Top 10 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Old Book

Top 10 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Old Book 10. Stacked-Books Table Lamp Upcycle old books by turning them into a one-of-a-kind
lamp. Be careful reaching for that bedside book, which is now a lamp stand. 9, DIY Vintage Book Picture Frame This book was up-cycled as a wedding photo
frame, but you can use it for any pictures, even the picture of the book you used to make
the frame. Freaky. 7. A Book Planter Find out how you can easily create this poetic
planter, and pay tribute to the art of gardening and the world of “real” books. I imagine the
book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn would be a good choice. 6. Bookmarks from Old Book Spines This feels a bit like cannibalism, but I’m
not sure why or possibly more like soylent green. 5. Vintage Book E-Reader Cover An old book with a cool, colorful cover design
keeps iPads, Nooks and Kindles safe. The past protects the future. Cool. 4. Book Pages Paper Vase I wouldn’t suggest putting water in this vase,
some paper flowers complete the theme. It’s not as hard as it looks. 3. Vintage Book as Custom Journal Okay, this feels more like reincarnation.
You know you are bordering on god-like powers with the power to give new life to an old
book. 2. Old Book Lamp Shade We showed you how to create a lamp stand so
it is only fair to show you how to create a lamp shade. Low wattage bulbs (10-15w) as
a maximum or you may be on this list. 1. Vintage Book Purse/Bag You can buy these on Etsy, but where is the
fun and subsequent book destroying? And in a pinch you make believe you still read books. Bonus: Invisible Book Shelf Made with, yup,
Books Sorry, I had such fun finding these I couldn’t
narrow it down to 10, so here is my favorite, an invisible bookshelf. Look, its magic, just
like how our current culture is making books disappear. I’m reading this on my iPhone right
now! So easy to do. What do you think? Stupid idea? Waste of your
time? Selling out? (P)Interesting stuff? Not sure? We’d like to know, so make a comment
below. Be gentle, Google is making us sad. And finally, thanks to our friends at

Dereck Turner

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