The ink formula is vibrant, smooth, and archival. The flexible tip of the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen lets you draw thin to thick lines with ease. Its ink is also waterproof and fade-resistant, ensuring your work lasts over time. The Pentel Pocket Brush Pen has a soft bristle tip that offers consistent ink flow. It can be used to make dramatic strokes and artistic dry brush effects. As an added bonus, it takes cartridge refills, so you don’t have to keep buying new pens. Some of our favorite water brushes come from Kuretake. They offer a wide selection of brush sizes that range from petite to large. The water brush consists of a water reservoir attached to a brush. With just a simple squeeze, artists can use it to apply water to watercolors and other media. The Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors are available in golden, pearlescent, and standard matte colors. The paints have great color payoff, and they’re also lightfast, so they don’t discolor when exposed to light. For those who like a dash of sparkle, the golden and pearlescent colors are infused with shimmering mica particles. The Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pens are available in twenty beautiful colors. Their high-quality tips spring back into shape quickly and are easy to control. You can also mix the colors with water to create beautiful gradients and effects. The Uni Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil has a great range that is excellent for fine art. With leads as hard as 10H to those as soft as 10B, the pencils feel smooth and creamy to use especially in the B grades. The Pilot Color Eno Neox Lead in soft blue is a popular choice for artists to enjoy using mechanical pencils to storyboard. Non-photo soft blue lead can easily be edited out digitally. The lead is firm to sketch with and erases easily. It also comes in a rainbow of colors. The Uni Arterase Color Pencils have smooth pigmented cores that feel incredibly creamy to use. They show up beautifully on both white and toned papers and erase very well for color pencils. The Maruman Pocket Croquis Sketchbook sports a durable coil binding and has high quality paper. Because it’s light and small, it’s easy to carry with you when you’re out and about. Did we mention any of your favorites? There are so many other great products available so be sure to visit for additional guides and videos on art tools. If you enjoyed this video check out our Top 10 Japanese Stationery Items video.

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    I want them all. But I’m sure they’re pretty expensive

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    The Pentel GraphGear 1000 mechanical pencils are also iconic

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    Now I know where to go when I go to Japan…

  6. Mαcy ℓαm says:

    cough cough COPICS i love them to death :')

  7. Voltergeist says:

    the Akashiya Sai waterbrush pens are some of my favorite brush pens, and I tend to stay away from brush pens in general…. And they last me, too. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful as well~

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  9. Lisa Thaviu says:

    I love some of these art supplies, but, I wish they made mechanical pencil lead in dark brown since that is one of the very best drawing colors. In fact, a range similar to Conte crayons would attract more artists to this medium.

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    Is it just me or did anyone else see the needle 1:20 and feel a slight pinch like it went in you? Lol sorry but I thought it was odd to me, coool supplies though

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  16. Maddie Selby says:

    Only wish you had copics in the list but that tombow pen is my favorite pen for line art right now. It's not so good when you erase or when you color unless it's blacks and greys or just the pen but yes I agree.

  17. chandran natesan says:

    Our country color pencils (india)suck as they are rough t not smooth cannot erase do not work on toned paper

  18. super mangaka says:

    no g pen ?

  19. memyself and l says:

    i want all of them argggg…

  20. Anne D says:

    What about copic markers? Aren't they Japanese too? D:

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    Shut up and take my money.

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    I want to go to Japan now

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    A very informative video, right to the point without sideline drivel. Thanks so much.

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    I would love to have all of them. Hehe… art must be enjoying with these colors.

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    You can take my Pentel Brush Pen when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

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    Hi. good video. Saying "added bonus" is redundant. Just say "as a bonus…" All good wishes.

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    You’re the only “store” I’ve subscribed to. You’ve achieved the impossible

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    Yes you mentioned all of my favorites… I really want these!

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    idk why i stumbled here and i dont even draw or design stuff..wahah

  32. Colin Martin says:

    I use a fude fountain pen and platinum weasel hair brush pen for my sketches since I am awful at color and painting.

  33. emiliop - says:

    I still need a brush with water deposit;;w;;

  34. Minty_Potato says:

    Was anyone thinking copics has to be in this

  35. 76 67 says:

    Copic markers

  36. kookatsoonjan says:

    do you carry the bag/portfolio she is using…brownish colour?

  37. Shuja-ur-Rehman Khan Durrani says:

    Ok I want it now I was dying for pro art supplies but I have those simple ones

  38. SkytheKorok says:

    C R E A M Y

  39. Otabek Bunyodbek Shomurod says:

    now we know why japan is filled with anime and manga

  40. *Uptown* says:

    I watched this video for the bag in the thumbnail…can anyone tell me what video that bag was seen in or where I can buy it?

  41. Ana Carolina Rosa says:

    Is there any site who sells those pencils and notebooks?

  42. :D says:

    “Japanese art supplies are taking the art world by storm” me: especially copic markers even though they are expensive..

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    I like the Jet Pens mascot

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    Why do people have to talk?
    Just show the stuff
    I'm glad your not like those people who takes FRICKEN 12 MINUTES TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING THAT TAKES TWO MINUTES
    Your quick and I appreciate that

  46. Alongmon Bey says:

    Where's sakura micron pens?

  47. dream_keeper88 says:

    I have the Sakura Gelly Rolls in Classic, Soufle, Glaze, Stardust, Metallic and Moonlight. Also the Kuretaki Gansai Tambi 36 set and the Starry Starry night 😊 But my favorites are the Holbein color pencils. I only have the Pastel 12s. My dream is to have the full 150s. I'll be happy with even just the Pastel 50s, I think 😆 The Holbein watercolor paints are really nice too. It's in my wishlist 😅

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    they really know you can hear a smile

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    Copics?Nvm their damn expensive in the philippines if you buy them online

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    Well I already own all of those art supplies 😏

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    Does has something to do silk painting with?

  61. Faye Wulf says:

    Came to find new interesting art supplies, left knowing I have an addiction as I already own all 10 😂

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    I have a major exam tmrw and I'm here to relief stress..videos of jetpens r so soothing.. ☺🤓

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    Tombow 😍

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    GANSAI TAMBI!!!! love it

  65. Magic Mike says:

    What is the procedure to order outside Japan?

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    I never knew what I have is a Kurotake water brushpen ;-; Im so happy I feel contented now ;-; (the little blue ones)

  70. Nyah and Nekko says:

    so… pencils can be mitsubishi cars too?

  71. Aqua Waves says:

    I use the pilot one but when I was in science class I used it and had to do my work again because maybe the teacher thought it was a color pencil but it's a mechanical with colors

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    Two main reasons why I want to move to Korea or Japan

    Bts(kpop) and their amazing gadgets and school supplies.

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    I love Japanese stationary items since the us has a lot of not the best items

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    The Pilot pocket brush pen is a real life Execallibur for me. And the bag can be made like a DiY project or sending the design to a textile sewer.

  83. Collen YT says:

    In Japan all of these items aren't that famous… those are pretty common here in Tokyo but be careful every japanese school supplies was copied by china last year i bought 4 colored pens
    Exactly the ink just bursted outta nowhere on my hand so i fucking threw that shit away i advice you all to not let fake products fool you…

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    I was born in the wrong country!!!

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