Tom Holland Finally Speaks His Mind After Disney And Sony Split

Tom Holland Finally Speaks His Mind After Disney And Sony Split

Spider-Man is speaking out at D23 Expo 2019. Things haven’t been easy lately for actor
Tom Holland. He’s had one of the worst weeks an actor could
have after the unthinkable happened: news broke that Disney and Sony failed to renegotiate
their 2015 deal. That landmark agreement allowed Holland’s
Sony-owned Spider-Man to appear in movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, earning
money for Sony while Marvel maintained creative input. If a new deal really isn’t being negotiated,
it means that Spider-Man is leaving the MCU. In other words, Holland’s world got flipped
upside down. His future with both Marvel Studios and Sony
Pictures was called into question, and his millions of adoring fans wondered why he wasn’t
speaking out about the situation. One would imagine that Holland, a longtime
Spider-Man fan, would be devastated over the Disney-Sony divorce – and apparently, they’d
be mostly right. Holland finally broke his silence about the
studio split during D23 Expo on Saturday, August 24. Taking the stage to promote his upcoming movie
Onward, a Pixar animated flick also featuring Marvel favorite Chris Pratt, Holland admitted
that he’s been having a rough time since the news dropped, and he’s trying to focus on
what matters most. Though Holland didn’t say much about the corporate
spat, the message he did deliver to his fans was an emotional one: “It’s been a crazy week, but I want you to
know I am grateful from the bottom of my heart, and I love you 3,000.” “3000, that’s crazy.” The 23-year-old actor’s candid admission is
both refreshing and heartbreaking, and his mention that he’s genuinely thankful for his
fans and for the opportunity to play Spider-Man over the years is enough to make anyone shed
a tear or two. After the presentation at D23, Holland spoke
with Entertainment Weekly about leaving the MCU, promising that he’ll keep stepping into
the Spidey suit for as long as he can and continue making the franchise as great as
it can be. He told the magazine, “Basically, we’ve made five great movies. It’s been five amazing years. I’ve had the time of my life. Who knows what the future holds? But all I know is that I’m going to continue
playing Spider-Man and having the time of my life. It’s going to be so fun, however we choose
to do it.” He added optimistically, “The future for Spider-Man will be different,
but it will be equally as awesome and amazing, and we’ll find new ways to make it even cooler.” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who
produced both Homecoming and Far From Home, also addressed the situation, echoing Holland
with his own optimistic viewpoint. He said, “[What] I’m feeling about Spider-Man [is]
gratitude and joy. We got to make five films within the MCU with
Spider-Man: two standalone films and three with the Avengers. It was a dream that I never thought would
happen. It was never meant to last forever. We knew there was a finite amount of time
that we’d be able to do this, and we told the story we wanted to tell, and I’ll always
be thankful for that.” Yeah, but tell that to Far From Home’s cliffhanger
ending. In a perfect world, Holland would have never
needed to address the Disney-Sony breakup because it never would have happened. If all had gone the way everyone truly wanted
it to go, the two companies would have been able to reach an agreement to keep Spider-Man
in the MCU. Far From Home served as the conclusion for
Marvel’s Phase 3, and considering how much emphasis the movie placed on Spider-Man as
a successor to Tony Stark, many were pondering the character’s place in the upcoming Phase
4 and beyond. A third Spider-Man movie continuing Peter
Parker’s story felt inevitable, but now that the character’s connections to the MCU have
apparently been severed, no one knows what that movie is going to look like. Before the news broke, it felt like Holland’s
Spider-Man was going to avoid the same fate as Andrew Garfield’s iteration of the character,
and would get to complete his trilogy and then some. But it looks those assumptions were wrong. There’s no telling what will happen for Holland’s
Spider-Man next, but one thing’s for sure: no matter what, fans will be telling the actor
that they love him 3,000 for years to come. “What am I even tripping for? Everything’s going to work out exactly the
way it’s supposed to.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the Marvel
Cinematic Universe are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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100 thoughts on “Tom Holland Finally Speaks His Mind After Disney And Sony Split

  1. Looper says:

    Do you think Sony can make a good Spider-Man movie outside of the MCU?

  2. Landkrabben says:

    Sony ruined the mcu. The re-casting of Hulk and Rhodey was one thing, but this will kill it for me. I hate inconsistencies in movies and this one will be so enormous that i won't watch any further. Oh well, what better time than before Ms. Marvel joins, cause she sucks the hardest of all marvels characters.

  3. Anaklusmos says:

    The Spider-Man role is cursed..

  4. Chumz Agustin says:

    Next Looper Topic how Spiderman become Spiderman Lol

  5. Batman 2099 says:

    Well aparently they got a new deal they got a 30/70 deal and 6 or 7 new films might have been fake news

  6. Enzo Rhys Thunderer says:

    Wait, I thought he won’t leave anymore cuz Disney and Sony cut a new deal??

  7. halfdemented says:

    Remember when corporate greed took away from all consumers

  8. Gaming. Galaxy says:

    Tony Stark:We lost the Kid…Again

  9. Landkrabben says:

    How will sony be punished? The old deal was for 3 spider-man movies and 3 cameos? Even if they couldn't reach an agreement on a new deal they still HAVE to stick to the old deal untill it's over. Disney should make them pay millions upon millions for this, and then when they try to make a new spiderman movie they will be on the edge of bankrupcy like the last time they made shitty movie upon shitty movie. The only reason Homecoming and far from home was any good is because sony had nothing to do with the creative process. Amen.

  10. Les Carpio says:

    The best intro for a character, seeing the text "QUEENS" still gives me chills. Now, most likely no proper outro for him.

  11. Ab Fortnite Moments says:

    Thus is it

  12. Kevin Schneider says:

    I believe Endgame will be a breaking point for the MCU. RDJ and Evans leaving, Widow also done after her Solo Movie, Hulk now bori.! I mean smart, Hawkeye beeing Hawkeye and NOW Spidey gone?!? Remember! Its only been about a month… lets all send up our prayers that they manage to keep their style and not go for the "Oh but its all different now" too much. Never change a running system….

  13. Sugar daddy says:

    Alas spiderman homeless coming soon.

  14. zaru centeno says:

    this is all about money damn greed f*cks.
    they dont think about us the fans.

  15. Rolston Mayers says:

    Couldn't get one more movie this is ridiculous Columbia pictures aren't doing very well.

  16. Mythoti says:

    Holland should leave Sony and join up with Disney using loopholes, have his powers taken away and reintroduce them giving him a new identity while retaining his base character and giving Sony the finger in the process 🤣

  17. Dragonetta says:

    We finally get the perfect Spider-Man, and then this bullshit happens. Sometimes, Hollywood cant get out of its own way. This is some dumb shit. I hope this kid has his eggs in other baskets. Don't rely on Marvel, because as you can see, you can't .

  18. EK06 Beats says:

    After phase 3 the avengers are done for me. Phase 4 is probably gonna be trash


    Hay this is my idea to save spider man. Rebrand it as the night monkey witch was a gag in far from home and have Tom Holland play it they could even write around the change and have it still make sense because in the end credit seen peters identity was exposed and slandered giving him a vary plausible reason for him to need to change identity. It doesn’t even have to be night monkey I thought it could be funny but I’m hoping they won’t just write of peter Parker’s character in the mcu

  20. Pavel Martinek says:

    Tom Holland was recording Spiderman in Czechoslowquai in Reichenberg head city off Euroregion Nissa dear Tom I love you so much I wish you happiness and love!!!

  21. Spidey Obsessed says:

    So basically this whole video is just "blah blah blah, shit that doesnt matter, blah blah blah, 3 minutes of random words"
    thanks for that

  22. RagingPanty says:

    This is what he get for wanting spider man to be gay.

  23. PikaLink91 says:

    Well, Spidey did just fine until he got involved in the MCU.

  24. El Kapitan says:

    RIP Spider-Man…

  25. VJ89VJ says:

    Spiderman is probably better off with Sony

  26. smile says:

    Wtf mcu is start growing and growing and what they doing is take out Spider-Man ?? Well whatever I guess theirs still people that dumper than me.

  27. Zac Golding says:

    such bullshit so scared to actually speak there mind

  28. ibervang says:

    But Disney got greedy

  29. music man says:

    Fook Sony, well let's just say fook large amounts of money

  30. Max L says:

    Fuck Tom Holland.

  31. music man says:

    This will kill the superhero franchise at the moment

  32. billion billz_ says:

    The boy gonna be in Secret Wars; he'll be fine

  33. MikeyHD says:

    It's not fair the only reason I got into the mcu is cuz of Spider-Man now I've seen every movie every interview
    And tbh if Spider-Man wasn't in the mcu he wouldn't be that popular its really sad to see him go

  34. banana boat says:

    1:45 hasn't it only been 3 years?

  35. just BTS says:

    It makes me want to boycott next Sony Spiderman..

  36. Flare_PDTDM says:

    I thought I saw like 5 videos saying they compromised and found a new agreement is this video fake because a lot of people say they found a deal

  37. Anvar Nasriddinov-Bitson says:

    So that's the beginning of mcu's downfall folks not only the 3rd live action spidey destruction

  38. Lonnie Gibson says:

    I read that song and Disney came to a deal and it’s for 6 movies

  39. Wild Kaio says:

    1 Week ago-

    Disney: Sony I’ve come to bargain

    1 week later-

    Fans : Sony We’ve come to bargain

  40. Jorge Kush says:

    Nah Disney has to much power. Everything has to be balanced

  41. Brandon Dove says:

    When the news first broke someone said looper will make at least 10 videos. He seems to be right

  42. Humblepie says:

    So I guess what happened after Far From Home's cliffhanger is…

    Peter got arrested and served the rest of his life in prison, Mysterio became known as the greatest avenger who was killed by Spider-Man and that's it apparently.


  43. Zachary Hale Comstock says:

    Y’all can thank Disney for this

  44. Frost Biter says:

    I hope if Spider-Man leaves the MCU Holland can still stay in the marvel universe maybe one more movie where peter takes up the mantle of Ironman since his Spider-Man identity is now revealed

  45. Mate B says:

    "His life is upside down" Does he look like the person who cares? He have 3 other film coming up and he will stay Spider-Man. This man is carefree

  46. Saad Ahanaf says:

    Sony should go broke. So that they have to sell the rights for Spider-Man

  47. Edward Furlong says:

    Everyone does know that Spiderman has his own comic book universe n was only in the avengers for a blink of an eye in his storyline, so he really shouldn't have been in the mcu for this long anyway…the x-men on the other hand!?!

  48. testanum says:

    Spider Man being part of the MCU is what made this Tom version special. Sony can't make another good version.

  49. MetalVII says:

    …I don’t feel so good.

  50. Swaglife [Official] says:

    Sony's greed just dealt a devastating blow to the entire MCU, all the money they've made so far is mostly work from Marvel Studios, and they gain in more than 95% of all movie profit, now they're just going to destroy the whole story arc, Tony sacrifice won't mean anything and their won't be a successor following him, great job Sony, i guess you thought you was ready because of all the success and money that you have by taking all of Marvel's work and profit, what is going to happen to Spider-man now? Y'all just gonna summons uncle Ben again aren't you? Give the fans what they want and maybe, just maybe, we will give you some of our money that you used to stole by profiting on all of Marvel's work.

  51. Bruce Wayne says:

    Disney should make a new fucking deal , I know Sony will fuck things up when they start to get cocky and confident .

  52. Raptor Jesus says:

    this video seems SUPER late, with the breakup being sorted out several days ago…

  53. Okey. Yeet says:

    screw this crap i want to see mcu spidey. Someone go tell disney to do what they do the best to sony

  54. Tomáš Kalinka says:

    It´s crazy how Disney just destroys everything with it´s greed

  55. Sam B88 says:

    Didn’t they come to a compromise?

  56. Clesham says:

    Far From Home didn't have a cliff hanger ending. It was quite self contained actually. The mid credits scene have an indication about where the third film can go but there's no reason that plot line can't be followed independently of the MCU. I don't want Spiderman to leave the MCU but the fact is that they managed to do everything within phase three with the character. It's perfect timing.

  57. Khairul Gaming says:

    everyone hates Sony now

  58. ___Techie___ says:

    Michelle(MJ) (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon) filming rights are for Marvel, therefore Sony cant picture them if they're going to split from Marvel, therefore we would not see these 2 characters again.

  59. doctor leak says:

    Both marvel and Sony are in deep water now because of this.

  60. Blackorwhite says:

    I finally dealt with this and i was like ok sony i belive yiu can do a good film without spjdey being i mcu. But i just cant stand that his identity was shown and now i probably wont know how he would deal with it

  61. Hey It's Kate says:

    They Made Him An Avenger, Right?


  62. Brenden Lim says:

    Can we just say that Tom Holland is
    Actually 23 alr?

  63. Ariel Malsi Real says:

    Sony: [Revs Chainsaw] Come And Get Me, SATAN!!!

    Disney: Guys I Have An Idea?

    Marvel/MCU: What?

    Disney Has Left The Chat

  64. Ariel Malsi Real says:

    Sony: [Revs Chainsaw] Come And Get Me, SATAN!!!

    Disney: Guys I Have An Idea?

    Marvel/MCU: What?

    Disney Has Left The Chat

  65. leo jenkins says:

    No sony make a deal with the
    nazi Disney come on wolt Disney was a nazi in the 1930s and Japanese was on the nazi's side in ww2 so come on you both think the same give the world spiderman in mcu 👍

  66. Crystallite X says:

    So the rumor about sony get 70 and disney 30 deals is false huh

    Damn, god damn it we're so close for having a full marvel character in the mcu
    Goddamn it

  67. Klarion 7 says:

    Loop is dragging this more than the companies themselves.

  68. killer unicorn says:

    Iron man
    Captain america
    Way to go Disney amd Sony i dont think ill ever be watching marvel movies again

  69. Ricky Nizarul Fauzi Bashori says:

    Spiderman: home comming
    Spiderman: far form home
    Spiderman: broken home

  70. The Bird of Hermes says:

    Disney is getting way too greedy.

  71. kirishima chan says:

    Begone spidy hahahaha

  72. J Wicks says:

    Who cares about Brexit this is way more important

  73. Murphy Kurphy says:

    Well, isn't this a surprise? NOT!
    I think he gave a mature response. It's way above his head so not much he could say.

  74. isaac woodward says:

    Wow 10 videos on one topic

  75. Spontaneous And Thoughtful Bastard says:

    Can Elon Musk buy Sony and rip it to pieces and save Spider-Man?

    Just an idea, though.

  76. James E. says:

    Little does everyone know, behind the scenes, Sony and Disney are still in negotiations.

    Theres no way Disney would give up MCU's most popular character over a minor financial dispute with Sony. They haggled for 50% of Spiderman related revenue but would probably settle for way less, maybe 10%. It's all part of the bargaining process.

    People are blowing this thing way out of proportion for no reason.

  77. Last 1 On Line says:

    Sony may have the rights to Spiderman but they don't have the rights to Nightmonkey

  78. G Man says:

    This is what happens to big characters like Spiderman when stupid corporations buy the rights to them they end up destroying things for the fans so thanks Sony, thanks Disney everyone loves you not.

  79. RAIII says:

    What about ant man and the wasp

  80. Quinten says:

    They worked out a deal. He’s still in the MCU and so is Venom

  81. FrostyObama says:

    Spider-Man: Far From MCU

  82. Plot Made Naruto not learn many Wind style jutsu says:

    Next video :
    Why Spiderman is called Spiderman

  83. I:Mallia says:

    I am sorry Tom, it won’t be cooler outside the MCU and without Marvel’s input. 🙁

  84. Graciano Mendoza says:

    Rip ironman Rip spiderman

  85. I:Mallia says:

    Greedy corporations. Money us all they care about.

  86. PROSKAS GAMERS says:

    didn`t they gwt back yesterday?

  87. ashton Henwood says:

    Can we start a ban new Sony and mcu movies like we won’t go unless they fix this shit lol

  88. Debby R says:

    I don’t know what to think… if Stan Lee’s daughter is supporting Sony because Disney isn’t reaching out to her (as one YouTube source explained), maybe Marvel should cut ties with Disney. It’s really concerning that Disney owns Star Wars, Marvel, and Jim Henson’s legacy. But can the MCU exist without Chris Evans, RDJ, or Black Widow anyway?

  89. Bundayy Olayinka says:

    Divorce is a chaotic

  90. Jujua says:

    Sony had their chance…s to make good Spider-Man movies, and finally when they co-produce good ones, they take Spider-Man back from the studios that managed to make them good. I feel bad for Tom. Rip

  91. tomaž ocepek says:

    It sad that companies only look for money when they are making this movies. They should do it for the fans and not the money😶

  92. Dav!d Ent. says:

    Disney Is Really Just A Child THINK OF IT!
    1. They Take Whatever
    2. They Cause Arguments

  93. Eddie A-G says:

    Boycott Sony

  94. Mini Tizzle says:

    Marvel your breaking my heart killing off all my favorite actors

  95. Senpaii Desuu says:

    But they just made a 6 movie deal you stupid fucks lmfao late video

  96. Idikis Sin says:

    far from home has a cliffhanger ending but it also has an ending that is a mainstay in the comics. The idea of spiderman being considered bad or a menace or a vigilante that the cops are trying to catch is in the comics and the movie ending on the plot idea sure opens up for what the next movie could be but it also leaves us in a place that is known and familiar for spiderman as a character. Though it would suck i honestly feel like far from home could end and it would be fine. It sucks because i REALLY want the sinister 6 with michael keaton and jake gyllenhaal but oh well. Now we have a chance to see woody harrelson carnage fight tom holland spiderman and tom hardy venom…which as i write it sounds FREAKING awesome…so we'll see.

    I personally think the MCU "phase" is over or should be played off stage soon. Spiderman into the spiderverse showed us that there could be a WAY better way to make comic book movies. I know there is an issue with what company has what right. But if they came out with an Xmen or fantastic 4 movie done with the same animation it would probably be AMAZING

  97. Liam Doolan says:

    3rd time spiderman has been destroyed well guess I'm done with mcu and wont be watching the new spiderman or any marvel films Disney want to fuck around like Sony going to DC since they seem to have there shit together more than marvel hate when they leave it at cliffhangers and then forgets about it why did they not just leave spiderman alone until they came to an agreement to miss this full situation feel sorry for an actor lost his job due to pure greed

  98. Den Michael Malayo says:

    Spiderman: homeless

  99. Gerald Mitchell says:

    JJJ: Spiderman is Peter Parker

    Trump: Spiderman you're fired

    VINCE MCMAHON: Spiderman. Parker you're…. Dammit Trump beat me to it.

  100. CommanderOfTheSun says:

    Sony gonna cross over Spider-Man with the female Ghostbusters…

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