Tonko Tip: How to Approach Lighting in your Artwork (#016)

Tonko Tip: How to Approach Lighting in your Artwork (#016)

okay so today’s taco tip we have a question from Justin bogey-bogey okay his question is how do we create beautiful lighting and have it practice it that’s a very good question I think I always approach lighting as if there’s a light switch in the room or and you whatever to set up your painting and you really think about one light at a time if you think about everything all that wants is too much so you have the key light and feel like in a balanced light all like to one by one just organize your lights as almost like a light switch you’re just turning on one by one and a smaller number of the lights the better in my opinion in order to practice it we always recommend painting from life or observations so that’s why you might have seen some cars artist painting a door or still life from from life doesn’t matter if it’s water color oil or Photoshop what’s important is that you observe with your own eyes so painting from pictures not a bad thing but it’s so much better if you observe a real life and real lights and analyze in real space that’s the best way to practice it so that’s it for today’s taco tip if you have more questions make sure you leave your questions in the comment below and then hopefully we’ll get to your questions [Music] you

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16 thoughts on “Tonko Tip: How to Approach Lighting in your Artwork (#016)

  1. abdul malik says:

    love that you guys are posting more! cant wait to see more content.

  2. john craw says:

    Awesomeness please do more thanks

  3. leonart18 says:

    i love it i take your course in schoolism but i can't find information about how to cast shadows hope cant talk about this in the nex future

  4. うめのみ says:


  5. Maulida Retnaningtyas says:

    Omg thank you so much for this tips. Been thinking about how the best approach to draw lightning. It really helps a lot watching this video

  6. Enrique Z says:

    Hi, what's the best way to approach composition?

  7. Stewart Long says:

    Could you do a photoshop/Procreate tip on creating texture brushes?

  8. riccia888 says:

    Hi Dice, can you maka a tutorial on how to mix any color you want in gouache or water color?

  9. Nagel Coralie says:

    Thank you for this video, it was very interesting! 🙂 May I ask how do you approach background design, especially in the "Dam keeper"? Thank you for reading.

  10. maiberrycake says:

    Ohh yes!! rlly need this video 😀 <3

  11. Marz Sa says:

    Thankyou very much! Can you please share your advice for better shapes, angles and proportion?

  12. Alê Severo says:


  13. li sha says:

    how to make your environments more dynamic and approachable in the sense that the eye is drawn to where i want it to be drawn?

  14. satoshi yamamoto says:


  15. Chaotic Borya says:

    love it, very straight forward yet i learned so much

  16. Thomas Denmark says:

    Thanks Dice, brilliant summary, I need to go paint something from life now! 🙂

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