Tiny Tiny 0.2mm Mech Pencil Drawing (ง ° ͜ ʖ °)ง

Tiny Tiny 0.2mm Mech Pencil Drawing (ง ° ͜ ʖ °)ง

Alright. And hello everybody. Peter here. Today we have Ahh! This pen. Which as advertised seems to have a lead width of zero point two. It’s pink, as you can see, and it has a whole bunch of of fun, Japanese, uh, garbledygook. Uh The meaning of which I have no idea. Y’know, like, “Yes.” “No.” On the back here there’s all sorts of Y’know Important instructions about how to use it, so hopefully I can figure these out just by the pictures Because Uhm These characters don’t mean a whole lot to me. I made sure to order the pink one because.. *gasp* It came open very easily. Look at that. That looks amazing. Should I leave the sticker on. Take it off. Y’know what, I’m gonna leave the sticker on for now. That looks pretty sweet, actually. Anyways, as you can see this does have remarkably thin lead. Somehow you’re supposed to draw without the lead actually showing so that this little metal tube supports it entirely. Hopefully I figure- Hopefully I figure it out. Uh Before I break too much of the lead off. I don’t know, but let’s get started, shall we? *cheese* Alright, so. I drew a picture. Just a little bit more of nothing like I always do. It’s something, but ultimately it’s nothing, and so in that sense it can be anything. Whatever you want it to be. It’s cool. You look at it. You tell me what it is. I don’t really think it’s anything in particular besides a drawing. To be honest. Just some lines, and.. In this case, when you use a pencil. There’s a difference– I know I don’t use a pencil– I mean, I have used a pencil. A lot In my life. A lot of times in school, y’know. You, you dro- you grow up using a pencil, like most of the time in school. Y’know. Especially in the earlier years. You use a pencil FAR more than you ever use a pen. So. I don’t know. Do you think– Do you think cumulatively I have used a pencil for more hours than I’ve used a pen? I don’t know. I think I might have. Just, all those school years. and hours. Adding up. BUT maybe I’m catching up now. All the, all the time I’m, I’m logging with a pen in my hand now, but.. Anyways, so! I’m– I’m fairly comfortable with a pen in my hand; I’ve done a lot of writing. A lot of scribbling in– in margins and stuff. Uhm. But what I was trying to say.. Is that when you use a pencil you can not only easily draw lines but the shading. The whole shading game changes completely, right? You can do little Uh Well I– Well I’m not used to talking about this but.. Y’know the– You can do shade. You can just kinda shade it in darker, lighter. Lighter, darker. And, I think this is H B lead in this that came with it. And of course, when you get into pencils you can get all these different hardnesses. Um, the harder lead makes lighter lines, and the softer lead makes darker lines ‘cuz the softer the lead is the thicker and.. Y’know it just kinda smushes onto the paper, and gets really soft and you can get– So, anyways! You can get really in depth with it. Y’know, pretty much. Pretty much any art supply, pretty much anything in the world, that there is.. There’s people that get real excited, and really enthused about it y’know they’re ENTHUSIASTS, and I know out there, there are pencil enthusiasts. I, I guess I’m a bit of a pen enthusiast, but I… probably not as much as even some other people out there. I have a lot of pens but I know there are people with more. I know there are. They’re out there. There’re people that know more about it than me. See, I mean, like, I don’t even know about ink that much. I. I just like drawing. I don’t. I don’t really care. Anyways. ANYWAYS. What I was saying is: You can do lines with a pencil, and then you can do shading. Just kind of. I’m making like a a a motion with my hand. Kinda like a weird wavy motion. Anyways. And. And, and, and it’s fun! It’s different! And a lot of people like mechanical pencils– I tried to explain this when I was streaming this drawing. Uuh. You can. With mechanical pencils a lot of people seem to like them because you don’t have to sharpen them ever. And some people think. Um, I mean. I guess the line does stay pretty uniform, but if you get really into, in there, y’know. If you really stick your nose deep into the drawing. You realize that the n- the line doesn’t stay totally uniform. Y’know ‘cuz the, the lead is a tiny, tiny cylinder. Well, it’s a really long cylinder with a very tiny diameter. Tiny radius. Tiny circumference. Uh, other fun geometrical words, there. Uh, and you’re using it mostly at an angle. Uh, maybe the line would stay a perfectly unifo- uniform. Uhm, width. If you’re using the pencil perfectly straight up and down, but since you’re using it at an angle.. Uh. The. The, the pencil. Y’know the, the, the lead– I don’t even– Why am I even talking about this? But. The lead gets ground down into a an oval shape on the side y’know and then you can rotate the lead, and you can get like a really sharp point, or you can use the duller side and do like some.. Some. That, that’s, that’s the.. The dull side of the tiny. Even this point. This point two lead.. I could use the dull side of this tiny tiny point two lead. For doing some– Some blurrier shadier lines. Y’know? The shady lines that you find deep in deep, dark alleys. Those are the good ones for doing shading. And then! You can turn it on its edge after you did some shading and do some really fine, crisp.. Y’know for, like, hatching or drawing some crisper lines. Uh huh! Uh huh! Those are good! And, then, but you can only draw so many of those.. before you’ve ground down that little point. You need to rotate it again. So, you gotta keep your mind on all of this. It’s fun, it’s different! There’s little things you learn about each little art supply that you use. And really the best way to find out all of these little things about each little art supply.. is just by using it! Y’know? And you won’t. You won’t figure it out maybe on the first drawing or second drawing.. or, or the millionth drawing. Pro- hopefully by the millionth drawing. But! Just. Just grab a piece of paper. Start drawing. It. Just do it. Okay. I feel like I say that in every video.. And people are like, “He always just says, ‘Just start drawing!’,” “but *henh*, I don’t know how!” “I can’t even draw a stick figure!” “I can’t even draw a straight line!” Look. You don’t gotta draw those things. Tzuj– I pretty much. I might have drawn a few straight lines, but I didn’t draw any stick figures in this. I drew a lot of wobbly, curvy lines in this. And just smushed ’em all together. And it’s just because! I’ve spent a lot of time drawing wobbly, curvy lines and spushi- Smushing them together in different ways and playing around with it, I suppose. Anyways. And that’s only because I enjoy doing that. You get better at doing things that you do a lot, and you’ll do things a lot that you enjoy doing. Y’know. Don’t do it if it feels like a chore. Unless. You really want some other outcome from it y’know, like, Y’know. You, you only do chores ‘cuz you really want what happens when you do the chore, like, ‘cuz you want clean dishes or a vacuumed floor. I, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. Okay. Uh. Ahem. AHEM. I need some. I needa drink of water. Okay. Goodbye everybody. Uuh. Ahh. There was something else I wanted to say, but I don’t remember, ah, maybe I’ll. Maybe I’ll say it in the next video. Uh, you’re all amazing. And. Uuh. I think I just winked at you. But I might’ve– I might’ve winked both eyes. I’m not sure. Okay. Goodbye. Goodbye. You’re. You’re cool. And you. Okay, bye. *whispers* Bye.

Dereck Turner

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    I’m a paper enthusiast. Not for art, but for stationary. I adore paper.

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    Dawg, I wish I could draw textures like you

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    Learn kanji ✌👌

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    Okay I know you said this isn't a drawing of anything but this clearly depicts a

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    I am loving whatever that is your doing

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    Amazing Drawing !

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