Tomato Chutney  – By VahChef @

Tomato Chutney – By VahChef @

Hello, Namaste, Salaam Walaikum, Sat Sri Akal Welcome back to another session with your vahchef at today I want to show you one of the most
requested chutney on my site lot of viewers wanted to know how to make a
tomato chutney and tomato chutney definitely is my favorite In restaurants we might always serve tomato chutney
which is really hot so today we’re going to make that chutney
for this preparation you need a quarter tomatoes just cut
them into small pieces so it cooks faster some cummin seeds, mustard seeds curry
leaves, salt some diced green chili we are going to cook this green chili to i love my tomato chutney really really hot if you don’t have green chili you could use
even red chili whole and fry them Tamarind you know every chutney needs
good amount of sourness even though tomatoes have sourness as we need little
extra sourness that’s why we’re going to add some tamarind
little pieces of ginger garlic in my chutneys I use large amount of garlic
garlic is a lot of medicinal values you can go and read on the web and my chutney without garlic is incomplete I got some cashew nut you don’t need to
use cashew nut you can use channa dal also you can use fried channel dal if you want to use any other nuts you
can use that coconut powder little bit hing to prepare this tomato chutney add some oil in a hot pan some red chilli
see I wanted to even though i’m adding green chili red chili has it own very
nice flavor I love that flavour for my tomato chutney what i do is add a little bit of whole red chili then i’m going to use a little bit of mustard seeds add little bit of cumin seeds to this
preparation I have a little bit of ginger I’m going
to add it and a piece of garlic this frying of garlic and ginger is my
important stuff to my preparation of chutney you know because this garlic gives very
nice flavour and i really love it then add green chillies take little bit tamarind you know
just take a lemon size of tamarind for maybe you know ten Tomatoes that should be good so what you’re going
to do you’re going to make this tamarind we’re going to remove all the seeds ok and then add the tamarind into this oil
other important thing see when the tamarind fries in the oil it gives very nice flavor. See cooking is an art because you have to do
this step by step because you want to get the best flavour of the ingredients
especially when you’re eating chutney add any nuts if you have ok now i have added cashew nut because you
all know by now that I love Cashew nut lot of my chutney’s lot of other preparations i
make it with cashewnut in India because the cashew nuts are so expensive lot of
people use chana dal daliya fried channa dal in this preparation and
they give an excellent taste and a little bit different flavors so here i am using cashew nuts you can go
ahead and use chana dal little bit of curry leaves and hing, hing is again optional for my chutneys I love little little bit hing add lot of tomatoes okay and then add some sauce little bit so
dear friends now you have to cook these Tomatoes
till they are nicely mashed up and then we’re going to make it into a chutney so you know this is the basic tomato chutney now let’s look into the variation you know
this is our basic tomato chutney we are going to make little bit variation and ok so
add little bit of mint your tomatoes and these mint gives a very
nice flavour as a kid whenever my mom makes this mint chutney I love to have a chapati along with it and
it tastes excellent and sometimes I just add little bit ghee on rice and this chutney goes really super we can do another variation here by adding coconut okay see cocunut i
add it only when I’m going to eat the chutney within the same day or next if I want
to keep this chutney for a week I don’t add coconut but you can ah
what a flavor what a flavor what I’m going to do I’m going to
add some coconut for this because i’m going to finish this chutney in the next
two days now once you add all these ingredients
cover it up and cook it on a slow flame one of my aunts she makes excellent tomato chutney and when she cooks this Chutney she cooks cover this mixture for two
hours she simmers it simmers it and you should taste her chutney Wow !!! out of the world so you know you can cook slowly in a
slow heat you don’t want anything to bond and
within the steam let it cook for like 30 minutes then we’re going to make a
chutney and taste it just today morning got this email from this young lady and
her little daughter mayuri she’s just three and she says she
loves to watch my show so i love you Mayuri keep watching my show and tell your
mom to cook whatever you like on my show okay okay let me check Ah oh my god today I’m going to add
some ghee to my rice wohoo!! now this all the mixture is cooked
I’m cooking these dishes because of my cousin Mr. Kamlesh Nakka is in my studio and this guy you know he’s going out of town and I wanted to cook
something before you know he leaves so I’m going to make some tomato chutney
some mango rice and then we’re going to cook some chicken for him okay see I do not like to make very
fine paste of this chutney I like it little bit see like my dinchik dinchik you know make it a little bit grainy
don’t make it really fine paste make it little grainy that gives you to the
grandmother feel of the chutneys so we’re going to add it here ahh into the blender if you want to
add some water you can go ahead and add water here and let’s make it when I add
salt here and mix it real good wow awesome this is just like my mom’s chutney this is
how my dad likes it so this is not yet complete we’re going to give a tempering
to this dish to make it a little bit crunchy with little nuts in it so we gonna make a tempering I always
love to use the deshi ghee in my tempering add little bit of red chilli
add some mustard seeds little bit of cumin seeds and i like to use
lot of urad dal make sure that Urad dal is slightly
colored if you want to add a little bit of again hing powder you can do it ok add curry leaves and then pour it over the chutney. See this last finishing touch we do gives a very nice flavour and then
especially when you eating fresh you know that crunchy lenthil gives a very nice taste this is a superb chutney I suggest you all
try to make this add little mint and little coconut and it makes it even more
flavorful and tasty I hope i have satisfied all
my viewers who requested for the tomato chutney and i hope you enjoyed learning
to make this chutney with your vahchef and remember that Vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your cooking tips and
recipes at so others may benefit from your great
cooking thank you!!!!!

Dereck Turner

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