Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop – BTS

Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop – BTS

uh Am I looking forward to this to be honest when I when I realized that this got the green light and that Sony’s behind it. I had intense anxiety for two days straight. I Couldn’t stop thinking about it. Is it real will it really work? I have no [idea] what to expect on my first attempt basically this ramp is a vertical spiral a sideways loop I Asked Tony P. If he could make this a reality and he and I brainstormed and he’s on his way Yeah, this is weird, then I’ve never seen anything like it before yeah, I don’t I hate to have nothing to base it on It’s definitely different you know and it’s tricky that the main thing is like how am I gonna brace it? I wish someone could give us media [scientists] me like bill. Nye here The general concerns of something like this Well one not sticking to the wall. It’s falling down to the bottom I think the challenges coming out and not actually shooting out at the end That’s gonna be a lot of momentum that you’re building up in that tight space, and it’s got to go somewhere. I’m just Projecting have no idea what to expect if I let the anxiety take over then it’s Gonna be worst-Case scenario That’s all I thought about but I do think it’s possible I think I’m capable of doing it, and that’s what I’m gonna hold on to But yeah, I’m scared as hell, I Didn’t really know what it looked like when it’s finished. I think it looks pretty awesome. I mean it’s like watch what you wish for As far as I know no one’s done anything like this, and so people keep asking me questions like well, how do you approach? Yeah, I don’t. I don’t know. I’m just gonna find out the hard way, I guess It feels like the first time I tried to live like I just walked up to it And it was like, holy that what am I done? But I’m up for the challenge second turn Can’t feel at all Argh! Will to the will yeah That was like a half head slightly slut, but hey I didn’t hit my hip so success Take these pads out of here It’s come down Scott Keister so exited for this. I can’t believe this works! I really thought I was going to crash my hip Actually can thank you. I’m just gonna find out the hard way Thanks to the subtitleer Mr Graham my pic is the bunny

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop – BTS

  1. MikVik says:

    лучший !

  2. Duane Amos Tuazon says:

    October 8 My Birthday

  3. Atem Andrew says:

    Firstly: I'm glad he's still semi-relevant and active, Tony always seemed like a relatively stand up and skilled guy.

    Secondly: Cool, if not something I particularly care about.

    Thirdly: I don't watch sports stuff. Why is this random skate video from 4 years ago getting recommended to me?

  4. Metal xMulisha says:

    Amazing dude still remember watching him do the first 900 live epic moments

  5. Bradz says:


    Skate 3 in real life:

  6. _george_ kmbs says:

    He s a savage

  7. арбузный чай ёпт says:


  8. Amber Shaye says:

    I like the way that you're not giving up even tho your in pain. "No Pain,No Gain"

  9. hanie tran says:

    What dose bts have to do with this

  10. Dick Greg Archives says:

    F**k SONY

  11. Sutsuj Uaedneir says:

    I wonder where this is. I wanna skate it lol

  12. TheARMYThatBlinked ö says:

    Why does it say BTS ._.

  13. demeter.mp4 Yeet says:

    Oh wow

  14. Lionex Gaming says:

    Tony Hawk, you are BOMB!
    They should have invited other pro-skaters to join in, what a waste of a perfect setup

  15. Just Me says:

    This is the "I actually searched for BTS songs and now I'm watching this" button

  16. marcelo booyu says:

    lendario tony

  17. Dominik Ryšavý says:


  18. Ol L says:


  19. Sarvesh Raja says:

    Hard work pays off 👍

  20. 슈크림붕어빵 says:

    wow so great and awesome riding!!

  21. Warta ArVent says:

    You getting old…take a Rest !!

  22. Corey DeGraaf says:

    He should try wearing football hip pads while practicing new tricks like this

  23. Connor Daley says:

    Who's Tony Hawk?

  24. Ken Norcott says:

    going to bed

    A sport that I didnt care for: heres a guy doing something dangerous and stupid

    Me: surprised pikachu face

  25. Leafyr Oakfyst says:

    I just saw this before logging on and it's fekkin lit! ERMAGERD! GO TONY! Eyy well done.

  26. Carrie Warren says:

    if you don't know Tony Hawk you're missing out on life

  27. 본지비 says:

    BTS brought me here

  28. Dion Zuo says:

    U should really stop your hurting yourself

  29. Stephen F says:

    Those pads didn't do diddly squat

  30. xhimiz14 says:

    The greatest!

  31. Mates Bartoň says:


  32. Eleftheria Konstantaki says:

    3 Things people can't keep up with

    1. The Kardashians
    2. Trends
    3. Youtube's recommendations

  33. Tom Sawyer says:

    I don’t know why but we saw this in the 8th grade in art class.
    I don’t remember why

  34. Farhan Jafar Ali says:

    Deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara!!

  35. cybermnich says:


  36. T Dino Ne says:

    It’s 2019 boi delete your channel. Jk

  37. banana shian :3 says:

    No sale BTS par kks no confiar en duds prros

  38. YT-CASEBOI says:

    Everyone now when the GoPro comes on were successful

  39. Joe Gaming1256 says:

    Nice job

  40. TheTrainStation says:

    Steve-o yelling at 3:48

  41. Geroge Jackson says:

    i admire he dedication its fucking crazy

  42. Gori Liya says:


  43. Droptop Raindrop says:

  44. Chan Doria says:

    Bts is an kpop you know

  45. shafuddin safie says:

    Tony is king

  46. Lisa Trueman says:


  47. Gede Astawan says:

    Wow.. i played TN Pro skater on Ps 1 in 1999 haha just knew tony hawk real face

  48. るかわ! says:


  49. MrGravy Gamer says:

  50. MrGravy Gamer says:

  51. MrGravy Gamer says:

  52. Hammer N Sickle says:

    No thrasher no shit just quality skating

  53. Ding Dong says:

    As they say “practice makes perfect”

  54. Rafalones says:


  55. Athelplay says:

    Find the secret tape tony hawk.

  56. Tony Tone says:

    All because of Tony Hawk I had a good childhood.

  57. Johannes Arnfried says:

    wow, very nice

  58. Jimmy Bearden says:

    Love, the skateboard camera mount.

  59. HydroViperKing says:

    This guy will be poppin wheelies at 95

  60. VicGalaxy 135 says:

    4 years later it’s in my recremended

  61. Michelle Walker says:

    Dear Tony from 4 years ago, Bill Nye is an actor. You’re welcome.

  62. ICAO Standard English says:

    Someone grab me a gnar-bar… oh, wait, I've been served! Gnarrr…!

  63. Baydrix New Zealand War Robot Fanatics says:

    Me and drink driving : Just gonna find out… the hard way…

  64. spilly eyes says:


  65. YT Wollie says:

    Lmao he never gives up

  66. dios proteje says:

    I miss all his video games

  67. Just iSneaky says:

    How old is he again?

  68. Just iSneaky says:

    Pathetic, I did that first try with my tekdek

  69. Popokk Kk says:


    2015: nah.
    2016: nah.
    2017: nah.
    2018: nah.
    2019: put it now! Put it now!

  70. Ansku H says:

    wow he really looks like Tony Hawk

  71. gaxlay potato says:

    now do it again but with 3 more spins

  72. Jay Bennett says:

    Lol he's getting so old. I honestly don't know how he's still killin it!

  73. Crusifix Jesus says:


  74. Insert Username, nigga says:

    bro he looks like tony hawks

  75. mackk123 says:

    after analyzing the physics and rederiving the motion to follow a more non linear approach to sidestep newtonian mechanics, i was able to figure out both that the angle of attack could be increased by tapering the cylinder outward like a flower and that jeffery epstein didnt kill himself

  76. x x says:

    there is something I don´t understand, why this hasn´t been done by redbull before? I mean this is risky and stupid, but it requires a lot of abilitie, is the perfect job for them

  77. Dijhili says:

    Bill is not a scientist, he is an engineer playing a scientist.

  78. Cameron King says:

    G. O. A. T.

  79. That One Guy says:

    How old is he

  80. Ryujin Kage says:

    what a waste of good woods

  81. Amilie Circues says:

    it's beautifully filmed! what angles

  82. nutsack vlogz says:

    you go tony

  83. Hero says:

    Nice, youtube recomending stuff from 3 years ago. But amazing video.

  84. Darksword008 says:

    He likely figured this out through trial and error however the main challenge of this would be leaning against the force of the loop as you're going down. he kept coming off the board because he was putting his weight into it

  85. bob smith says:

    Why do you not WEAR MORE PADS for first learning and practicing something like this where you KNOW you are going to repeatedly fall painfully..? So damn stupid. Practically ALL your injuries would be prevented with some pads for your actual body

  86. Owen Iverson says:

    Why or how is Tony Hawk still around? Anyone remember Gleaming the Cube when you were a kid??

  87. NikolasblOOdshed says:

    la leyenda viva haciendo trucos imposibles en Skate, genial!!!

  88. Mine says:

    Songs name dude

  89. FireFacts says:

    The spiral is too flexible. He loses momentum at a critical moment in the stand when his weight flexes the side of the loop. He did it but it could have been easier.

  90. Mc bearz says:

    Tony still gets hurt huh? Guess he really is human lol

  91. Audrey Osterberg says:

    Youtube recommendations:

    2015: nah

    2016: eh not yet

    2017: don’t feel like it

    2018: maybe…no…

    2019: heck yeah why not

  92. Angulin 20 says:

    Antonio Halcón Patina Mogollon

  93. Bryan Arzani says:

    HELL YA!!!!! What an amazing spirit of doing things that scare you! YES!!!!

  94. Kayode Molen says:

    This guy doesn’t give up

  95. wll fr says:

    Is it just me or is skateboarding not a thing like it was back in 2000? I know there's still a skating scene but it seems like skating was HUGE back then! Maybe I'm just out of touch.

  96. BarbareGameur - Clash Royal says:

    Why 8k👎 ?????

  97. Acadvin says:

    Wwwooowww perfect👍 suport my🤝

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