Tom Hardy Teases Venom vs. Carnage With Cool Artwork

Tom Hardy Teases Venom vs. Carnage With Cool Artwork

Get ready for a tragicomic clash of the symbiotes. Venom star Tom Hardy recently took to Instagram
to post cool fan art based on the classic tragedy and comedy masks that date back to
Greek theater. These have a lot more tongue, though. Hardy clearly relishes playing the iconic
Marvel antihero, and the artwork makes reference to Venom’s post-credits scene, which indicated
that Venom will have his hands full in his second outing on the big screen. In the scene, Hardy’s Eddie Brock, an investigative
reporter, visits serial killer Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson, to write a story
about him. After a brief and creepy round of niceties,
Kasady makes a statement that’s equal parts threat and promise. “When I get out of here, and I will, there’s
gonna be carnage.” Brock may be a bit morally conflicted, but
Kasady created by writer David Michelinie and artist Erik Larsen answered the unnerving
question of what would happen if a symbiote were to take control of a truly evil person:
Carnage, a being so unbelievably malevolent and dangerous that in the comics, Spidey and
Venom have been forced to team up on multiple occasions to stop him. Harrelson’s return to take on the villainous
mantle in Venom 2 was confirmed earlier this year, and it’s plain that Hardy is clearly
pumped for fans to witness the epic throwdown. Hardy captioned the image with a coded message
which, interestingly, could be read as “We are Venom 2” as in the numeral two, or the
word “too,” meaning “also.” In the comics, Kasady’s symbiote was a spawn
of Venom, so there could be some interesting subtext there. There’s been widespread speculation that Venom
2 will carry an R rating, but producer Avi Arad told Collider in 2018, “When you hear Carnage, the only thing you
can think of is R. But, if you know his story, if you really know the comic, there’s no R
there. He’s a tortured soul. It’s not about what he does […] What you
have to show is, what is the motivation? Was he born like that, or [is he] someone
we should feel for? Because if you succeeding in making a villain
someone you can feel for, jackpot.” If Venom 2 indeed carries the same PG-13 rating
as its predecessor, this opens the door to another question, especially in light of the
recent breakup and reconciliation between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios: “Where’s your pal, Spider-Man? Let me guess, in Canada with your imaginary
girlfriend?” There has been endless speculation about whether
Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, who has appeared in three Marvel Studios films
and two Sony-produced, MCU-set solo vehicles, will ever meet onscreen. Both actors seem quite psyched about the prospect,
and a number of involved parties have teased that it’s not only possible, but inevitable. Before the Sony/Disney kerfuffle, no less
an authority than Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige said that a crossover, quote,
“seems likely at some point,” while making it clear that in his mind, that ball was firmly
in Sony’s court. After the release of the mega-hit Spider-Man:
Far From Home, director Jon Watts told that, creatively speaking, he saw no reason
why the comic book nemeses couldn’t meet up on the big screen at some point. He said: “I found Venom to be so funny and I thought
Tom Hardy was so great, I don’t know that [the two universes] are so different. I think you put those two Toms together and
you’re going to see something pretty special.” While the two stars have in the past expressed
a general interest in working together, neither have had anything to say about whether a Spidey/Venom
collision is officially in the works. For Hardy’s part, though, he couldn’t help
but throw a bit of gasoline on that flame with a photo of himself dressed, well, rather
provocatively, which he posted to and then deleted from his Instagram account last month. Either Hardy knows something we don’t, or
he simply enjoys screwing with fans from time to time. For the time being, we’re going to have to
go with the latter; Holland’s Spider-Man has been confirmed to be appear in one more Sony-produced
solo flick and an additional Marvel Studios film at this time, and it’s been reported
that Venom 2 begins shooting this month with director Andy Serkis at the helm. Whether Spidey makes an appearance or not,
though, we’re pumped to see Hardy’s anti-hero face off with one of the deadliest foes in
Marvel comics. Sony has not yet announced a release date
for Venom 2, but the flick is expected to drop in fall 2020, so we’ll keep our ears
to the ground for details, and keep you informed. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about upcoming
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77 thoughts on “Tom Hardy Teases Venom vs. Carnage With Cool Artwork

  1. Faisal Sarfraz says:

    first comment!!!!!

  2. owlmangamer mystery66 says:

    Really excited for venom 2

  3. Wesker Carr says:

    This movie is going to be absolute carnage at the box office 😏

  4. Japesh Lala says:

    We are venom

  5. David Perez says:

    After the Movie Joker. I want to see how he (as director) portrays Cletus aka Carnage!

  6. Avery J says:

    Who else would love to have a symbiote i know i would.

  7. nick says:

    Please be r rated

  8. Everything Has It's Own Time !! says:

    Carnage means chaos! -(ultimate Spiderman)


    Thanks for making my comic book collection worth a lot more 😊

  10. peter randall says:

    I thought andy serkis was the director of the sequel?

  11. ori ziv says:

    i cant wait for the slaughter and the madness that carnage is going to bring with him…

    and the carnage i guess

  12. Triggy McTrigger says:

    I hope the cgi when venom and carnage actually face off is better and easier to follow than that mess when venom went against riot. Didnt know what the fuck i was looking at. Also i hope its not in a shitty dark area, just because venom is black doesnt mean he needs a dark and hard to see movie. I want venom in the daylight. I love the character venom and tom hardy but i was so disappointed in the first movie because i couldnt even see the character, the cgi fight was a mess literally and the villain was as compelling as a wet towel.

  13. Thud Thud says:

    Holland vs Hardy?

  14. Edward Ryan says:

    That movie has to be rated R for the full effect of absolute Carnage. Mostly for Carnage's murder acts you can give him motivation and all that. You don't have to have PG 13 rated just to make sure Tom Holland and everything else. You can do that in a rated R movie as well. That's just laziness in both writing and everything else period no excuses.

  15. Envy Nova says:

    Ummm. No the movie has to be rated r

  16. Blood fire Gaming says:

    Still not willing to watch if they don't go rated R. R rated comic movies have been massive success.

  17. EXTERMINATUS_ Last Name says:

    Excuse me ? CaRnage without an R would sound like "CANAGE" ,is they talkin bou't CANs and stuff

  18. Mustakim Rahman says:

    Of course Avi Fucking Arad!!!

    There goes the R rating right out the window!!!

  19. lil 6ix ty 9ine kjc says:

    So he said theat tom posted a pictur and the rest knowlege true fans know

  20. Campbell Gaming 2.0 says:

    You can hear and see an "R" in caRnage

  21. Bender1988s says:

    venom 2 not r rated-pass

  22. Mark Chappell says:

    Behave yourself, please.

  23. devil killer says:

    SymBiote why cant america pronounce this word too funny if part 2 is coming out please dont say symbiote it murdered the last movie…


    I can’t wait for venom 2

  25. Phillip High Velocity says:

    I mean cmon avi Arad can shut up carnage is the definition of evil he was born that way. He killed his fuckin grandmother in the comics. If the movie isn't R rated it won't be the same

  26. D A says:

    Avi Arad is talking out his ass, Carnage is literally about how psychotic and evil Cassidy is, its never been about humanizing him hes literally a monster. Avi has always just been obsessed with neutering these characters for the sake of toy sales lol

  27. Patrick Bateman says:


  28. Borderjumper269 says:

    If carnage isn’t R ain’t no way they did my boy cletus right

  29. KEMO Cali says:

    – Let's keep in mind that Venom wasn't that good of a movie.
    – Remember how much we stressed over Spider-Man in the "Venom vers".
    – Carnage better be
    Rated-R, JOKER should be the example.

  30. FatalityOP says:

    The first Venom was amazing! I cannot wait for Venom 2!!

    Who else is exited!

  31. Infamous Person says:

    Venom was still success even though it was Pg13 but yes Venom would of been super brutal if it was a rated R movie. Still gonna watch Venom 2 🤘🏾

  32. UrbanOutlawsSk8Co says:

    If it isn't rated R, it will flop. Mark my words

  33. Maxwell Lynch says:

    For the love of god please don’t add dumb feminine comedy in this.

  34. Anton Brown says:

    This is what we been waiting for fuck infinity war and end game These 3 are what fans want!

  35. Sol Invictus says:

    Twitter IyNuk ☯

  36. Frozt Byte says:

    Ok im going to say it! I DONT LIKE HARRELSON AS CARNAGE! idk man he just looks too old and you can tell that shit on his head is a wig. I still wish they got Cameron Monaghan to play carnage opposite Hardy and eventually Holland.

  37. Eliza Hernandez says:

    Please let this be Rated-R. I am tired of PG-13 villain movies

  38. Juan Mejia says:

    After so many years will finally see carnage on the big screen

  39. larry harlee says:

    I've seen venom twice in the last week, it's grew on me. "WE WILL EAT YOUR FACE!!"

  40. Spider Web says:

    Venom should to return to mcu after 2 more film.

  41. Gerardo Garcia says:

    I still hope it gonna be rated R just saying

  42. Kiddo ki says:

    Carnage is not the person to sympathize with in the comic books he was doing terrible things as a kid so why would you change the character for the chance to make him understandable

  43. Fez Ferrari says:

    Should be Rated-C, because the Venom movie was Crap, & it was less action more Talking, it took Eddie to transform into Venom like 1 hour during the movie.
    Hopefully they don't kill off Carnage, but they did kill off Riot.
    In comics Riot never dies only the host did, but they fuck up the origin story for Venoms' offspring children.
    So the sequel will be Shit, because of the stories, Thanks Sony for Everything.

    Yours Truly, Fez Ferrari

  44. let's not stand on ceremony here says:

    Hardy , Harrelson and Serkis sounds like violet crazy fun . Studio "no boys we want PG and Spiderman cameo to set up next movie " ugh hopefully the success of R rated Joker can see that fans want the real shit ,blood and guts. it served Deadpool and Logan well

  45. Elon Snow says:

    I fail to see how one could feel for cassidy, he kills for kicks. dude burned down an orphanage, and targeted a random person to kill by looking through a phone book.

  46. Reif E says:

    Movie needs to be r rated

  47. Michael Lopez says:

    I will not be seeing this film unless it's a HARD R.

  48. Joseph Bugeja says:

    Of course it’s not going to be rated R! If any of these Venom-verse movies are ever made to be R rated then the Studio Execs over at Disney will never touch upon the subject of crossing both Sony’s Venom & the MCU Spider-Man over with each other at all.. 😒

  49. Aaron says:

    Still don’t think woody H and his terrible wig is a good fit for carnage

  50. D'Artagnan Driscoll says:

    I definitely wouldn't call far from home a "mega hit", maybe a mega disappointment.

  51. Carlo Lao says:

    I hope Venom 2 could take the same risks as Joker

  52. Babadook says:

    I dont like how they make Venom a good guy. When he isnt. It kinda takes away the aura of Carnage. Its like Venom is bad but Carnage is fucking evil

  53. Ray Rios says:

    I think that Peter ought to graduate first before he fights or teams up with Venom and if they go with the universe that Tom Holland is in at the faith that Disney won’t be heinous with copyright crap, very much as they are about Mickey.

  54. Claude Baron says:

    I think Marvel’s beginning to catch up that their is a market for Super-Hero’s rated R movies Venom should be a good fit to go in this as well as
    Morbius, GostsRider, Punisher, Moonknight, even Blade and Deadpool could joined this leagues, and that’s just on top of my head , I’m sure many more could feel right at home in with more bloods and executions and head rolling everywhere speaking of head rolling Wolverine would be very comfortable having no restraints. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😝😝😝

  55. KakashiFan9000 says:

    They are really turning carnage pg-13

  56. Down Duck says:

    Just get a new Spider-Man and a new director and you got a movie

  57. Enrique Jokes says:

    Its gonna suck

  58. Rival Guide says:

    When will venom 2 release ?

  59. Vowed 1 says:

    The whole point of carnage is to not connect with him. He is a pure monsterous killer…

  60. Cody James says:

    Damn man let it be rated R. How the hell have they not seen what he does in the comics. Bitch grow a pair and gives us CARNAGE!!

  61. nikolygtx says:

    Maybe carnage vs venom and Spider Man

  62. Michael Day says:

    Avi Arad is clueless. Venom is the guy you feel for – Carnage is the guy you feel horrified of. An R rating is the only way to properly tell a story about this character because that's who he is. -_- I don't wanna see that taken away just because this toy enthusiast wants to sell a serial killer to little kids.

  63. KetcherInTheRy says:

    Movie should be called Carnage: Venom 2

  64. Fundemort Grey Prime Defender of Truth and Justice says:

    Hardy is a much better actor.

  65. Androxia says:

    Only Venom 2 can dethrone Avengers Endgame Box Office Record.

  66. Johnny Cage says:

    Fuck Avi. He’s going to water down this movie again.


    I’m hoping venom 2 is Rated R, darker, and more serious like Joker, Logan, and Deadpool also horror film, I’m hoping the second movie is better than first movie, I want to see Sony fixes different version of venom, they need to redesign venom’s suit and his eyes made him look darker and scary from scary venom art by Raoni Nery, they also need to made carnage suit scary as well, in marvel universe they can’t do carnage justice with PG 13

  68. Looper says:

    Will you be Okay if Venom 2 isn't rated R?

  69. Luckz 714 says:

    Having Walton Goggins play carnage would've made for a better matchup but I guess boxoffice names sells more..

  70. Daniel Coe says:

    Why's this a video

  71. Telly Vin-a says:

    we're going to feel sorry for carnage? hmm…

  72. Money Ginny says:

    Ben 10 new movie 2020 trailer
    Please sir

  73. skull face says:

    " when you hear carnage, the only thing of is R but there's no R" sounds like someone never read a carnage Comic before.
    I mean that's like saying there's no blood and gore in mortal kombat

  74. skull face says:

    Seriously avl arad saying carnage is not rated R violate is even more head scratching than Robert Pattinson saying batman is not a hero

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